Kevin Jonas Thanks Fans for Their Birthday Messages

Kevin Jonas, Jonas Brothers

Spending his 21st birthday having fun with his family and friends, Kevin Jonas claims "reading all the comments" his fans sent to him was the best thing that he did that day.

Celebrating his 21st birthday on Wednesday, November 5, Kevin Jonas is wasting no time to thank fans for their birthday messages. He posts a message on Jonas Brothers' MySpace page Friday, November 7, thanking "everyone for all of the comments, messages, etc."

"Hey everyone! Still can't believe I just turned 21 years old. You helped make this one of the best days ever," Kevin starts his post. "We were busy all day filming our new show so everyone showed up at the set and sang Happy Birthday," he adds recalling what he and his brothers had been doing on his big day.

Kevin then addresses on the white Lamborghini he was spotted driving around L.A., writing, "a friend let me use his car (a Lamborghini) for the day. It was so much fun to drive it. Although it is great... I still love my Tahoe Hybrid!" Furthermore admitting to spend the day having fun with his family and friends, Kevin writes at the end of his post, "But one of the best things was reading all the comments you left. Thanks again."




    Nick\'s Girl For Lif
    Aug 18, 2010

    Hi Jonas Brothers! I can't stop thinking about the day im' going to meet you guys. Kevin, How are you doing? I can't believe your going to be 22 this year. Joe, How was your B-day? I hope you had a great day. My two best friends Gina Klepadlo and Star Lipphart really like you. Nick, Are you ready to turn 18? Im' not, your B-day is a month before mine. We are a month apart preety cool huh? Well, hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. I go back to school September 7th im' going to be a senior can't believe it ok good luck on your next tour, & stay safe. I love you alot. Love ya, Lindsey Bullock, Gina Klepadlo, & Star Lipphart.

    my girl
    Nov 20, 2009

    I love you nickjonas i want to marry you and have kids because i like kids iam easy to get along with you know i want have you i missed you badly even want you. name jana rene

    Nov 17, 2008

    you decades LIZZ a happy birthday and I hope that peace so well

    iggest jonas brother
    Nov 09, 2008

    hi happy belated birthday Kevin hope u had a BRILLIANT day with ur bros awesum car anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nov 08, 2008

    Deal With It... They are all awesome. Happy belated birthday k2! x

    Nov 08, 2008

    hes so kind, sweet..hmmm, belated hapi b-day! joe and nick are jerks.. joe, why did you broke up w/ taylor? r u crazy? and nick, oh god... i still love niley NOT nelena..selena is so eew..

    chuck norris
    Nov 08, 2008

    How sweet I love him

    Nov 07, 2008

    hope u had a brill b day luv u.

    Nov 07, 2008

    what a sweetie i love him :]

    Nov 07, 2008


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