A Clip From 'Supernatural' 4.08: Wishful Thinking

November 04, 2008 03:00:57 GMT

The brothers come to a little girl's house, pretending to be doctors for sick bears in the new 'Supernatural'.

A Clip From 'Supernatural' 4.08: Wishful Thinking
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A sneak peek to the November 6 episode of "Supernatural" has been given by The CW. The clip takes on the part when Dean and Sam comes to a girl's house to investigate on a huge teddy bear coming to life.

The Winchester brothers have to talk a little girl into letting them take a look at her teddy bear. Problem is, the toy has come to life after the girl wishes so in a magic well. This week, they will prevent a chaos from happening in a small town when a wishing well really makes people's wishes come true. Somebody wins lottery and the geek's town who always has failures in relationship with women, gets a really hot girlfriend. A preview of the episode called "Wishful Thinking" has been released last week.

Ted Raimi, brother to director Sam Raimi guest stars in this episode.


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posted by mel on Nov 04, 2008
i love supernatural is the best... jared and jensen are beautifuls i'm argentinian and i'm waiting the four season :(

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