'National Treasure 3' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' Being Written

November 05, 2008 03:06:56 GMT

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer sits down to discuss about the future plans for the third 'National Treasure' series and the fourth 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise.

'National Treasure 3' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' Being Written
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With all the speculations circulating around the next installment of "National Treasure" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", producer Jerry Bruckheimer has come out to set things straight on the development of "National Treasure 3" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 4". On Tuesday, November 4, the filmmaker sat down with ComingSoon and a group of journalists to confirm that both of the proposed projects are currently being written.

Speaking on the London set of "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time", Bruckheimer explained, "We've sat with the writers and we're working up the story and plotlines right now. They're in the process of finishing 'The Lone Ranger' so they're working on both of those simultaneously, same set of writers, Elliot and Rossio, who did all three 'Pirates' and worked on 'National Treasure (2)'."

When asked further whether the new "Pirates" movie might get an IMAX treatment like "The Dark Knight", the 63-year-old responded quickly, "Absolutely. I'd love to do it, so let's just see if we can work it through the production schedule with everything else." Other than that, he revealed that the studio are leaning toward a 2012 release for the possible release date of the fourth "Pirates".

Though detailed information about "Pirates 4" has remained tightly under wraps, the new project reportedly focuses solely on Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow as it follows the eccentric pirate in his quest to find the Fountain of Youth. In the new adventure, he is forced to team up with Captain Barbossa in order to "defeat some supernatural terror" and leaves out Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

Meanwhile, "National Treasure 3" was previously reported to be eyeing for 2010 holiday season release. Having its star Nicolas Cage attached to come back for this third installment, the action adventure film is said to be set in the South with New Orleans as one of the possible locations. Still, the location's rumor for this installment is yet to be verified or denied.


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posted by sonny on May 21, 2011
johnny depp #1
posted by shopperv on Jan 16, 2010
I lookd forward to National Treasure's a very entertaining movies and I love Cage, Mirren and all the other actors. Please don't cancel the film.
posted by sarah on Dec 31, 2009
i mean pirates of the caribian 4:)
posted by sarah on Dec 31, 2009
I am so excited to know that there is a thired national treasure!they are defadetly some of my favorite movies!so intince and action pacted and nicholis cage is amazing!!!!he is the best person the play ben gates in that movie and i hope they wont change his charaters and i love how rieoly is so funny!but on the other hand i cant wait to see pirates of the caribian 3 it will be awesome!!!
posted by tra on Sep 29, 2009
i havent seen any of the flims but would like to see them
posted by kez on Sep 29, 2009
i cant wait to see the next nt3 i hope its as good as the first 2.
posted by Jai on Jul 19, 2009
This is brilliant news, but if it's coming out in 2010, shouldn' we know where they're filming by now? All these rumors are driving me insane. If they dont film it here (New Orleans) I'd have had so much false hope. xD I wanted to be an extra.
posted by Sean on Mar 15, 2009
Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is already now to be released to theaters on may 25th, 2012 friday!, i can't wait to see it!, anyone else feel the same way i as i do about pirates of the caribbean 4 here?
posted by tabs 03 on Feb 04, 2009
even though i enjoyed the pirates movies i would really like to see the national treasure 3 out first. BUT first and foremost the harry potter 6 movie HAS to be released.
posted by oi on Nov 25, 2008
Me 2. I cant wait to see the next Harry Potter flik!
posted by natlie on Nov 24, 2008
Pirates must come out in 2011! National treasure in 2012! I WANT PIRATES FIRST AND THEN NATIONAL TREASURE! SAVVY?
posted by sean/potc4tfoy on Nov 16, 2008
yeap ashlee!, all those great movies are definately on their way to being released!.
posted by Sean on Nov 16, 2008
Wow. These are some fantastic, coherant comments, you guys. Makes you start to wonder what kind of people enjoy these movies.... lol. Although I am slightly worried the previous 2 posters have the same first name as myself.
posted by ashlee on Nov 15, 2008
omg pirates i sooooo long away i cant wait and the national treasure movies are great i can't wait to see the third also also toy story 3 excites me to that was my favorite when i was little
posted by Eben on Nov 09, 2008
Well...its still a long time to go.I hope the poc 4 will have more action than the previous installment
posted by SEAN on Nov 09, 2008
Eban!, if there making another one!, then it's pretty darn obvious that they will!.
posted by sean on Nov 05, 2008
This is great news, but now i am totally anxious to see both pirates 4 and nt3.

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