Preview of 'CSI: Las Vegas' 9.05: Leave Out All the Rest

Preview of 'CSI: Las Vegas' 9.05: Leave Out All the Rest

Grissom's twist of fate puts his relationship with Sara unresolved and bumps him again with Lady Heather in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'.

More on the love life of Grissom will be given a spotlight on the November 6 edition of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". While Sara Sidle leaves him a goodbye video stating that the relationship between him and her did not move on but instead it "withers", Grissom is seen taking advances in his relationship with Lady Heather.

A body is found out in the desert and the "significant other" is now missing. This send the CSI team off in different directions. Meanwhile, Lady Heather tips the investigation onto a new club for poetry and the performing arts, but it also has a well-equipped back room--the perfect place to play out S&M fantasies.

This episode is called "Leave Out All the Rest", named after Linkin Park's "Minutes to Midnight" single that is also made the underlying score of the episode. "We found the melody and lyrics of the song to work so well with our story, that we underscored Grissom's emotional journey with it," said Jason Alexander, music supervisor for "CSI".




    fall out boys
    Mar 12, 2009

    cao sing ngin

    Dec 04, 2008

    why leave i wish it was sara who didn't return for the rest of season

    Jacklyn Johnson
    Nov 22, 2008

    I don't think Grissom and Heather get "together" in this episode. I keep thinking of his comment in the past. "Sex without love is pointless, it makes you sad." He's not there for sex. He needs a friend right now. Someone he doesn't work with.

    flashy fish
    Nov 09, 2008

    I hope he (Gil leaves and goes after Sarah so he can be happy too

    Nov 06, 2008

    Dude whatever. IF he does get with LH I'd give my right and left arm to be him.I'm not into the stuff she is, but she could sure change my mind.

    Nov 03, 2008

    i think this episode is going to be a good one. i have been a die hard GSR fan since the show has started, but since Sara left in Goodbye & Goodluck, CSI hasnt been so great. I think something will happen between Grissom and Lady Heather, and i bet Grissom will regret it, but we all know who he is going to run off with into the sunset in episode 10, and thats the main thing i am looking forward to..

    Nov 02, 2008

    What Lh? What???????????????/ GSR yes SARAAAAAAAAAAA

    Nov 02, 2008

    I love Sara and Grissom. NOOOOOOOO LH NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Nov 01, 2008

    Taking advantage? LOL :D If you think he's ending up doing whatever with LH then you're gonna be surprised. It's all about Sara, and nobody else. Who do you Grissom is going after when Petersen leaves in episode 10? Come on...

    Nov 01, 2008

    Concur. I wish it was Sara or Catherine.

    Oct 31, 2008


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