Preview of 'Supernatural' 4.08: Wishful Thinking

October 31, 2008 06:18:15 GMT

A magic well will make everyone's dreams come true but there are consequences, all new in 'Supernatural'.

Preview of 'Supernatural' 4.08: Wishful Thinking
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A small town advertises their commodity, a wishing well that really works, in the new "Supernatural". When a young girl's teddy bear comes to life, Sam and Dean discover that the town's wishing well really works, blurring the line between reality and fantasy.

Wes, a nerdy bachelor who was previously ignored by women, now has a beautiful girlfriend named Hope who is completely in love and enamored by him after he made the wish in the well. Hope seems to enjoy doing every task for Wes and he was consequently reluctant to give up the prize when confronted with the truth.

Since everyone can put their wish simply by throwing a coin, the town becomes chaotic and the brothers have to stop this from getting worse.

The episode is called "Wishful Thinking" and aired on November 6 on The CW.

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