Video Premiere: The All-American Rejects' 'Gives You Hell'

November 03, 2008 09:39:54 GMT

The All-Americans Rejects choose to go on a dispute with their neighbors on 'Gives You Hell' music video.

Video Premiere: The All-American Rejects' 'Gives You Hell'
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Four-piece rock band The All-American Rejects have premiered a music video in support of their brand new single, "Gives You Hell". Directed by Marc Webb and co-produced by DNA, the music video revolves around a feud between a happily-ever-after couple and their rocker neighbors.

"The video basically pits one neighbor against another terrible neighbor, who lives on a completely opposite schedule. He's not on the grid - he's not on, like the song says, 'a 9-to-5 pace.' And this guy's living the cookie-cutter life, with his white picket fence, and his wife who brings him lemonade when he's washing the car," frontman Tyson Ritter told MTV about the music video's concept. "So it's kind of like the clash of those worlds; only at the end, there's kind of a twist, where the two worlds kind of flip-flop. Yeah."

"Gives You Hell" is one of the new songs on the band's upcoming third major studio album, "When the World Comes Down". Set for U.S. release on December 16, the album will follow up their 2005 massive hit of "Move Along". "After the success of 'Move Along', we felt an innate need to challenge ourselves to grow. And to challenge our fans to grow with us. ... This LP is where we're at as people, not just artists, here and now. That's why we took the bus trips and locked ourselves away in remote cabins to recreate this sense of torture like we had in the past, before we sold any records," lead guitarist Nick Wheeler said.

The All-American Rejects' "Gives You Hell" music video:


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posted by laura!!! on Apr 24, 2009
omg i love this song i am at school and it an di am doing nothin at all!!!lol
posted by BeastlyEmmanuel on Apr 23, 2009
u look funny in those zebra jeans
posted by cherish_2012 on Apr 22, 2009
man your song gives you hell is AWSOME. i love it and i just want you to know that yall's songs and/or band is AWSOME dudes and also yall just ROCK.
posted by bianca on Feb 12, 2009
wat is up dawg=] yeah well i am in school and i am writin this just to let you know that u guys r frickin awesome.... =]
posted by Ben Sadai on Jan 09, 2009
Amazing Song! Catchey and good sounding, not to mention the fantastic Music video. - Ben S.
posted by Bianca Lindeman on Dec 22, 2008
dood i absoutely love yOUR NEW SONG I CAN NOT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE BUT THAT.......bianca

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