'Two and a Half Men' Gets Emilio Estevez's Cameo

November 07, 2008 04:31:25 GMT

After Charlie Sheen's father cameo on 'Two and a Half Men', now it is the actor's elder brother, Emilio Estevez's turn to be a guest star on the sitcom.

'Two and a Half Men' Gets Emilio Estevez's Cameo
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Emilio Estevez will join his sibling, Charlie Sheen, on CBS' sitcom, "Two and a Half Men". It has been announced by CBS network that Estevez will be a guest star on the sitcom's upcoming episode which exact airdate is still to be determined.

Furthermore, Estevez's appearance will have something to do with Sheen's character but there is no brotherhood story line for both Estevez and Sheen on the episode. In fact, Estevez's character will be featured as a former drinking and partying buddy of Charlie who comes for a visit.

Sheen says in a statement regarding his brother's upcoming appearance, saying "My dad did the show a couple of years ago, so it was only a matter of time until someone of my brother's talent could also come and play in our sandbox."

Estevez and Sheen's father, Martin Sheen, has appeared in the sitcom's episode entitled "Sleep Tight, Puddin' Pop" in 2005 as the father of Rose, Charlie's neighbor played by Melanie Lynskey. While for the rest of the Sheen family member, CBS has no word to say on the possibility of their appearances.


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