Taylor Swift Doesn't Talk to Joe Jonas, Thanks Fans for Support, the Video

November 12, 2008 06:09:35 GMT

To MTV News, Taylor Swift admits she no longer speaks to ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas and doesn't know if he has heard her song "Forever and Always."

Taylor Swift
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In an interview with MTV News, Taylor Swift acts very public about her love life by stating that she no longer talks to her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas. "I don't talk to him," she admits, adding that she thanks fans, because of whom she could finally make her broken love relationship with the singer public. "With this situation, I feel like I owed it to my fans to be like, 'Look, it happened, you weren't crazy,' and address it," she tells MTV News.

Furthermore stating that she perceives her past relationship with Joe as "a chapter" in her life "that's closed now," Taylor says she doesn't know if he has listened to "Forever & Always," a song inspired by their broken love relationship which she wrote for her just released album "Fearless". Above all, she makes no secret that she likes "to write personal songs," explaining, "I like to write songs that are very obviously about people. It's kind of hard to change your stripes. I like to write songs about love, and I like to write songs about relationships, and I like to write songs about boys."

In the interview, the full version of which can be watched in the video below, Taylor also talks about the meaning behind the title of her sophomore LP "Fearless" and also her Country Music Awards nomination for the category of Female Vocalist of the Year.


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posted by Brazilla6 on Jan 29, 2010
Hey what is the arguement here? Do u see what you guys are argueing about?! Honestly people what is the matter with you? All they did was break up! It's not the end of the world. It gives Taylor some time to think and write about her songs. You guys are not the boss of her. She makes her own decisions.
posted by ksdjsafhjdf on Aug 20, 2009
taylor swift is so ugly in happy joe jonas broke up with her
posted by ilovejoe67890 on Aug 20, 2009
how could she break up with the cutest guy on earth
posted by aziz on Aug 18, 2009
i cant believe it there a horse rider here i love em im juct like that guy im gonna go gallop
posted by ilovejoe55 on Aug 15, 2009
i love joe he is so cute and dont talk mean to me
posted by audrey on Feb 28, 2009
yall all stop dissing joe and taylor they are both awesome and i understand how taylor feels. and if joe felt he needed to break up with her then let him its his feelings. GEEEZ AND YALL STOP CUSSING!!!!!
posted by cls on Feb 08, 2009
Alexis, i think that Hey and Alexis r dum is totally right. where did you learn english? because seriously you need to let people know so they dont go there. 1. you cuss way too freaking much and its stupid 2. your grammar sucks, just like your opinions. i like taylor and joe is just stupid. i do like nick and kevin though, its not their fauly their brother is a weirdo
posted by JOE=BOO, Taylor=YAY on Jan 31, 2009
Alright Alexis, I think you should stop swearing for now. If you don't like Taylor, tht's fine, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF-.- GO TAYLOR! Lurv you! JOe is a complete BEAST! Bushy eyebrows-.- He sings really sing good, I mean awesome! You rock Taylor!!! Don't let the Beast get you down! XD
posted by posted by bryar able on Jan 02, 2009
how can you not talke to joe jonas!hes a hotty!well to me he is but im only 9 years old so i dont know what love is.
posted by ashh49 on Dec 09, 2008
i love both taylor and joe, but what he did was such a jerk move! dumping her over the phone?? so not okay... and i love the song she wrote about him. it's perfect. if i got dumped like that and could write songs i would do exactly what taylor did. sorry, joe.
posted by horses4ever on Nov 29, 2008
hi i love to ride i ride everyday and i jump 4 ft on my horses they are so much more important then people i dumped my friends to spend every second with my horses
posted by rachel on Nov 21, 2008
joe jonas do the doog thing
posted by team taylor on Nov 17, 2008
she's an 18 year old girl.... she is doing what any normal 18 year old girl would do... its just that her friends happen to be talk show hosts and her music fans...
posted by Amy on Nov 15, 2008
Camilla is sophisticated, genuine and kind; she seems to be the only one acting appropriately about this. She is also a little less than 3 years older than him. That's not such a dynamic age gap even at their age. It's perfectly acceptable. Taylor is the one acting rather childish, she might have a broken heart but she's certainly not taking it appropriately. The low-class, off-hand comments she's making have her seem like she's scorned, bitter and a bit ridiculous. These are the sorts of things she should be saying to her friends not her fans.
posted by rockstra on Nov 14, 2008
i think she is so stupid for dissing the hottest guy ever
posted by I hate Joe on Nov 14, 2008
Joe is such a jerk!
posted by bill beefcake on Nov 13, 2008
wow. judging from all of the improper english here I had no idea that there were so many mexicans who liked taylor swift. Viva poor english skills.
posted by hoe on Nov 13, 2008
hey joe jonas is a jerk if he dumped u 4 camilla belle she is ugly i reckon u r prettier
posted by baby girl 23451 on Nov 13, 2008
why do you talk to him
posted by baby girl on Nov 13, 2008
we dont like you so get off the screen
posted by kiki99~~ on Nov 12, 2008
haha! Did you guys catch that? Never mind if you didn't, it just means you really do need english lessons (^_~) and stop the profanity!!!
posted by kiki99~~ on Nov 12, 2008
You guys shouldn't be so immature... Even if you are little preteens (I'm just guessing) In a few years you'll understand how ridiculous you sound now. By the way, you should all take some proper english lessons, with the exception of abby and Hey; you guys adorable! (^_^)
posted by Hey on Nov 12, 2008
Hey, My name is Hey. I actually think you all will read this especially tayor. Horses are for Hey
posted by Alexis on Nov 12, 2008
My name is Alexis and I think Hey is stupider than me
posted by Hey and Alexis r dum on Nov 12, 2008
Hey and Alexis, Where did you learn english you freaking retards...
posted by Hey on Nov 12, 2008
that was mean who ever sent that nasty message and u r not ugly taylor and u stop cussing so much thats not cool thats stupid
posted by Alexis on Nov 12, 2008
oh iam sry wat did he do to u but hes not a jerk u are a jerk who evar sent that u are a jerk and u need to shut up in less u going to say something to my face cuz im not afraid of no one u nasty ass hoe so shut the fuck up u slut hes like my fucking cuzing u bitich and u need to shut up taylor talking bout u dont like joe jonas well im sure he dosent like u either and anyways u way to ugly for him most people calls u pretty but u not u look lika an ogar and i hate all your songs any ways there awlays all theese shity love songs no one wants to hesr that crap
posted by abbygerhadt1234 on Nov 12, 2008
I think you shouldn't talk to him because he was a jerk!!!!!!!!

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