Joe Jonas Reportedly Dating Camilla Belle

November 12, 2008 06:47:05 GMT

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle reportedly are dating, but won't make their relationship public.

Joe Jonas Reportedly Dating Camilla Belle
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New report has just surfaced by the hour that Joe Jonas is romancing Camilla Belle, who starred in the music video for Jonas Brothers' hit song "Lovebug." He, according to People as being informed by a source, has begun seeing the 22-year-old actress quietly despite the fact that he has just ended his romance with then girlfriend, country music singer Taylor Swift.

"They met on the set of his music video," the source is quoted as saying. "All the guys always had thought she was really pretty and that's why they asked her to be in it." Still according to the source, Joe and Camilla began dating "only after doing the video".

On how Joe and Camilla fall in love to each other, it is said that the movie beauty is "a really good girl and it seems they share a lot of the same characteristics and morals." Nevertheless, the source claims neither of the stars would share their love life with the public, telling People, "They are not public about it but they've just been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers. They are very private about it."

Representatives for both Joe and Camilla decline to comment on that matter. But, more story on the twosome's alleged romance can be read on the latest issue of People, on newsstand Friday, November 14.


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posted by ColinYoung1 on Dec 27, 2009
Shannon O Donnel, Jeff Renner and Chief Bimbologist Rebecca Stevenson all suck and blow at their jobs. Rebecca is just blank and plainly retarded. Jeff Renner is so cheesy, West Farm Foods regularly skims him for cheese. Shannon, will you ever look directly at the camera? I'm not sure what program director told you to look cockeyed at the camera, but seeing as that didn't work for you at King 5, it sure as hell won't work at Komo. Please go find some other market to torment.
posted by tweekerdude on Nov 15, 2009
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posted by CFSDAFSF on Jul 13, 2009
posted by ahh on Jun 17, 2009
i know he has a personal life, but she looks alot older than him
posted by camilla belle on Jun 11, 2009
joe Iam hot noooooo you finish
posted by joe jonas on Jun 11, 2009
hi! kids Iam and brothers turkey yeah!!!! konser yeah
posted by 3435 on May 27, 2009
does anyone know if the rumor that he wants to move in with her is true? If it is I'm disappointed w/ him. :( I loveee joe so much I cant believe he'd be so...ya know
posted by amy on Apr 07, 2009
she is too old to date a hot guy like that even though he's leo and she 's libra.thats just too the way i think nick and miley belong together.their new nickname was niley.that is 2 cute to be denied
posted by Jb_lover on Apr 01, 2009
te amooooooooooo joe{I love u!]!!!!!
posted by Jb_lover on Apr 01, 2009
omg joe jonas can do wat ever he wants he is old enought to decide who he wants to date.If all yall haters that say yall love joe ya should respect hes decition.And by the way he didnt date aly he dated aj u lozer!!!!!
posted by nathaly on Mar 21, 2009
joe no arruines tu reputacion ademas los fotografos no te van a dejar tranquilo por lo que hisiste
posted by Kelly on Mar 09, 2009
Okay the age diffrence is kind of werid but they make a good couple i suppose
posted by dhajkhe on Feb 09, 2009
shes way to old for him, he's...just to childish.
posted by FAN on Jan 25, 2009
posted by Joe Jonas Fan on Jan 25, 2009
Bro Girls Jst get ova it he's happy so Leave him alone
posted by cory on Dec 04, 2008
they said he has 2 or 4 Celeb crushes
posted by kelly on Dec 04, 2008
The magezines may sound convincing but theyer not always true. people are saying theyer getting serious but didn't they right with Tayler but they broke up:/
posted by MELISSA BALLA on Nov 30, 2008
aLL THESE PEOPLE WRITING THESE NOTES, ARE ALL FUCKED IN THE HEAD. jOE HAS A PERSONAL LIFE, AND A CAREER.jOE IS A BIG BOY WHO DOS'NT need your opions you selfish bitch's.He's hot can sing and give a really good show.All you are is jelous and wish you were his, give it up.
posted by JoeLuvr on Nov 26, 2008
Eh. I can agree with a few people here and say that Joe was better with Taylor (I thought that they fit better together). BUT, in the long run, he can date whoever he wants and we can't stop him! So, hopefully he finds someone who is good to him, and loves him like he loves her.
posted by jonasbrothers88@live on Nov 23, 2008
im sooo jealues tht joe is goin ut with her i would love 2 go out with joe
posted by thais on Nov 21, 2008
i can not belive that he went to marry her she is not pertty soo i im just telling u that soo nobody like her
posted by thais on Nov 19, 2008
joe u can not be with her the awy that she is for u she is not cute & nice girl i think she have a big boob i think that u could not be with her if u love her then i can not do not thing soo i im just telling u if u went to konw about her i im not reallly happy that u did this soo i love uu i im just telling u for u konw about ok i love u sooo muchhh she have a big boob love u soooo muchhh joe jonas
posted by christinaa on Nov 19, 2008
u could find a betta person joee!!! u no im starting 2 like taylor swift wit him than dat gurl...wateva her name is!! but still, maybe ppl we have 2 get ova this... prob just a phase like taylor
posted by blah on Nov 18, 2008
jooeee is such a player
posted by dance&&cheer<3 on Nov 17, 2008
mmm...joe's better as single..and who cares if he wants to be with camilla!! let him..u think he actually cares wat u ppl have to say!? doesn't..and maybe taylor was too....idk..weak for him..he wants an independent woman like let taylor get over it and "burn his picture" like she does to all her loozer ex BFs like seriously ppl GET OVER IT!!
posted by rj on Nov 17, 2008
posted by JoeJonasLover on Nov 16, 2008
OMJ, whoEVER THINKS that Joe is an ass or whatever for what he SUPPOSEDLY DID TO TAYLOR... You all are IDIOTS! If you haven'tnoticed, Taylors story continually changes, just because she says something DOES NOT mean it is true! First, it was because they were slowly seperating, second, it was the joe wasn't interested anymore, third, it was the he CHEATED on her! WTF so now most Jonas fans hate Joe? Wow all you Jonas fans must be complete RETARDS! Taylor obviously was a little too OBSESSED and now she hates him and is trying to ruin him. Well, FU*K HER! And also, HE DOESN'T CARE what you think of Camilla Belle, and everyone hass their own opinion so CHILL! If it's meant to be then leave them alone. I personally thinks shes very pretty... And Joe is very SMEXY! And he wouldn't CHEAT!
posted by \"bleh\" on Nov 15, 2008
hav you read some articles?? taylor swift said that after their break up joe just moved on with camilla.. i mean, there is just something wrong.. did he broke up with taylor for camilla??
posted by isupportjonas4ever on Nov 14, 2008
oh my gosh you people seriously need to stop judging these people. i happen to like all three of them as artists. you act like you personally know them and feel like you can tell them who to date and who's pretty and whatnot. just leave them alone.
posted by \"bleh\" on Nov 13, 2008
he doesnt even deserve camilla! after what he did to taylor..
posted by hahahahah! on Nov 13, 2008
shes so ugly! taylor is so much better for him she actually looks like a human
posted by LOL on Nov 13, 2008
WOW i'm realy happy for u joe and camilla!! :p
posted by Angelicaaaaablat on Nov 13, 2008
Oh and I think Taylor is better looking then Camilla wordd up!
posted by Angelicaaaaablat on Nov 13, 2008
Im sorry but, taylor swift is ugly and camilla is jus hideouss! As far as I know the best looking girl Joe dated was Aly.
posted by KIKI on Nov 13, 2008
posted by bleh on Nov 13, 2008
to \"bored\" its just as much her fault as it is his, it takes two, not one.
posted by biddy on Nov 13, 2008
posted by Biddy on Nov 13, 2008
This is a rumor what the hell...camilla belle shes going out with her boyfriend Richard someone... And Joe jonas is looking for a fan to date him
posted by \"bored\" on Nov 13, 2008
hey! u shouldn't talk something lyk that to camilla!! u shouldn't talk something bad about her! it's the guy's fault.. and besides! they dont look good with each other!! i cant believe this!!!
posted by emma on Nov 13, 2008
i think taylor and joe r better..bcz camilla is older than him and when girl is older than's just a little uhm..awkward..hehe
posted by Kristin on Nov 12, 2008
I liked him better as single, hahah;)
posted by robbin on Nov 12, 2008
i dont they tothere joe and his new girl fiend camla i think joe can do better then th kinda h
posted by courkie on Nov 12, 2008
OMG. He broke up with Taylor- by phone I might add. what a loser.&coward- for... HER?!?! what the heck is his problem?!? He was soooo cute with Taylor. And he hurt her so bad, she wrote a song about it... over the phone... sheesh. what a loser.
posted by RUMOR! on Nov 12, 2008
these people have no proff i think its a rumor like how do they know they hangout with the family after the music video wouldnt they have pictures & maybe they were celebrating for the finish of the music video and went out for dinner or something? PLUS SOME PEOPLE ARE SAYING SHE ENGAGED TO ANOTHER GUY this a rumor!
posted by 3SG3 on Nov 12, 2008
Taylor Swift IS WAY HOTTER AND PRETTIER!!!!!!!!BUT I GUESS YOU Think UGly is the new pretty but its not!!!!!!!! I hope you guys dont last and break up !!!!! BREAK A LEG CAMILLA (OR TWO) HA HA HA
posted by xfreexmyxstylex on Nov 12, 2008
yeah, joe could do better..but shes waaaayyyy better than taylor swift
posted by Cheerios on Nov 12, 2008
MAAN. Their kids would have huge eyebrows. Not that its a bad thing, im not being rude there.
posted by amy on Nov 12, 2008
joe said he had a "crush" on her, that doesnt mean there suddenly "going out." alright, maybe i'm just in denial. i went through that phase during the whole joe/taylor thing. in fact, i was in denial until she admitted they were together.
posted by EMILY on Nov 12, 2008
posted by rach on Nov 12, 2008
i think he was better with taylor swift

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