Preview of 'Ghost Whisperer' 4.07: Threshold

November 08, 2008 06:19:09 GMT

Melinda copes up with the changes after Jim's death while still helping ghosts in 'Ghost Whisperer'.

Preview of 'Ghost Whisperer'  4.07: Threshold
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Last night on "Ghost Whisperer", it was revealed how Melinda has to face the biggest fear in her life, the death of her loved one. In the next episode of the show, Melinda will get used to the changes after her husband Jim leaves the living world and becomes a ghost who promises to stay by her side.

"Threshold" will see Melinda trying to cope with the dramatic changes in her personal life, while at the same time struggles to help a desperate teenage ghost. Melinda finds it difficult to go on with her calling as a ghost whisperer after the tragedy, but she talks to a ghost that says she thinks she helped kill Melinda's husband. Meanwhile, Jim begins to see how things work from the other side.

Joanna Cassidy ("Six Feet Under") will guest star as Faith Clancy in the episode that will air November 14.

In an interview with TV Guide, Jim's depicter David Conrad shared of how the audience will see Jim after his death. He said,"I think they'll see a Jim like they've never seen before. I think he'll find out who his true self is, though it might take a long time. That's cryptic."


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posted by Siobhan on Jun 16, 2009
Omg WTF! Jim dies.... thats just so not fair on melinda. She needs him by her side! how can they do this to her, nd he got shot in the arm FFS like, how the hell could they not save him. i really want tah know how she copes without him now:/ . I hope she finds love again .
posted by keefdonk on May 16, 2009
This show used to be a good and touching show. What happened? The story lines suck. I don't care what happens to any of the characters now. There are no more heart warming stories!
posted by hawkdoc60 on May 14, 2009
This show went from good entertainment to pure garbage with the killing off of Jim, then he's a ghost, then he jumps into another body thing. Why did the writers even bother with this stupid plot line. Yeah, he got his memory back, but it was a day late and a dollar short. This show jumped the shark big time over this. I don't even bother watching anymore.
posted by cloe on Mar 12, 2009
i love your show its the most coolest so dont brake up so i can watch more of it!
posted by harry on Mar 02, 2009
nikita is just a mother fucker
posted by no more on Feb 06, 2009
make this jim death a dream or something like that. the show sucks now either bring jim back or say goodbye to another forgotten tv show, body jumping, seriously, we loved the show the way it was. now it truly sucks. did the loss of her weight make her stupid
posted by over it on Feb 06, 2009
the ghost whisperer suck, i used to watch the ghost whisper every friday, its jumped the shark. either bring jim back or say goodbye. hewitt, here's a news flash we watched the show because we liked to imagine a perfect marriage, now it's just a stupid show. if body jumping is possible why didn't everyone do it. ps i know the show is make believe but we loved the idea of a perfect life and marriage. good bye the show let alot of devoted fans down
posted by so long on Jan 26, 2009
ghost whisperer used to be my fav show, it sucks. i'm over it and have moved on
posted by over it on Jan 26, 2009
i truly hope they make it all a dream and jim comes back, if he really body jumper---the show a truly jumped the shark, time to find another show to watch.
posted by not a fan anymore on Dec 04, 2008
I really looked forward to watching the ghost whisperer every week. Now since they killed off jim, and put him in someone else's body. It suck's!!! If they want to bring back the show, they should just say Melinda was in a dream and jim is still alive. Good-bye ghost whisperer you let alot of people down.
posted by AirheadedEnchantress on Nov 17, 2008
The whole episodeIcried. this sucks! I really hope however that b/c jim died and that IF he comes back he might have gained the same talent as melinda & could then help her. that would be a SWEET twist! If jim dosent stay I would really get depresses.
posted by christinep on Nov 17, 2008
WHY, WHY, WHY, is what i have to say!!! These writers only have me for a couple more shows. If they don't bring Jim back...i am history. This was the dumbest move in history. I hope the idiots writing this show are reading these posts, cause everybody is pretty ticked off!!!
posted by lovethis show on Nov 16, 2008
I am so glad that everyone feels the same way..their marriage is what most people wish for and hope..i know its just a show but people really feel the love they share and I AM SOOOO UPSET that Jim is dead!'s just not right!
posted by Sherylgirl on Nov 15, 2008
I, too am very disappointed by Jim's death, and I hope the writers have something up their sleeve besides bring him back as a ghost. I agree with some of the others in that I enjoyed seeing a happy, fulfilled married couple who complement each other so beautifully. I can't imagine why they did this -- and I hope they will reconsider.
posted by maryann on Nov 15, 2008
big, big mistake killing off Jim. I won't be watching the show anymore.
posted by bbneal on Nov 15, 2008
what is the name of the song in the back ground in the threshold episode
posted by Someone on Nov 15, 2008
O.K Bad move for the wirters I mean . 1.They Kill Off Andrea 2.They Kill Melinda . . .Twice ! 3.They Get Rid Of Professor Payne. 4.And Replace Him With Some Sort Of "Hearer Of Ghosts" 5.They Kill Jim ! :( 6.They Fricken Hand Jim's Part Over To Some Perosn Who Just Dies I Mean WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM?? Do they think ther're suddenly goning to get more veiwers by sending Jim away and replacing him with a (less hotter) version of him. . .? I DON'T THINK SO! Let's Go Burn The Writers Houses. . . .
posted by rick on Nov 15, 2008
what would happen if all this is a dream, but not melinda. Jim, at the hospital Jim is in a coma maybe dreaming what would happen if he died. melinda fail a sleep on the chair beside Jim. maybe Jim and melinda are having the same dream. maybe they love is so strong they are connected even in spirit. ghost whisperer is a good series, because of Jim and melinda relationship like ( Lois and Clark ) one cannot survive without the other. if something work wonderful don't mess with it.
posted by Richard on Nov 14, 2008
I am a big fan of ghost whisperer. it was a good show, if the writers decide to kill jim character that was stupid. maybe jim wasn't the main character like melinda, but jim was the second best. don't kill jim in ghost whisperer season three melinda hand a vision that wasn't hers, but someone else. if the writers or smart they should make all this a dream, but not melinda, jim is in a coma and dreaming of what would happen if he died. I just hope is a dream...
posted by dskurth on Nov 14, 2008
IRRITATED IS ALL I CAN SAY. ARGGGGG! Fire the writer who ruined the entire supportive story line. So many better things they could have done with the injury, he gets a gift, they are a team..but this. These guys just ruined a great show.
posted by sharlann on Nov 14, 2008
I loved the love story. I am not watching anymore if Jim is dead. I hope he is in a coma and will wake up soon.
posted by Raylynn on Nov 14, 2008
I thought the writers were professionals. That was such a lame story. Now he is in someone elses body. You got to be kidding me. They could have written excellent stories with him alive. There was never a reason for him not to be a front and center character. There was so many ways to keep him a big part of the story without killing him off and have him in another body. I don't understand why they couldn't come up with something better. Change it NOW it's not too late.
posted by linda in Davie on Nov 14, 2008
Can't you just leave well enough alone. Melinda's relationship with Jim filled my heart. If this is not Melinda's dream or Jim's comatose life, I'm not watching anymore. STUPID EPISODE FROM A STUPID WRITER!! FIRE HIM! :(
posted by lovinghim on Nov 14, 2008
alright so.. whats the name of the song in the background?
posted by Mean girl on Nov 14, 2008
I'm very sad that JIm has to die. I'm very mad at the director right now! If only Jim was alive again things would only get better.
posted by Maria Dotore on Nov 14, 2008
hi fans, i'm upset too, but the producers wouldnt do this to us. i beleive melinda is having a bad dream and when she wakes up everything will be ok.
posted by Alfredo on Nov 14, 2008
I guess they are just playing with your head. This will be like the episode of Dallas where everyone thinks JR was dead, and it ends up that it was only a dream....hopefully...
posted by nikita on Nov 14, 2008
It sucks that Jim has to die. I agree with my sister Camilia and I was sad too. I hope the producer changes the fact that Jim is dead.
posted by camilia on Nov 14, 2008
Please don't make jim die,I'm 9 years old and I've been crying for a long time. WHY DOES HE HAVE TO DIE? ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE LEFT. I hope she is just having a nightmare.
posted by lane129 on Nov 14, 2008
I agree with most everyone else,too depressing.First her best girlfriend,now her husband.I'll be changing chanels.Bad move on the writers part.
posted by jenny on Nov 14, 2008
It seems like every time I invest myself in a weekly show, the writers eventually disappoint me. TV viewers watch TV for a reason: to look forward to the ongoing storyline. So many episodes have hinted at a pregnancy for the couple. So, to go this route shows very poor judgement on the part of the writers.
posted by Raylynn on Nov 14, 2008
I can't understand why he couldn't be a big part of the show being alive. They could have had him helping her like he did on the cruise ship episode. I thought that was a great episode. He was right there with her. He was completly involved. He could have been doing that the whole time. I never understood why they always had her with someone else helping her or by herself. I think they make a great team. Keep him alive, as Jim, not possessing someone else's body. I think its stupid.
posted by zabyella on Nov 14, 2008
youre all upset and I am to, but the show needs to have an end.......
posted by BEER999999@aolcom on Nov 13, 2008
I too am very upset that they killed Jim off. Even though they will keep his spirit is much better to have him be with her in the flesh. They had a magical relationship on the show. Why ruin it? I did hear Jennifer say on an interview that their WILL be little footsteps in her house but that it will a spirit who gets her pregnant. I guesss we can see where this is going. Still Why kill him off? This sucks! And why not show her friend that works with her have a relationship...heavy woman like love and sex too.
posted by Lou on Nov 13, 2008
Big mistake! This is the only show on Fridays I watch. I'm getting a little tired of channel nine. I'm still ticked about the canceling of Moonlight. I gather that if channel nine keeps this up, I won't be watching it much longer.
posted by kimchick21 on Nov 13, 2008
I can't believe this!! I will never watch your show again! They completed each other! You can't take him from her! Suckas!!
posted by Ga Girl on Nov 13, 2008
Write me off as a viewer, too. I guess these writers are like the ones who write for soap operas, they can't let anyone have a family. Showing her boobs each week didn't help the ratings guess this is a last ditch effort just not at my house! Good bye Melinda!!!!
posted by Jennifer on Nov 13, 2008
Can't someone have a "normal" relationship. Melinda and Jim were going to have a family and now Jim's a ghost?? What the heck is going on?! What a waste of a great character and good story-line. This had better be a dream or this show is losing a whole lot of viewers.
posted by SCRAPBOOKCHERYL on Nov 13, 2008
I work hard all week long, I look forward to an hour of escape watching Ghost Whisperer and now you ruin it by taking away yet another great character...what are you people thinking...I realize it's just TV - but the writers need to realize it is an escape from all the crappy stuff people have to put up with at our jobs, the grocery stores, the kids, the husbands, killing off's just not going to be the was sad to see him go...I seriously hope you take a que from Dallas and make it all a bad dream...cause right now as the show stands it's a nightmare...
posted by nypd on Nov 13, 2008
What is wrong with you people!?!? i actually cried when i saw they killed jim!! he was her only help and support...perfect couple..that not even death can's just sick..i'm done waching this!!!!
posted by jen on Nov 13, 2008
I can't believe Jim is gone. I'm sure he'll come back as a ghost. I remember a long ago episode where Mel and Jim asked each other what they would do if the other died and Jim said if he died he would stay with and "haunt" Mel forever. Still, I can't help but feel sad. They had the marriage that most people can only dream of.
posted by suebee on Nov 12, 2008
i can't believe that they killed off Jim. i really really hope that she is dreaming but i really don't think she is! i will not stop watching the show i have watched it since the beginning but it was really upsetting that he was killed off!
posted by byTA on Nov 12, 2008
hmmm... Jim is dead... and it is not a dream... wrong !!! sad !!! wtf?!?! i don't this is sick... i have no hopes or expectations...
posted by Mother on Nov 11, 2008
Big mistake killing off Jim. He was a real live character she could kling to for support. I don't think I'll be watching the show again. Sorry
posted by Sally on Nov 11, 2008
Taking Jim away was so heart wrenching, not sure I will like the show as much now. Killing Jim was a mistake. I never missed an episode. Killing the professor Payne would have been a better idea. I know this is Linda's show but I feel David Conrad was a huge part of her success (living)to support her. Not sure if I will continue to watch
posted by msvfig on Nov 11, 2008
I couldn't believe it. I cried. I can't believe that Jim, as a side-kick is going to work out. They truly completed each other. What a screw-up!!! I can't see them bringing back a dream. Same goes with Moonlight.
posted by chelsa on Nov 11, 2008
I can't believe this!! They were the best couple ever and now he's dead! they're takin all the good actors/ actresses off the show now only melinda is worth watching. I was sick to my stomach at the end!!!
posted by Carol on Nov 11, 2008
Okay, first time reading comments on the show. Hey, Lexi, I understand how upset you are. Don't give up yet, your too young to remember how they killed off Bobby on the show Dallas. They had a whole season with him supposedly dead. Turned out his wife, Victoria, was dreaming the whole thing. Well, remember that Melinda was sleeping in the chair beside Jim's hospital bed???.... You never know. I'm holding out it's all a dream....
posted by Michim711 on Nov 11, 2008
one of the many reasons i watched and have in DVD all previouse seasons is to see what else is Jim going to do to steal not only melinda's heart but every girl out there that has wished to have a man like that..... no he is gone? just like that? When Andrea died.. it was hard but JIM?? come on.. there was no need for that.... i have to admit i dont think i will stop watching but it wont be the same
posted by melissa on Nov 10, 2008
They killed off Jim, one of the few examples of a man who is truly in love with his wife, so that he can be a helpful ghost sidekick instead? Way to jump the shark.
posted by kelli on Nov 10, 2008
I was a devoted viewer of this show, however, I will not be watching anymore. Nobody likes to watch things that make them sad continually. Once in awhile is different, but they are constantly taking the main characters away. I'm not going to watch something that makes me sad week after week. It was a good show but don't see it lasting much longer.
posted by ava s on Nov 10, 2008
ghost whisperer just jumper the shark, see ya
posted by ava on Nov 10, 2008
no more ghost whisperer for me.
posted by CAB on Nov 10, 2008
What I like about this show is that you don't always see what's coming.....I can't wait to see who becomes a ghost next.....Jim will probably hang around and be Melinda's sidekick.....
posted by maggiemay on Nov 10, 2008
I like many of your other readers have been watching Ghost Whisperer since the beginning. I have always felt that the story surrounding Melinda and Jim was the heart of the show. Now after reading all of these entries by other fans I can see everyone else agrees. I really hope that the writers will take to heart what their avid watchers have said. With the technology today writers can now see the emotion of the fans with a click of a button. Please take advantage of this and listen to your fans and please do not kill off Jim or have him stay as a ghost. There have been so many movies with that plot line. Do something original bring him back as himself and let them have a baby together.
posted by Greta on Nov 10, 2008
That was so drastic! I didn't imagine that it'll turn this way. I nearly cried myself when i've seen the end of the show. It's soooo sad. Even though Jim was main character it's always hard to let go. If i was a director of these series i wouldn't do that. It's too cruel.
posted by Sagath on Nov 10, 2008
So, he dies. I wanted to cry, but you know what. Death is a part of life, and every good story has a painful death that helps move the story forward. I won't refuse to watch it just because he died. I saw it coming after the warning she was given that what she does may cause death to brush off on the ones she loves. Well, it seems to have happened. I am even more interested in watching the show now than ever actually.
posted by Kassy on Nov 10, 2008
Ghost Whisperer used to be my favorite show but after this new pile of crap story line..,I'm through. Chock it up to the 2nd biggest screw up since dumping Moonlight. Wake up CBS !!!!Long Live Eli Stone.....
posted by Bine on Nov 10, 2008
Hey i´m from germany and i love gw, but if they killed jim i think i can´t watch it no longer!!! Mel needs him, i don´t now when the 4. season is send in germany but i hope soon because i also hope that it is only a worse dream of melinda. i think they will have a baby soon because i read that jennifer wants a baby too, so melinda gets definatly pregnant!! I dont know what to think, but: without jim= without me. well i can´t suprise that i really dont look anymore because i think that jennifer/melinda is it worth to look. lets see how i think when it sendet in germany
posted by brwneyes88 on Nov 09, 2008
omg i am so mad! why did they do that! he made her! how is she gunna go on! i hate this show now!
posted by Harry on Nov 09, 2008
HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! First CBS cancels one of its top shows, 'Moonlight,' and now wrecks the best part of 'Ghost Whisperer.' I will never watch another CBS show again! They have no respect for their viewers.
posted by OMG!!! on Nov 09, 2008
Hey Rossy, It's not a threat to stop watching the show it's a PROMISE!!!
posted by sweetme15 on Nov 09, 2008
posted by yasmin on Nov 09, 2008
ok i just ruined for my self but i can not believe what happened, why kill jim they are like the perfect couple. i so cant wait till series 4 come out in england, does anyone no when that is?
posted by Heb on Nov 09, 2008
I am done with this show now. I have watched from the beginning and I am tired of the main characters dying. Just too depressing. Pls bring Jim back!!!!!
posted by heather on Nov 09, 2008
I was sad and shocked by Jims death. I just lost my mom 1 mnth ago and this show gave me hope of life after death and I loved that he helped Melinda be the person she was. I will not watch the show anymore it is too depressing now.
posted by HangInThere on Nov 09, 2008
The writers did their job. They caused 'reaction' and 'emotion' for its viewers. We'll miss Jim but I suspect the good stories will continue.
posted by rossy on Nov 09, 2008
Hate to break this to you guys... But word was out awhile ago that this season would be "dark" as no previous season before. Melinda would learn a "sad lesson on paying the price for her special "gift". Have you all forgotten the creepy "death" ghost in earlier seasons that kept "forcing" ghosts to go with him rather than be "helped into the light" by Melinda? Lets not get all upset & threaten to quit a great show because it's changing. It's a TV show - FICTION! Who knows, maybe the season ender's cliffhanger has Melinda in a coma & Jim, Prof. Payne & the rest of her friends try to "wake" her.
posted by OMG!!! on Nov 09, 2008
How could you do this? Killing Jim... you just killed a great TV show. I'm done... it's time to change the channel!!
posted by OMG!!! on Nov 09, 2008
How could you do this? Killing Jim... you just killed a great TV show. I'm done... it's time to turn the channel.
posted by tetro on Nov 09, 2008
just watched this weeks episode...i'm gutted i never saw that coming, i hope the writers have a solid direction for the show which can explain why they did this!! great show as usual
posted by Abby on Nov 08, 2008
i watched this with my parents last night and im 15 years old... i have watch every episode since this show started! i sat there with my parents at the end of this show i went into shock ran into my room and cryed for about an hour and my parents are still laughing at me for it! how could you do that!!! ITS JIM!!!!!!!v
posted by Devastated!!!! on Nov 08, 2008
OMG... how could you do this? I was crying my eyes out last night and even lost sleep. I watch Ghost Whisperer every Friday night, but now I don't think I can. I was sad when the professor left because he was such a great actor, but now killing Jim... i'm devastated!! I just can't watch it anymore.
posted by beth on Nov 08, 2008
How could you do this? We love Jim. Why do all the good charactors keep leaving?
posted by theghostwhispering on Nov 08, 2008
i cant stop watching this video
posted by elle on Nov 08, 2008
I know so many people, who know others who also won't watch the show if Jim is gone They have ruined the show if David Conrad leaves or maybe they already have bring him as a ghost.
posted by Sami15 on Nov 08, 2008
How could this happen?!!!!!! I cryed when andrea dies, i cryed when professor payne left and now im crying cause jim is dead. I hope to god that melinda is just having a dream or something like that!!! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE? WHY WHY WHY I LOVE GHOST WHISPERER SOO MUCH BUT IT'S MAKING ME SOOOOOOOOOOOO UPSET.
posted by Pattie on Nov 08, 2008
Okay! I have read all the comments and spoilers. This a great show that many family's watch and enjoy. But this hits too close to home. Next week will be even worse for me considering the cause of the death of the ghost. I keep crying and expect to until the end of the season. I love this show for the reality, but PLEASE give us a break on this one!
posted by ezekiel on Nov 08, 2008
too many things are changing.
posted by anna on Nov 08, 2008
why would you kill a loved one? i hate seeing jennifer cry my heart just goes out to her.
posted by heart broken on Nov 08, 2008
I can not believe that you killed Jim! As far as I am conserned you have ruined the entire show by killing Jim. If he is going to continue on the show as a dumb ghost I will NEVER watch the show again. He needs to stay alive. If you want somebody to find out about the ghost world kill somebody esle besides Jim. Melinda needs her husband. I will never watch this show again, and I think I will have a lot of followers.
posted by Fanatic... on Nov 08, 2008
Why?! It's not fair to kill Jim in the movie... although I predicted that, I felt that something bad was going to happen to him and to Melinda too, in the end...
posted by Lexi on Nov 08, 2008
OMG I am so devastated! I'm 15 years old and I've never missed a single episode of ghost whisperer. First they killed of Andrea, which was so stupid of them, and now Jim! What are they thinking?! I'm so upset and there's nothing they can do to the show to make it better. Jim's they can't have a baby and Melinda has to suffer the rest of her life. =( this sucks!
posted by kim on Nov 08, 2008
man you guys are funny is a show i know its a really good show but i think who ever came up with this show they know what hey are doing.. and if it that said dont watch show that make you cry. i think who ever wrote they cried are so funny
posted by Taylorrr on Nov 08, 2008
Jim was amazingg. I dont see how they could kill him off !! This better be some freeaky dream Mel is having. I cant stand seeing them kill him off. I cried & will cry again if hes gone foreverr...
posted by cutelittlegreek on Nov 08, 2008
What the hell!!!!!! how could they do this. I like cryed when i watched the end and i really dont want to watch it if he isnt there. him and melinda are the best and now jim is leaving?!?! i dont like it at all first the professor now jim. melinda is the only person worth watchin now
posted by maura1024 on Nov 08, 2008
He'll find out who his true self is???? He's dead, there is no more true self. Shame on the writers, producers, actors anyone who went along with this ridiculous plot, I thought hollywood was out of touch with real people considering their politics, Now I know their out of touch with the way we really think. Another one bites the dust.
posted by abby on Nov 08, 2008
i dont think i could bare to watch anymore of this... first it was her best friend... the professer leaves! AND NOW JIM!!!! whos next!! her other best friend!!! her mom for heavens sake!!!!!

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