Video Premiere: David Cook's 'Light On'

November 04, 2008 08:59:10 GMT

On David Cook's newly-released 'Light On' music video, a boy is seen making his way to win a girl's heart.

Video Premiere: David Cook's 'Light On'
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David Cook debuts a music video in support of his newest single "Light On". Filmed at L.A. Valley College, the music video was directed by Wayne Isham, the man behind Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" music video.

The music video chronicles the story of a boy working at a restaurant and falling in love with his female colleague who dated another boy from the town. Near the end, the girl fights with her boyfriend in his car and is left stranded late at night on the side of the road. The boy from the restaurant then shows up on his bike and offers to take her home.

"Light On" is a song co-written by Soundgarden and Audioslave's frontman Chris Cornell, as well as famed producer/songwriter Brian Howes. The single will be among the new tracks on Cook's major-label debut album, "David Cook", which is slated for purchase on November 18 in the U.S.

David Cook's "Light On":


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posted by pretygirl18 on Apr 03, 2009
Loved the light on video, the guy in the video is cute too, who is he, anyone know his name? Great song David can't wait to see what's next.
posted by musician33k8 on Feb 07, 2009
does anyone know the name of the actor guy that played the busboy in the restaurant??
posted by catdog on Dec 19, 2008
loved mika boorem who played the girl in the video. great song.
posted by rayyy on Nov 18, 2008
omg i love light on....i am at school leaving this comment ha ha luv it soooo much
posted by KC on Nov 08, 2008
Love him! LOVE HIM!!!
posted by Daniel B on Nov 06, 2008
I agree with cookifann above. This song has much greater emotional depth than a fairly shallow 'girl gets dumped by jerk boyfriend and is rescued by hard-working unnoticed good guy' storyline. Still love the song, and there's nothing really wrong with the video, especially the parts where David is rockin out, but this song would have been a natural to portray a 'soldier leaves family to face horrors of war' kind of storyline - something with real emotional depth. Still this song rocks and 'Declaration' from SNL was even better. Can't wait for the album! :)
posted by canadianlady on Nov 05, 2008
Great shots of David. Been without for too long. Pant. pant. Storyline was pretty amateur. Like something my film co-op might have done. Hurry up album!!!!
posted by Jalyn on Nov 05, 2008
Those shots of Dave eyeing the camera and the band rockin' the stage? Hot as hell. The storyline? Immature and completely irrelevant. Must be trying to hook all those air-headed, easily biased teenagers this country has.
posted by Sharon on Nov 05, 2008
He was also rude to fans after SNL, because his skank gf was with him. What a jerk
posted by sarah on Nov 05, 2008
what is so excellent about it people. NOthing original, nothing to do with the song. It was boring, especially since his guard dog slut girlfriend Caldwell was there supervising. Cook has become boring, he is acting too married.
posted by califcookie on Nov 05, 2008
great song-video was just ok.can't wait for your album,and anything else you do. your fan forever!!!!!
posted by HungryforhisCookin\' on Nov 05, 2008
YUM YUM. Sorry to objectify you, David Cook, but you are MONSTROUSLY gorgeous and that's just the plain fact! You seriously rock this song and I pledge my undying love to YOU!
posted by Flychild on Nov 05, 2008
I have fallen in love with David Cook all over again...and again...and again...every time I look at him in this video. I'd like to just cut out the other bits and just watch him. Who cares about the dumb story line? His voice sounds awesome...I'd leave my light on for him forever!
posted by EchoedMemory on Nov 04, 2008
I want to do numerous X-rated things to him that I can't mention.
posted by Buck on Nov 04, 2008
David Cook Rocks
posted by Amye on Nov 04, 2008
Awesome video, awesome song, awesome artist.
posted by athlete2k2 on Nov 04, 2008
yeah david!! this his an excellent song and excellent video, cant wait till the album!
posted by PAULI on Nov 04, 2008
I loved the video.DAVID COOK rocks.
posted by IndyCookie on Nov 04, 2008
Loved It! I'm almost old enough to be his mother ... but wow, is he HOT or what? I wish him many years of success!
posted by cookiefann on Nov 04, 2008
I had expected the video to portray someone going off to war...but I guess that might not have played as well in Peoria (or whatever city that was). Anyway, I love everything David Cook puts out because he puts his heart and soul into everything he does. I hope he paces himself, he might have a prolific career like Neil Diamond but if you have listened to Neil Diamond's voice these days its very very "rough". Save your voice David we want to listen to you 40 years from now!

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