John McCain Made Jokes on 'Saturday Night Live', Barack Obama's Response

John McCain

Republican candidate John McCain made fun of his maverick status and the financial shortage for his campaign on 'Saturday Night Live'.

John McCain has had his share of laugh on "Saturday Night Live" but his appearance on the show couldn't beat the now famous appearance of his running mate, Sarah Palin, in terms of ratings. The Republican presidential candidate made a sketch slot on Saturday, November 1, making fun of his reputation in politic and the shortage of financial supply for his campaign. The episode was the 2nd best ratings for the show in 11 years, the first being that of Palin's.

"I'm a true maverick - a Republican without money," McCain joked, appearing side by side to comedienne Tina Fey who stood in as Palin. And so Fey provided the hook, saying "These campaigns sure are expensive," while touching the lapel of her jacket. It makes fun of the huge cost it takes to fund Palin's wardrobe.

Fey/Palin said that she will run for presidency in four years to come. She then pitched a number of shirts with "Palin 2012" emblazoned on them. She also said that if she doesn't make it to the political world, she will be a "white Oprah", anything to keep herself out of Alaska.

McCain also appeared on the "Weekend Update" segment where he announced that he will pursue a new campaign strategy on the days leading to the election. "I thought I might try a strategy called the reverse maverick. That's where I'd do whatever anybody tells me," McCain said.

With his name mentioned several times, Barack Obama has responded after watching the show through YouTube while in Arizona. He said, "John McCain was funny yesterday on Saturday Night Live, but that's part of what our politics should be about, being able to laugh at each other, but also laugh at ourselves, being able to understand that all of us black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American; Democrat ad Republican, young old, rich and poor, gay, straight, disabled, non disabled - all of us are in this together."

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