'Dragonball' Photo of Goku's Possible Super Saiyan Discovered

November 07, 2008 04:46:39 GMT

In the newly-found 'Dragonball' image, it can be seen that Goku has been transformed into his ape-like stage of power.

'Dragonball' Photo of Goku's Possible Super Saiyan Discovered
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Apparently, Goku will reach his Super Saiyan form in "Dragonball Evolution", the live-action adaptation of Japanese popular manga. Exposing the possible spoiler for the first time was Dragonball the Movie which obtained a picture of the transformed Goku from an unnamed source.

In the picture which can be seen via ComicBookMovie, it is exposed that Goku might have been transformed into one of his "Super Saiyan" forms, in which he turns to be what seems like a giant ape. Still, Dragonball the Movie noted that it is unclear whether the image is the finished product of the transformation or not.

In the original series, Goku has been described to be the only Saiyan to achieve all the Saiyan transformations and is able to transform into a gigantic ape called an Oozaru. His transformation into a Super Saiyan takes place after being overcome with rage by the murder of Krillin. Starting from then on, he achieves every single advanced level of Super Saiyan which changes his appearance and enhances his abilities.

"Dragonball" is based on the popular Japanese manga from Akira Toriyama and resolves around Goku who becomes the Earth protector from the invading alien rogues. Directed by James Wong, it stars Justin Chatwin as Goku and is supported by the likes of Emmy Rossum, Chow Yun-Fat and many others. This 20th Century Fox film is set for April 10, 2009 U.S. release.


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posted by damian frm south afr on May 17, 2011
im a big fan of dbz and 4 fuck sack just start the next movie were it says what happend since the last movie and start the next movie were krillin dies and he turns supersayian plz
posted by betzy on Dec 15, 2010
hello my name is betzy I love you justin chatwin for ever I love
posted by ta on Sep 25, 2010
donkey like photo
posted by Gr1M FaC3 on Jul 14, 2010
As a long time DBZ fan, i must say that i don't believe there is ever gonna be a way that you can turn dragonball into a live action movie...or at least for a VERY long time...not to mention Hollywood will ruin everything they can get their dirty little hands on...Dragonball was made as a cartoon (i'd say manga drawings can be considered cartoon in a way) and it will remain strongest that way..
posted by XICER on Jun 20, 2010
FOX have to watch the dragon ball saga's before making a movie.
posted by Abhishek on Mar 10, 2010
I am the big fan of you
posted by Nikhil on Sep 19, 2009
I am abig fan of dbz. So, every movie of dbz i like. I think uou should make next part of dbz evolution in which piccolo should join the Z warriors and krillin should be brought and Vegeta in bad form.Don't bring goku in super saiyan form it will be too soon.
posted by trunks94 on Apr 09, 2009
i think it will be interestin to see wat they make out of this
posted by ? on Mar 14, 2009
i didnt read it you jerk
posted by bladey on Feb 10, 2009
bor has his right to an opinion taken for the tom welling thing there...and why not watch the movie? trhey might not get it right the first time but theyll have chances after that
posted by Khieo on Feb 07, 2009
Wahahaha kayo naman ang magbleed.. kaganda kaganda ng movie lalaitin, baka naman habang nano2d kayo ng movie.. Eh mag imagine kayo na kayo si goku.. yack wag na..
posted by Khieo on Feb 07, 2009
Oo nga naman tama siya, kung ayaw niyo sa movie.. di wag kau manood problema ba yun.. Insecure lang kayo kase ang papanget ninyo.. mga supot pa kayo.. so shut up. Eat shit..Lol staka maganda naman yung movie bakit ba kontra kayo? At ayaw nyo ba nun? yung favorite anime ninyo ginawa sa live action movie.. kung medyo iba ung story eh hayaan nyo na kase ganon talaga! At about naman sa mga comment nyo dude about sa mga character! Kau kaya gumawa ng movie? kaya nyo kayang gayahin talaga lahat? un talagang gayang gaya ha? Haha so imbes na magreact kayo ng sobra wag na lang kayo manood mga supot.. Hahahahahahahahaha sory di ko inenglish bahala kayong mag bleed kung di kayo makarelate haha!
posted by Kaishin on Feb 07, 2009
Shut up all people.. F u all want the m0vie bcme perfect, make ur own m0vie then.. Damn all people.. Nd st0p sayin bad b0ut the m0vie.. If u dnt lyk it, then dont watch it, is it hard to do?Haha
posted by daniaal on Jan 30, 2009
i am sad db series have ended they'll neva return and now hollywoood is takin the mik out of db i hope akira toryamam helps make the movie in '09 it will be cool and will he go ss1 or2...will theyere be sequels. IF THE mvie is good d u think toriama is gona make dbgt new episodes aka goku jr and grandma pan/AF/AMV cmmen t plz
posted by Eman on Jan 19, 2009
i think they should just re create it and start from freiza saga like all the games and get righ into the action! i dont wanna watch all this bull shit about goku growing into what weve seen! make it to where hes already a super sayin!
posted by goku on Jan 09, 2009
it is fucker and blody bastard
posted by goku on Jan 09, 2009
it is fucker and blody bastard
posted by Anthony on Dec 22, 2008
Dragonball Evolution = Fail. Not trying to offend anyone in the least, but when producers and directors feel that they have the right to "adapt" a story into their own, it gets ridiculous. People look forward to seeing movies based on their favorite TV show, book, comic, etc because they enjoyed the original source in the first place. I don't blame those who want to see the movie just to see it. In fact I'm interested in seeing what comes out of this, and from what I can tell, the general story line is roughly the same, but I am absolutely positive that it will be nothing like the series. And I believe Vegeta was able to achieve all SSJ levels as well.
posted by Bardock on Nov 25, 2008
Listen up guys the movie is LOOSELY BASED ON THE MANGA SERIES! Get over it... They can't get it all in and its only one saga (part) of db.
posted by roso on Nov 19, 2008
The whole world especially Asia are already determined to boycott this atrocity, and the only ones who'll go see this total failure are those few who are brainwashed by Fox.
posted by someguy on Nov 17, 2008
i say f you guys
posted by SS.Goku on Nov 15, 2008
come on people,,, its just a movie,,, u can boycott all u want,,, but many people will still see it.. U never Kno it might be better than you people think...
posted by Kame on Nov 09, 2008
Thanks michael. And yeah, shut up Goku34. I see you on dbthemovie calling anyone with a different opinion than you a 'hater'. What kind of stupid thing to say is that. What? Because people don't want their favorite story ruined, they're haters? News flash. Not everyone has the same opinion as you. If you were around in the 90s you'd probably be saying Street Fighter was going to be great, weren't you? And if you weren't then shut your mouth, boy.
posted by bor on Nov 09, 2008
i think they should have put tom welling as goku and hugh jackman as vegeta that would have made it better
posted by AXL on Nov 08, 2008
the Oozaru isnt a syper sayin form. everyone knows that..
posted by michael on Nov 07, 2008
i agree. i will boycott along with you. this movie will suck balls. and you shut up goku34.
posted by goku34 on Nov 07, 2008
shut up you moron
posted by Kame on Nov 07, 2008
Wow. Seriously, who writes these articles? That's not a super saiyan. It's some crappy rendition of an Oozaru, which is SUPPOSED to be a giant monkey. James Wong, being the idiot he is, interpreted the giant monkey as some amphibian-man. As a Dragon Ball fan, I WILL boycott this movie and suggest other fans do the same. Fox stated they will make sequels if the first is a financial success. We already saw them ruin Goku with the wimp casted to play him. We saw them ruin Piccolo and every other character. Do we want to see Vegeta, the Saiyan and Frieza sagas ruined by these idiots as Fox? I know I don't. Stand up against Fox, Dragon Ball fans.

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