Video Premiere: Ludacris' 'One More Drink' Feat. T-Pain

Video Premiere: Ludacris' 'One More Drink' Feat. T-Pain

On 'One More Drink' music video, Ludacris attends a DDA meeting with a couple of guys and during the gathering, he tells them his drunken experience.

Following iTunes release of his latest song "One More Drink" on October 28, Ludacris releases a music video for the T-Pain-featuring song. Directed by Chris Robinson, the video was shot on October 20 in Atlanta with cameo appearances from musicians T-Pain and OutKast's Big Boi as well as comedian Katt Williams.

Starting with several men sitting down for a DDA (Drinkers + Daters = Anonymous) meeting with Williams as their mentor, the just-premiered music video displays Ludacris as one of the attendees. As it rolls on, the rapper is seen coming forwards in front of other guys and narrating his experience of getting drunk in a club.

Penned by Ludacris himself, "One More Drink" is the fourth single from the rapper's forthcoming sixth studio album, "Theater of the Mind". Speaking of the record which will be dropped on November 25 across the U.S., the 31-year-old rapper said, "Every song (on the album) is its own individual. Every song is its own kind of movie, in a sense. And that's because I wanted to do something different, something that nobody else is doing in hip-hop right now."

Ludacris' "One More Drink" music video:



    Jan 22, 2009

    are u serious that u love tpain? He dont make the song good and its not even his song, it's ludacris's song. He makes the song good. I mean the hook is still good, but latdcris's rapping makes it good. He is the best.

    tpain lova
    Dec 09, 2008

    i love tpain sooo much omg pplz can keep hateing cuz yes i said it i love that dude i love the way he sings wooow mz.tpain hate all yew want haha lol

    jessica aka tpain lo
    Dec 09, 2008

    hey im a big fan of tpain wooow hes lyk dame lol..but dont worry i lyk ludacris to

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