Jonas Brothers Blog From the Beach, Thank Fans for Love and Support

November 11, 2008 08:15:04 GMT

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas are holidaying on an undisclosed beach and there they write a message for fans, thanking them for their love and support.

Jonas Brothers
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Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas write a brief message, posted on their MySpace blog, telling fans what they've been doing these days and thanking them for their outpouring support and love that help catapulting them to stardom. The threesome write the message at an undisclosed beach while they're enjoying some time off from their hectic work schedule.

"Hey everyone!" the Jonas Brothers start their message. "We are writing this from the beach ... doing nothing! First time we have stopped in a while. Can't get better than this. We are already feeling refreshed."

"There has been so much happening recently. We have been working on the new show (JONAS), recording music, doing a few shows, etc," they go on writing. "This week was Kevin's birthday so we took the last day to celebrate his birthday with family, the band, and a few friends. It is so awesome to stop and appreciate all that has happened to us because of all of you."

They then add, "Thanks for all the positive comments on the Skating special yesterday. Also, thanks for the amazing response to our little SayNow message. Thinking we will be sending even more. Most of all...thanks for all the support and love. You are the best fans in the world!"

Up next for the Jonas boys will be a scheduled book-signing session for their upcoming set "Burning Up, On Tour With the Jonas Brothers." The event is set to be held at Golden Dreams, Disney's California Adventure park, Tuesday, November 25 from 11 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.


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posted by home on Feb 06, 2011
hi jonas bros,Nick we love ya so much me and my cozs love ya bye
posted by amanda on Nov 08, 2010
posted by melissam on Apr 29, 2010
Kevin! Are you really going to be on Minute To Win It?! I heard there's a sneak peak this Sunday on the show of you playing games!
posted by gavinnbroyles on Apr 24, 2010
kevin jonas is going to be on 'minute to win it' on nbc! yes!!!!!!!!! it's a perfect match. this show is truly awesome and guy fieri is the best host! the show will be a staple in prime-time television for years to come!
posted by bella1313 on Apr 20, 2010
Love the Jonas Brothers! I hear Kevin Jonas is going to appear on Minute To Win It on May 23rd! I love that show!! If u havent seen it yet check it out on NBC every Sunday at8/7c!
posted by Lila on Sep 23, 2009
Hey guys im lovin your song Paranoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by peachesluv on Sep 12, 2009
hey kevin i love the way you rock on the guitar!!!! love to see you guys in sa soon!!! MWA
posted by Kate on Sep 03, 2009
I think the Jonas brother's music is good, but they need to make their own image. Right now they look just like every other tween-attracting TV show or band. Be yourself and choose your own cloths for goodness sake. Don't let others make you look like 'the image' just to fit in and sell more merchandise. The more unique you are the more you stand out and attract more kinds of fans.. not just tweens. Lecture done, rock on.
posted by Cadence on Jul 26, 2009
OMG! I am in tears right now after seeing the most horrible, disgraceful video on Youtube. Its called Pray For Jonas, and the only reason why I watched it is because I thought they were going to do something nice for the Jonas Brothers but I was wrong. These two guys beat up this poor young man because he had a Jonas Brothers Poster on his wall, they were so mean to him. Then they made him burn the poster! I never have cried so hard in my life. Please we need to stop this! We need to make Youtube take this down, its horrible! Here is a link, if you watch you will understand and we can work together to get rid of it!
posted by Maddy on Jul 05, 2009
Hi have u guys ever felt paranoid if so then when I luv u guys BTW Joe, were u born in china were ever u were born I still luv u
posted by lexy on May 23, 2009
posted by bonita258 on May 02, 2009
ola jon esbrothers
posted by katie333 on Apr 30, 2009
you guy are totly alsome i love singing and wrighting songs and ithik its so cool that you guys do both!!!
posted by I Lv u guys!!!!! on Apr 19, 2009
You gyus rock and I voted u for fav music group and u won congaltes!!! Bailey Nuck ur my fav Jonas and Joe ur my funny fav funny Jonas and Kevin ur my sweet fav Jonas!!!!
posted by lila on Apr 12, 2009
posted by lila on Mar 31, 2009
you rock
posted by sally on Mar 19, 2009
Don't worry Jonas Brothers about what those haters say. They are just jealous of your success.
posted by boogey man on Mar 19, 2009
YA, YOU BETTER LOG OFF! Maci762 you should listen to the words i have spoken here on this fancy website. you too Hadley. Iam going now it's about three hours past my bed time.
posted by Maci762 on Mar 19, 2009
OK. look me up on facebook and i hope to see ya in New York this summer. Talk to ya later. :]]
posted by hadleyy( : on Mar 19, 2009
ohh dear what a terrible thing to say mr 'boogey man'. you owe everyone here an apology. im sorry miss maci but i do believe i must be going! lets stay in contact. g'night america! ( :
posted by boogey man on Mar 19, 2009
it aint mean im just stating a protective statement for my children.... and grandchildren. if you want to complain about my oppinion complain to the people who came up with the idea of freedom of speech.
posted by Maci762 on Mar 19, 2009
Thanks! It took me forever to get the face right. I can't believe some of the things these people say. thats so mean. >:/
posted by hadleyy( : on Mar 19, 2009
Indeed! what rotten person would say such an unruly thing! how terrible. oh and that is a clever little angry face you used. ; ) adorable. LOL
posted by Maci762 on Mar 19, 2009
I just asked my daddy when and it will be sometime in july. OMG did you see the message boogey man sent? What a JERK! >:O
posted by boogey man on Mar 19, 2009
you need to stop poisining the minds of our children with that crap you sing!!!
posted by hadleyy( : on Mar 19, 2009
ohh, well let me know when you know! haha. so i take it you're familiar with the musical stylings of the Jonas Brothers..? ( :
posted by Maci762 on Mar 19, 2009
That would be amazing!! Although im not excatly sure when we're going this year. :]
posted by hadleyy( : on Mar 19, 2009
i most certainly do! perhaps i should visit during the summer as opposed to the fall then correct? LOL. I'll speak with my Mum about the matter. ( :
posted by Maci762 on Mar 19, 2009
Yea I know it!! My family vacations there every summer. I live in Georgia, right by the ocean. Its beatiful. Do ya know it.
posted by hadleyy( : on Mar 19, 2009
the glorious land of New York City. you know it?
posted by Maci762 on Mar 19, 2009
Im from the states. Where will ya be staying?
posted by hadleyy( : on Mar 19, 2009
oh! most excellant. Im from the UK C: & you?
posted by Maci762 on Mar 19, 2009
Hadley they arent discontinuing their tour. No worries. where are ya from?:]
posted by hadleyy( : on Mar 19, 2009
hay i heard they are discontinuing their tours..! anybody know anything about that? i was going to see them when i come to the states this fall..
posted by irishfriend on Mar 19, 2009
pip pip da doodily do!
posted by cassie4590 on Mar 19, 2009
yes this is the same person who sent the scrabble thing. I have nothing better to do so i decided to send you messsages. no offense.
posted by brady bunch on Mar 19, 2009
I would like to know where the institue for mental and constipated singers like the Jonas Brothers is? I would like to send them back there.
posted by alwjdgfnlakdnnvhoh on Mar 19, 2009
dear jonas brother fans, YOUR LAME. and should be ashamed that you enjoy such horrid music :D
posted by booty... on Mar 19, 2009
ya'll suck!
posted by lalalaconnectthedots on Mar 19, 2009
hey guess what! all i have to do is plug my nose, sing really loud though my nose, jump around like an idiot, and think im so cool & im instantly a jonas brother! : ))
posted by Virginia on Mar 19, 2009
I'm sorry but I have a question do you have a constipation problem because every time I hear your songs it sounds like your taking a dump?
posted by musiclover4756 on Mar 19, 2009
Im bored so im surfin the web and bloging yea.
posted by cassie4590 on Mar 19, 2009
I was wondering if you guys like scrabble?? me and my friend are havin a argument on whether you like scrabble. I say you dont but she says you do. I think shes crazy
posted by sassy321 on Mar 19, 2009
I heard that you gave up your purity rings!!!! Is it true....
posted by DIEJOBROS:) on Mar 19, 2009
WOW guys. you are lameeeee. :))
posted by 598music on Mar 19, 2009
Did you really get rid of your purity rings?!?! I heard you did and i think that is really dumb
posted by dilly on Mar 07, 2009
nick what is the youngest age you would date
posted by lila on Jan 31, 2009
nickJ rocks
posted by Nanji on Jan 29, 2009
joe ur so hoooooootttttt!!!
posted by zora on Jan 28, 2009
you are sexy ilove joe jonas
posted by monika on Jan 27, 2009
call me plizzzz joe i am 16 you are so hottttttttttt
posted by monika on Jan 27, 2009
joe i am your fan love youa kevin sexy nick very sexy:)
posted by lila on Jan 17, 2009
NICK:you rock and you are so cool i cant wait to meet you when you are coming to durban,south africa
posted by bibi on Jan 17, 2009
you guys rock i love your music i love nick and joe`s hair and youre 6 packs(just kidding)
posted by bibi on Jan 17, 2009
you guys rock i love your music i love nick and joe`s hair and youre 6 packs(just kidding)
posted by lila on Jan 14, 2009
posted by lila on Jan 13, 2009
I soooooo luv NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)
posted by lila on Jan 12, 2009
i luv you nick and i would luv 2 meet you!when are you coming to south africa
posted by lila on Jan 11, 2009
i luv nick and i hope they cum 2 south africa
posted by JonaLover on Jan 03, 2009
Omg I Love You Guys , Mostly Joe. Lol I Love His Hair XD Well my name is Ellen from New Jersey (roselle park) and im 19 years old =] I Love You Guys
posted by marie on Dec 09, 2008
posted by marie on Dec 09, 2008
a toute les filles qui sont amoureuses de joe pas touche il est moi. I LOVE YOU JOE
posted by mary on Dec 09, 2008
s'était une blague je vous adore.joe st trop canon,nick est trop mimi et kévin est trop mignon.I LOVE YOU A VOUS TROIS : joe je t'aime fort dans mon coeur
posted by mary on Dec 09, 2008
je vous detesse pauvre com
posted by lovelygirl on Dec 07, 2008
i think joe jonas and taylor swift made a better couple also camilla belle isnt that pretty i thought she was and i only wanted to say that is their lives and us the joe jonas fans cant make nothin about it
posted by jenni.S on Nov 20, 2008
i love your song "sorry" and "burin up" when is your next CD coming out? please come to Indy soon!
posted by jenni.S on Nov 20, 2008
i love your song "sorry" and "burin up" when is your next CD coming out? please come to Indy soon!
posted by #1 swim chick on Nov 20, 2008
when do you and the band come to Indiana or Chicago?
posted by joe lover!!!!!!!!!!! on Nov 19, 2008
i love you joe!!!!!!<3 u are soooooooo cute!:D I LOVE YOU JOE
posted by mari on Nov 17, 2008
i love you
posted by Joe, Nick, and Kevin on Nov 13, 2008
Thanks Guys. Keep Watching Are Videos!!! Nick, Kevin, Joe
posted by shell on Nov 13, 2008
hey Nick Joe & Kevin i really like your songs and you all are really awesome
posted by Libertie Martin on Nov 12, 2008
The Jonas bros suck i hate u all my friends love u guys but you are ugly and sing terribl go to HELL
posted by Gina Miorana on Nov 12, 2008
NICK YOU ARE SEXY I WANT TO MEET YOU CALL ME I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 12486519220 Call me ohhh im 16. I love you and watch your music video alll the time!!
posted by Tiana Honr on Nov 12, 2008
I LOVE YOU KEVIN im only 12 but you are my idol!!!
posted by ilove joe on Nov 11, 2008
posted by on Nov 11, 2008
my name is angelika,did not react as other fans to the starts do not shout as they do it whether something is this style I greet only that I wandet to write to you . But you Hate!!!
posted by kxd on Nov 11, 2008
hiya joe dude
posted by kb on Nov 11, 2008
joe is hot
posted by love u... on Nov 11, 2008
hey peeps just me checking in lurvin ya gurls and boys joe ya sxc! xoox
posted by star wars fan on Nov 11, 2008
i love u joe aka shaun
posted by the fray on Nov 11, 2008
u have an xbox360
posted by halo wars on Nov 11, 2008
yo u rock when are u returning to pitt later
posted by peace on Nov 11, 2008
hi guys u rock

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