Sneak Preview of 'CSI: Miami' 7.07: Cheating Death

November 04, 2008 09:57:58 GMT

A con man faces his own death on 'CSI: Miami' 7.07, after cheating on several women for their money.

Sneak Preview of 'CSI: Miami' 7.07: Cheating Death
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Another murder case to solve on the next episode of "CSI: Miami". "Cheating Death" has more scenes about blood, lust, revenge, and betrayal, centering on a murder case.

The story revolves around a murder of a con man who cheats on married women to steal their money. He slept with the women only to take their money. The man will be found dead by Horatio and his team of CSI, leading to the uphill investigation to find the true suspect and the reason behind it. The women who have slept with the man avoid police investigation in order to safe themselves including their marriages, while a prank at the lab causes a rift in the CSI team and threatens their investigation.

A hotel's manager finds a woman covered in blood, while there is also a man there who is cuffed to the bed post and stabbed to death. There are no signs or clues for this murder. Horatio and the team believe that there is a suspicious thing behind the murder. It may have something to do with a revenge matter by one of the women or their husbands.

Guest starring Andrew Walker as Steve Howell and Lucy Lawless ("Xena Warrior Princess") as Audrey Yates, "Cheating Death" is scheduled to air on CBS, November 10 at 10/9c.


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posted by I love Lucy on Nov 09, 2008
someone please give Lucy her own show!
posted by angela on Nov 04, 2008
Looks great! I hope Lawless has a lot of screen time.
posted by James Bond Loves Luc on Nov 04, 2008
Please join Lucy's official erotic fanclub with drool and Love for Lucy Lou, oh my Lucy! :) Hallelujah, Forever Devoted to the Sweet Sweet Sweetest Erotic Angelic Barefoot Heavenly Sexxxy Perfect Goddess Lucy, David Kashfi aka James Bond Who Loves and Desires Lucy Forever Everywhere Always Faithful Servant of the LORD YHWH JEHOVAH
posted by James Bond Loves Luc on Nov 04, 2008
OH MY GOD LUCY! :) I know that Lucy will be as entertaining talented and legendarily famously awesomely erotic hot sexxxy arousing alluring mouthwatering breathtaking mesmerizing and Heavenly Sexxxy Perfect in this guest role as ever, and I dream that She will bare Her famed legendary awesome Erotic Mouthwatering Breathtaking Mesmerizing Seductive Sleek Smooth Heavenly Sexxxy Perfect Feet and Toes :) Oh My God Yes Lucy! :) The CSI team must conduct erotic investigation in Her Perfect Kiwi Kitty and Tush in my sexxxy fantasies oh my Lucy! :) I suggest they also coordinate erotic efforts regarding Lucy Lou with the FBI (Female Booty Inspectors) oh my Lucy! :) By the way this ep is 7.07 for 007 who Loves Lucy Lou Forever Always oh my Lucy! :)

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