David Archuleta's 'Desperate' Available for Stream

November 11, 2008 07:17:30 GMT

David Archuleta 'cries for help' on a just-arrived audio stream of 'Desperate' from his self-titled debut album.

David Archuleta
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Photo credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

A brand new song from David Archuleta called "Desperate" has been revealed. Written by a team comprising of Andreas Carlsson, Desmond Child, Konstantin Rethwisch and Alexander Rethwisch, the new single narrates a cry for help from someone but no one hears.

"Desperate" is confirmed to be among other new tracks on Archuleta's self-titled debut album, which hits the U.S. stores on November 11. Speaking about his first effort, he said during an interview on "The Billy Bush Show", "We experimented on this album and that way I didn't get stuck in a niche. I wanted to make sure there was a variety."

In anticipation of Archuleta's newly-released LP, AOL holds a free online listening party. All his new tracks from lead single "Crush" to a cover version of Robbie Williams' song "Angels" are available to be listened on AOL's music page.

Audio stream of David Archuleta's "Desperate":


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posted by pastel on Nov 12, 2008
I think anyone who has a certain image of a David Archuleta song should listen to this one. Seriously. Haunting and dark.
posted by 3SG3 on Nov 12, 2008
YOU are so damn FIIINNNEE!! Do you have a girlfriend becaus e im available!!!! David if you were my homework i'd do you every night if you know what i mean. Am i a light switch because every time u pass by you turn me on
posted by pam05 on Nov 11, 2008
wow!!! what a voice...awesome!!!
posted by maria_k on Nov 11, 2008
I'm a huge Archie fan. This is my second favorite song. My first is My Hands. I got his CD today and it's awesome just like David! :)
posted by lalaxoangel on Nov 11, 2008
words can not express how amazing David is =] this is the start of a legend... i am so proud of David and i know he will go very far in his musical career! keep it up!!! <3
posted by I\'m a ladyhawk too! on Nov 11, 2008
I love this song and all of his songs! i love him mostly though.
posted by marty on Nov 11, 2008
This is a really great, meaningful song. Great music.
posted by sdb on Nov 11, 2008
WOW! I love his voice. The songs are really, really good.
posted by GrannyFan on Nov 11, 2008
Wow! I love this one too! What a great debut album from David!
posted by dulce on Nov 11, 2008
i love all his song
posted by kent on Nov 11, 2008
His low voice is very powerful. Nice.
posted by Stazi on Nov 11, 2008
One of many great songs by a gifted artist
posted by ladyhawk on Nov 11, 2008
hmm me like

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