'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Sequel Eyes 2009 Production

November 11, 2008 09:49:34 GMT

Director Darren Lynn Bousman has revealed his plans on the sequel of 'Repo! The Genetic Opera', adding that he envisions the rock musical as a three-part movie.

'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Sequel Eyes 2009 Production
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A sequel of "Repo! The Genetic Opera" has apparently been thought of. In a recent interview with Moviehole, the rock musical's director Darren Lynn Bousman has teased that he is planning to start on the production of a second movie by 2009. Of it, he fessed up, "I want to start a sequel next year."

"But again, everything-I'll end my whole thing on a soapbox, which I love to get on," the man behind three installments of "Saw" franchise further explained. "This movie is all about support from the Internet, and support from fans. This is not a movie where you'll see billboards or bus stop ads or trailers on TV. It's a movie that exists in a grass roots kind of a fashion. It exists when fans go and see it, and they go on message boards and talk about it."

Moreover, he said that he wants to do the follow-up movie because the movie "was conceived as a three-part movie". Despite his enthusiasm, he admitted that he still has to do another project first stating, "But I'm doing an action film next. I can't say exactly what it is yet. It'll be announced next week. But I'm doing a big action film next, which is really exciting."

"Repo!" follows Shilo Wallace, a locked down young woman due to her rare blood disease. Able to escape her confinement, Shilo searches for the cure of her disease and information about her parents' past. In her effort to do so, she is sucked into the world of GeneCo, the biotech company providing the organ transplant for a price.

Starring Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head and Sarah Brightman, this Lionsgate Films movie is scripted by Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith. It has been screened in limited U.S. theaters on November 7.


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posted by repo ryu on Jan 15, 2015
a sequel is a must any one who dosent like the movie just dosent understand the movie or is to blind to relize how good it is and probly bashes on every horer /musical movie
posted by Josh on Dec 10, 2013
how i yern for a sequal and a prequal, i have just been totally obsessed with this movie must keep the cast as is though.
posted by on Oct 27, 2012
I believe this first show will fantastic and I adored the music however it is something I stumbled on due to lack of advertising in UK but would love to see a continuation to the story and maybe even more blood and guts
posted by michael on Mar 14, 2012
@ eli: Yes, he is... for just a little bit... maybe 2 seconds. he's one of the victims of Tony Heads character: REPO Man.... the victim in which the REPO Man makes a hand puppet out of...
posted by Emma on Mar 09, 2012
There must be a sequel! I can't be the only one wanting to know more about the Graverobber.
posted by Randwulf.X40 on Nov 22, 2011
Yes! I just bought this movie and someone told me there was possibly going to be a prequel made, but only if there was enough fan support to watch it in theaters and/or buy it. I would totally support you if you made the prequel. Please do so!
posted by bearfwolf on Nov 16, 2011
I loved repo and would love to see a sequel. It is my favorite rock opera
posted by Cigarman1325 on Nov 02, 2011
ABSOLUTLEY!! I need to see a sequil and the idea of a prequil is very much a tease. Im am obssesed with this movie, for some reason it put a metaphoric hook in my mouth and I have no intention of removing it. You MUST create a sequil!! Feed our addiction! I have some organs that need repossed ;)
posted by LeiraAnn on Jun 03, 2011
Sequel is a MUST please. Repo the Genetic Opera is my all time favorite movie
posted by Beeble on Apr 27, 2011
fire up a sequel. have had multiple movie nights here with it and its always a blast. cult classic!!
posted by molly on Mar 14, 2011
i seriously want a sequil and prequil to this film. i mostly want a sequil to see what happens to shilo. alexa vega is about 23 now... could there possably be a pair up between shilo and graverobber? then again i really would like a prequil so that there may be more build up on the whole story.
posted by Breeminder! on Feb 15, 2011
I've always loved the ida of Shilo and that Graverobber in a relasionship!
posted by bloody.angel.rei on Feb 10, 2011
I would love to see a sequel. I really want to see the aftermath and how much Amber screws GeneCo over. A prequel would also be awesome `cause I want to see more of Marni and Mag before her eyes. I might even die if the story doesn't continue. The music is so epic and it's my favorite musical!
posted by malice6987 on Feb 07, 2011
god please yes make the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!
posted by TABBICAT12 on Feb 05, 2011
posted by Sly on Feb 04, 2011
I'm a new fan and each time I watch this movie, I CANNOT get bored of it! I'm even considering cosplaying as Blind Mag for Comic Con this year. PLEASE make the other films! :)
posted by coco on Jan 27, 2011
you have to make the next two parts, we have to know how it ends~!
posted by Tori on Jan 12, 2011
Prequel and sequel? Has to be made <3
posted by Buggy on Dec 07, 2010
Prequel and Sequel please? ouo Prequel for more Largo action. I love that deranged excuse for a family, especially Pavi~ >u< Sequel because I want to know what happened to Shi? What happened to the Graverobber? are the Largo kiddies destroying GeneCo like Rotti said they would? I MUST KNOW. >o<
posted by Jeremy on Oct 15, 2010
I think there should definitely be a prequel and a sequel, the first time I saw Repo! I was raving about it for weeks, and I can't stop watching it; I just watch it over and over again and it only gets better every time. Everyone I've talked to about it thinks both a prequel and a sequel should be made, and it would be wonderful!
posted by MrsRepoman on Oct 03, 2010
Needs to be done! Absolutely needs to be done. I have NEVER been able to say that a movie is my favorite, but Repo! The Genetic Opera is my all-time favorite movie EVER. A sequel NEEDS to be done. I want to know, like everyone else, what happens to Shilo! Gah! I am excited just thinking about it! =D hurry! Ya need to make it!
posted by AWESOME on Sep 22, 2010
posted by genterns. . . on Sep 20, 2010
They have to make one i saw the trailer and fell in Love. . . . . and it DIDNT dissapoint!!!! please make more make 5 i dont cre just make more imagine the largos running around as kids!!!! the possiblities are endless. . . . . . . . .. .
posted by HeatherSL on Aug 31, 2010
I would love to have a sequel.... i want to know what happens to Shilo...
posted by Circe on Aug 15, 2010
Yes! We want the sequel/prequel!!! I absolutely LOVED Repo!
posted by joey on Aug 11, 2010
I really hope there is a sequal/prequal to Repo! The Genetic Opera. I watched the whole movie twice adn i almost cried when Shilo's dad died. I wanna know. Who gets Geneco. What changes are made? What's up with teh graverober? It is the best musical I have ever seen. Great music + Great Actors + An Awsome director = Wonderful Movie. My favorite film in a long time.
posted by blackkitty on Jul 20, 2010
posted by Faziel on Jun 25, 2010
we need a sequel,i will go mad if there isn't
posted by Kronwall on May 19, 2010
This movie is by far my favorite movie ever. best musical there is! and i want to see a sequel and prequel.
posted by livingintherabbithol on May 16, 2010
i defenitely think there should be a sequel....if they change the guy who played graverobber i will be so pissed..hes my favorite character! i deff think graverobber should have a bit more solo parts....oooo just came up with a brilliant idea...what if graverobber and shilo fall in love and have a struggle song about how she cant be with him unless he stops dealing drugs..
posted by zydrateaddict29 on Apr 08, 2010
i have all of the songs stuck in my head every day. i have watched this movie a million times. i ahve created an event on facebook trying to get people to watch it. I WANT MY REPO! 2!!!!!
posted by Repo!Obssessedx on Mar 18, 2010
OH MY GOD PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL! I am absolutely obssessed with Repo! The Genetic Opera :) I really want to know what happened to Shilo and not to mention The Pavi ;) I WILL DEFINITELY SUPPORT A SEQUEL! As long as Paviche is in it &#9829;
posted by Thea on Mar 14, 2010
YES! Please give us a sequel! This is the most amazing movie ever
posted by yurayy on Mar 11, 2010
posted by Army of Bellevile Fa on Mar 08, 2010
I'm sitting in room with 2 friends watching our fav parts of Repo over and over again lol We are 3 of at least 35 people we know that Really like the movie and would love to spread the word. We will be starting a facebook page.
posted by ashley on Mar 07, 2010
please please please!!! make another movie, i saw the preview and had to watch this movie after months trying to find it and rent it i finally did i bought it the next day. i watch the movie constantly
posted by UNKNOWN on Mar 07, 2010
OK. I'll admit hat I haven't seen the movie yet but I've seen many many videos on youtube, but when the next time i get paid I intend to buy it!! I've told all my friends that they should see and so far I've gotten 6 people obsessed with it!!I told them about the sequel that may or may not come out, depending on the fans, and they all agree with me that either a prequel or a sequel should and has to be made, even both!! Just keeping the Characters, or at least the main characters the same is what they're worried about. Without Alexa, or Anthony, there is no REPO! Just know that we All support you and we can back you up all they way!!
posted by TaintedBlood13X on Feb 25, 2010
I just recently saw Repo the Gentic Opera and now I'm completely OBSESSED! I'm so annoyed I didn't hear about it before this. The day after I first saw it I went out and bought not only the movie but the soundtrack as well. There needs to be a sequel ! ! ! !
posted by zappedthoughts on Feb 22, 2010
Hey guys! Support 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' by Liking and leaving a comment saying "I support the production of Repo! The Genetic Opera 2!" I know as of right now the movie is not very popular of well known. If you haven't seen the movie go out and buy it, rent it, buy it on blu-ray! Spread the word! To your friends, your friends' friends and maybe your family! Remember, the production of a sequel or a prequel of Repo! The Genetic Opera all depends on the popularity of this movie and the fans! Thanks a bunch!
posted by sawyer on Feb 19, 2010
all my friends love this movie....we all have been wanted another repo movie since we 1st seen the original. a sequel is much needed
posted by Miss kris 13 on Feb 03, 2010
This is one of my all time favorite movies! I'm dying for a sequel!
posted by Natalie on Jan 15, 2010
A prequel to Repo would be absolutely amazing!! Marni and Nathan's story needs to be told, and as another obsessed fan I'm just dying to know what happened to Shilo! So in short my answer is; YEEEEES!!!!!! Repo! The Genetic Opera=<333333333
posted by blind mag 07 on Dec 20, 2009
OMG so excited!!!!!! i love the 1st one hope he not kidding on this
posted by _MegaTRON on Dec 10, 2009
So,this movie completely took me by suprise! Just like everyone else, I too have become obsessed with it! Ive watched it many times in the last week since I first saw it. My friends had told me for months that I "MUST" watch it. Musicals arent my cup of tea, but finally I broke down and pressed play. Since then I cant get it out of my head! What a beautiful thing! The score is beyond amazing (as is the storyline). I cant wait for more REPO!!!! ps, anyone know where to score some Zydrate ;)
posted by Melexas on Dec 06, 2009
I love this movie and i want to see the next part. I've learned every song and line in it and after the 1st week of watching it i saw it 30 more times.
posted by Theonefrompluto on Nov 23, 2009
i am an absolute manic of this movie and i want more i brought my mate round so wee could watch it on blu ray
posted by pirate-vampire on Nov 21, 2009
i want more. nuff said. and i am completely addicted to this movie. seriously. i've seen it one too many times. please continue. (:
posted by chupa20 on Nov 12, 2009
im am an absolute addict of this movie !!!!! ive memorized like every song me and my friends always just quote all the lines. i rly rly rly rly hope theres a sequel or prequel anything with more PAVI!!! lol
posted by Gasp on Nov 11, 2009
I saw repo just two weeks ago and since then have bought the movie and have been obsessing over it since then. I've been yapping my friend's ears off about it.. convinced two to buy the movie. ;D I'm a total junkie for sequels. THIS MUST BE DONE.
posted by shilo 4 graverobber on Oct 22, 2009
BEST MOVIE EVER, can's get enough of it. Paris Hilton finally useful for once. On the edge of my seat waiting for the sequels!!!
posted by TripleXXXGroovy on Sep 06, 2009
Seriously, this was the best musical I have ever seen. I loved it more than I did Sweeny Todd and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Loved it FAAAR more. And I don't tire of it. A sequel would be amazing. This is the best musical I have ever seen with such interesting characters and an amazing plot! The music is phenomenol! And I've been suggesting it to everyone I know/just met. Repo is a MUST SEE! :)
posted by Guest on Sep 03, 2009
it would be sweet to get a sequal
posted by ToxicCraving on Sep 03, 2009
I honestly have mixed feelings about there being a sequel. It could either be something utterly brilliant or burn and crash to the ground going up in flames.
posted by merylz on Sep 01, 2009
This movie rocked. I would really like to see a sequel with a lot of familiar faces from the first one. I bet it'd do good.
posted by Hannah on Aug 19, 2009
It would be amazing if both a sequel AND a prequel could be done. Nathan and Marni's story needs to be told in more detail - lots more gore And a sequel would be amazing, with all of the back story over and done with i NEED to see how everything is going to work out, I mean, the ending was AMAZING and left so much to the imagination. STOP KILLING US WITH SUSPENSE!!!
posted by Penguin on Aug 12, 2009
I've only seen the trailer and would love to see a sequel. Amazing music.
posted by Grave robbers fan xD on Aug 08, 2009
Yes there really needs to be a sequel
posted by ReneeLargo on Aug 04, 2009
Me and my sibling agree that making a sequel to this movie would be most amazing. Repo! is one of the best movies Ice seen in a long while. Please, we are begging you, to make a sequel. Wed be behind you wholeheartedly.
posted by Court on Jul 22, 2009
PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!! This was the BEST musical i have ever seen in my entire life!!!!!!!!
posted by karrissa on Jul 09, 2009
REPO NEEEEDS A SEQUEL! best movie ever!
posted by wintria on Jul 04, 2009
Bought the movie a week ago and have seen it about 12 times now. I LOVE IT!!! Please give us a prequel - I want ASH back :oD
posted by darthbob88808 on Jun 30, 2009
posted by AndiNixxe on Jun 25, 2009
<3 New favourite movie.
posted by Ameythist on Jun 23, 2009
Best musical, I can't stop watching it and listening to the soundtrack! I've seen it half a dozen times in 2 days, I just don't get sick of it!
posted by ryan on Jun 21, 2009
posted by Me! on Jun 15, 2009
Pleasee more Pavi!!! in sexy situacions Paviche Rocks!!!
posted by ellolove on Jun 10, 2009
posted by repo lover on Jun 10, 2009
posted by zadick on Jun 02, 2009
repo! the genetic sequel??
posted by KC on May 21, 2009
Rock on watch it 20 or so times in past week KILLER MOVIE
posted by Merbaby on May 14, 2009
OMG!!! There needs to be another Repo! That was such an amazing cast that they chose, and they all fit perfectly!
posted by William on May 10, 2009
Oh. My. God! I never liked musicals before. Guess what, now I've watched Repo five times the same day. It's so..perfect! All the characters have their glow, the post-apocalyptic scenery was brilliant, and of course: Shilo and Grave Robber stole my heart. PS. Awesome music
posted by brittanymarie090 on May 05, 2009
Repo I mean!!!
posted by brittanymarie090 on May 05, 2009
I LOVED this movie. You have to make a sequel & prequel. I became obsessed with rep! My favorite movie of all time.
posted by Amon6969 on May 02, 2009
yes !!! it is a great movie and it, also us deserve a second part of this incredible art work
posted by sarah on Apr 27, 2009
Not doing a sequel is teasing D:<
posted by fugly jam on Apr 12, 2009
posted by Squirrel on Mar 30, 2009
HOLY S***. You have to make the sequel and the third sequel. My friend introduced me to the first Repo and I fell in love with it. I have watched it at least thirty times in the last two weeks. I love shilo's character and Grave robber. They have to have more duets and long ones together. PLEASE make them!!! They will be loved!!!
posted by angel1985 on Mar 25, 2009
I love Repo ! Please Please PLEASE do a prequel & a sequel ! ! ! ! !
posted by Lexy on Feb 25, 2009
It was absolute brilliance, Repo! is my all time favorite movie in the history of forever! Please I beg of you, make a sequel please please please (with original cast). After watching it and re-watching it I am desperate for more! I am in deep smit with Graverobber!
posted by Cordell on Feb 18, 2009
OMG I can't believe it a 2nd & 3rd repo 2 much but not enough make it like saw once a year and PLEASE bring back Sarah Brightman she was soooooo brilliant and I love the song blind mag sings with shilo chase the morning I rewound it lots of times on my first viewing and make the repo more scarier and ull have a hit repo all day anyday....
posted by camibabiix3 on Jan 27, 2009
omg iloved this i NEED a sequel it was amazing casting was wonderful and i loved the music gosh it should be on broadway it was just so amazing
posted by ANNA on Jan 26, 2009
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by pauuullaaaa on Jan 26, 2009
OMG x 1,000 this was amazing!! make the second movie or I'll die!
posted by bOBBY on Jan 26, 2009
Very great production, would definetly c the follow up
posted by Christy on Jan 26, 2009
I usually hate stuff like this but everything was perfect!!!! the music was great, the actors, and the scenery 2!!
posted by mel on Jan 26, 2009
posted by Lon on Jan 15, 2009
I would like to second the "YESS!!!" and add an "OH MY GOD!!!". I love this movie and can honestly say it's the only new movie I've seen in the last 5 years or so that I've even wanted to see again.
posted by cameron henry on Jan 12, 2009
this is with out a doubt the best musical i have ever seen i thought nothing could beat rocky horror but i was wrong i love it and hope that the sequels will be made! REPO RULES
posted by Matt on Nov 24, 2008
Loved it!! Daryn's awesome direction + great actors and music. My surprise favourite film this year!
posted by Dee on Nov 22, 2008
I would only want to see it if ASH was in it, and that's highly unlikely.
posted by smeagollum13 on Nov 13, 2008
YES!!! Give us the Prequel and the sequel Darren :) We love it!!!
posted by eli on Nov 11, 2008
Um, Tobin Bell is not in the movie.

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