'Crossing Over' Trailer Arrives

November 13, 2008 03:11:25 GMT

Harrison Ford's humanity as immigration enforcement officer is tested when he deals with some immigrants' desperate scenarios on Wayne Kramer's forthcoming drama, 'Crossing Over'.

'Crossing Over' Trailer Arrives
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"Crossing Over", the drama movie that teams up Harrison Ford, Ashley Judd, Sean Penn and Ray Liotta, has welcomed its first trailer. Telling the stories of hopeful immigrants and the immigration enforcement officers, the trailer presents the problems faced by both the immigrants entering Los Angeles in search of better life and the officers working with them.

This Weinstein Company movie follows the struggles of different nationalities' immigrants in achieving legal status in Los Angeles. Showing the reality the immigrants find when they try to create their own American dream, it deals with the border, document fraud, the asylum and green card process, work-site enforcement, naturalization, the office of counter terrorism and the clash of cultures.

"Crossing Over" comes from "Running Scared" director/writer Wayne Kramer, who is also an immigrant from South America himself. Apart from Harrison Ford, Ashley Judd, Sean Penn and Ray Liotta, it is also supported by Jim Sturgess, Alice Eve and Alice Braga among others. It will be released in U.S. theaters on December 3.

"Crossing Over" Trailer:

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posted by omar almuradi on Jan 15, 2010
i hope to know if us immmigration agree for my live in us
posted by my airfaire on Nov 06, 2009
my dear please tgell me about my airfaire ticket
posted by omar almuradi on Oct 07, 2009
what is my case number
posted by my case number on Aug 19, 2009
my dear i am in us citizenship
posted by OMAR ALMURADI on Aug 16, 2009
posted by my case number on Aug 16, 2009
my dear i hope to know my case number i am in immigrant viusa
posted by I AM WON IN OFFI on Aug 11, 2009
posted by omar almuradi on Jun 16, 2009
what about my green card
posted by my dear on Jun 16, 2009
i am omar almuradi grom yemen i hope to know if i won in win green card?
posted by Godskids on Nov 21, 2008
USA is a nation that was pull together with immigrants, lets now forget where your ancestors came from, and how others still seek the same desires we citizens are blessed with. I hope this movies opens the eyes to so many hateful people towards immigrants. Good or bad, no one is perfect, but done slam everyone over other peoples faults....Shame!!
posted by immigrantshopes on Nov 21, 2008
Hopefully everybody get to see this film & educate those who still do not understand immigrations issues.
posted by immigrantfan on Nov 20, 2008
A very compelling subject I might say. Nowadays in the black hole of any immigration policy, the movie will surely (and hopefully!) bring up some long expected discussions.
posted by IndyJones on Nov 16, 2008
The released date was recently changed. The movie will open sometime late January missing out on any Oscar buzz.

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