Eminem's 'Relapse' Release Date Pulled Out

October 29, 2008 04:57:20 GMT

Amazon change the release date for Eminem's upcoming LP, 'Relapse', to 'TBD (To Be Determined)'.

Eminem's 'Relapse' Release Date Pulled Out
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Following Amazon's previous claim saying that Eminem's sixth studio album "Relapse" would be dropped on December 23, the retailer's site pulls off their announcement. The site changes listing for the album's release date to "TBD (To Be Determined)".

A spokesperson for Eminem's label, Interscope Records, tells MTV that indeed "there's been no date scheduled" for the effort. Back to few weeks before, without a fixed date 50 Cent hinted on a radio interview that the Detroit rapper's album will be dropped by the end of 2008 alongside his own project "Before I Self Destruct", which will come out on December 9 in the U.S.

During the interview, Eminem also explained that the beats of the album will be handled by his longtime collaborator Dr. Dre, and that the pair had been working on the album in the past five months. Meanwhile, when asked about the roadshow for the effort, he said, "I'm not saying I will or I won't but I'm not ready to tour at least at this moment right now. I've accomplished enough with the music that I haven't had to go out there and do other things to over-saturate."


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posted by tait on May 18, 2009
all eminems songs r good the best ones r his lps an relapse come out on may 19 coz ive seen the advert fuck all this shit on the internet an y argue over wich eminem's songs better we all have our own opions my fav one is wich 1 i ever listen to the all fucking gd an eminem is defo the best rapper alive there sed my pice frm the eminems biggest fan x love u em
posted by FYI on Apr 11, 2009
The label announced that the worldwide release date for Relapse is May 19, 2009, while it will be released as early as May 15 in Italy and the Netherlands.
posted by Wakey on Apr 11, 2009
crack a bottle is a pile of wank as it should be with all the featuring artists, eminem - we made you first single released from his album Relapse which promisses to be fuking genius :D roll on May!!!
posted by JOKER on Apr 06, 2009
posted by YOUZareGAY on Apr 06, 2009
posted by shut your mouth or i on Apr 01, 2009
"u guys dont know english. grammar school level." HAHA? Is that a joke, he uses the word "U" in the form of you and then doesnt use a CAPS after the period for someone to specify about grammar. I expected more of you sir!
posted by BAKIN on Mar 31, 2009
posted by Suck It on Mar 22, 2009
Crack a bottle is average at best, no feelings or meaning to it. Em can do ALOT better and will, and im fucking waiting still!!!
posted by me on Mar 22, 2009
comes out may 19
posted by Sen. Dre on Mar 18, 2009
fuck relapse, when the hell is Detox coming out?? he's been selling wolf tickets on this piece for 4 years now!!!
posted by shaolin82 on Mar 03, 2009
just shedding some light on a subject here... crack a bottle.. is not definitely on ems album yet.. nor is it definitely on fif's either.. i heard out of fif's own mouth that HE (50) has the final say wether or not he wants it on his own album. if not, it can be on relapse OR detox. dont hate my words.. they came from fiftys lips.
posted by Rmv on Mar 01, 2009
I think walmart got the date of March 21,2009
posted by Slim Shady\'s Bigges on Feb 28, 2009
I say, let's cut to the chase and TELL ME WHEN IT'S COMING OUT, DAMMIT!
posted by Rmv on Feb 28, 2009
I meant silm shady not silk shady
posted by Rmv on Feb 28, 2009
What do you mean who's slim shady you must not have been listing to eminem very long or something silk shady is eminem dumb ass that's why he made the slim shady LP but there was on album before the slim shady LP called infinite look it up on YouTube
posted by whos slim shady? on Feb 27, 2009
who is slim shady?
posted by voice of reason suck on Feb 27, 2009
ti sucks and raps shit-especially his recent rapping
posted by all shady haters can on Feb 27, 2009
em rulz and u no it. cant wait for relapse SLIM SHADY 4EVA
posted by Rmv on Feb 26, 2009
Yea em's the person who sing like the whole song 50's part is short some why would it be on his album dumb asses
posted by john on Feb 26, 2009
whoever said crack a bottle is gonna be on before i self destruct is fuckin stupid its already out on itunes and is for sure gonna be on the relapse album
posted by Rmv on Feb 25, 2009
There is someone saying they are eminem are they really
posted by Rmv on Feb 24, 2009
There should be a stan part 2 I think
posted by rain man on Feb 24, 2009
sup im rain man im white and 14 im the next big thing so hoes watch out rain man out bitch
posted by Rmv on Feb 23, 2009
Also if there were no black people then there wouldn't be eminem because there would be no Dr.Dre
posted by Rmv on Feb 23, 2009
First of all rock bottom is one of em's best songs second who ever said black people are stupid you do know eminem is rapper who raps black music and lots of his friends are black ok and just to let you know I am white, third T.I is also a very good rapper who is friends with slim
posted by hmnya on Feb 17, 2009
stop talkn bout wen its gunna cum out n wats gunna be on it wen he wants 2 put it out he'l fukn put it out.
posted by shut on Feb 17, 2009
the fuck up
posted by Relapse on Feb 16, 2009
And didn't I hear that Em gave 50, Crack a Bottle for Before I Self Destruct? I think Crack A Bottle will appear on Before I Self Destruct. So we don't have any idea as to what the Em's new album will sound like yet. Unless he intended it for his album until it leaked.
posted by Relapse on Feb 16, 2009
And didn't I hear that Em gave 50, Crack a Bottle for Before I Self Destruct? I think Crack A Bottle will appear on Before I Self Destruct. So we don't have any idea as to what the Em's new album will sound like yet. Unless he intended it for his album until it leaked.
posted by TillICollapse on Feb 16, 2009
TIll I collapse was the shit. Best song on The Eminem Show. I thought I would give you all the facts.
posted by Me again on Feb 16, 2009
FYI: heavy D, BIG, Pac , Dre , Snoop...all the originals educated. Em knows whats up he did the research to become the phenomena he is today. can't wait to hear his new one .
posted by wow\'s an idiot on Feb 16, 2009
kkk is obviously not smart either. Im a non hater who is white who hates ppl like you to ignorant to see what a piece of shit you are. I hope somebody identifies what you are and fucks you up
posted by wow\'s and idiot on Feb 16, 2009
wow youre an idiot . Im so bored i read all youre opinions on here and guesss what? Nobody give's a fuck what you think so get educated before you mouth off to the wrong mothafucker about shit you no nothing about and get you're fuckin top took off . bitch.
posted by kkk on Feb 13, 2009
black people are stupid and should not exsist
posted by sit on my dik on Feb 13, 2009
i will cum on ur face
posted by ihavebigpenis on Feb 13, 2009
fuk all u haters, ill punch all yall in the dome peice. im black and my president is black..wat wat..kill whitey..uhh come get some..i like cock
posted by Graycee on Feb 13, 2009
wow! you guys crack me up!! i like all of eminem's songs but my favorite has to be Sing for the Moment or Hailey's song. (:
posted by wow on Feb 12, 2009
those of you who think crack a bottle is better than til i collapse obviously dont know rap. til i collapse's lyrics might be the best ever.. crack a bottle doesnt even come close. and i wont even get started with 50 cent, hes horrible
posted by BTW on Feb 12, 2009
By the way im 15 not 12:)
posted by WOW on Feb 12, 2009
dude u spell it like anouzmous r u stupid?
posted by anymous on Feb 12, 2009
how do u spell anynomous???
posted by fuck it on Feb 11, 2009
if were talking about the best song now its not my first single all though it pretty good and not till i collasp not crack a bottle forgot about dre still one of the best songs ever!!!
posted by suck it on Feb 10, 2009
wow, you guys like to talk shit on the internet, ill settle it, your ALL faggots, 50 cent sucks but his new album looks like it might be good like his first one was, all his shit b4 he got signed was tight, his first album was the shit, then he got rich and stopped trying, the game is where it's at, eminem is lyrically one of the best alive, and all you twelve year olds need to find something better to do on a computer than talk shit
posted by em on Feb 09, 2009
eminem is the best rapper alive.nuff said...
posted by kobe on Feb 05, 2009
Eminems best song is clearly like toy soldiers or any song from the marshall mathers lp ... My first single is quite possible one of his worst songs... also till i collaspe is a 20 times better song than that crack a bottle shit which was a descent song at most
posted by hi on Feb 04, 2009
there better than all em's songs in my opnion***
posted by hi on Feb 04, 2009
i got ur bac the reason i think till i colapse is better than cracka bottle as well.... but my fav em song of all time has to be my first single or yellow brick road. there b
posted by the reason can suck on Feb 03, 2009
who is the idiot The Reason you seriously think that till i collapse is better then crack a bottle!! crack a bottle has a sick beat and fiftys verse is so amazing deffenatly his best verse ever
posted by BMS on Feb 02, 2009
Walmart has listed a release date for March 21 for Eminem's relapse album.
posted by Voice of Reason on Jan 31, 2009
the truth is a fag..i act like a badass to hide it but now that ive decided to kill myself i may as well get the truth out there...i take it up my ass every single day...sometimes i use my own fingers cus even guys think im an annoying faggot...
posted by The Reason on Jan 30, 2009
The reason em keeps put it off is because its shit and he's tryin 2 make it better he knows it, think about it, why else. Crack a bottle isnt great compared to sumtin like till i collapse
posted by Eminem on Jan 30, 2009
Hey there Bitches! Soz bout te cd, its just so hard, but ill do my best lol jkjkjk. ill see ya soon k maybe winter nxt year k ttyl babs
posted by k on Jan 29, 2009
are most of you fuckin retarded, youre gettin all routy an shit to people you've never seen, half of you are problly pussies, an most likely 12 years old, Jus give it a fuckin rest, em's puttin it off, thats it, he is the greatest rapper that ever lived, jus compare him to all the bullshit like lil wane an scrappy you dumb cunt. And dont call people out unless youre givin your adress so they can come an fuckin stomp you you dumb fuck, and tell "the voice of reason" that he can suck my dick, fagett as lil pree teen piece of shit
posted by <> on Jan 26, 2009
you people forgot what this was really about. eminem! the greatest rapper currently walking the earth is coming back. his new album is going to be Slim Shady based so you can expect it to be violently brilliant. fuck you people who don't like eminem. and to the people that do, the release is soon to come and we have to wait patiently for excellence.
posted by xxx on Jan 24, 2009
haha so immature thinkin ur all hard..just because its been delayed..sad people..dont you lot understand that different people like different music?!!..get a life
posted by realfan on Jan 15, 2009
if em keeps putting off his release date, it is obviously for good reason. let him do his thing and make it as sick as he can. i just hope he stays away from the mtv shit this time around and go back to the best lyricism the world has ever heard. it is guaranteed going to be worth the wait. just keep listening to his old shit for a couple months because you wont listen it for a long time once you have relapse on repeat.
posted by fuck all of you on Jan 13, 2009
haha "voice of reason" you can talk a lot of shit, but i bet i can fuck u up like nothing. u can say whatever the fuck u want because this is just a forum. you can act like a little badass, but u ain't nothing but a bitch. keep talking shit on this forum fagget. You wouldn't say any of that shit in my face... so keep talking your shit fucking lameass.
posted by Voice of Reason on Jan 12, 2009
"negativecommentsanno" daym you're a funny motherfucker. why are all you dumb fucks going against the grain, i've already told you i own this forum! :D
posted by negativecommentsanno on Jan 12, 2009
i love M&M's. there like 50 cents.
posted by Voice of Reason on Jan 10, 2009
"SlimmyEmmy", because you don't kiss em's ass do you? Bitches i own this forum, i'm just here to laugh at all you fuckers. eminems shit, 50 rules, thats the end of it, so kiss my ass motherfuckers
posted by SlimmyEmmy on Jan 09, 2009
What a bunch of can jump on shadys dick..straight from the hip, cut to the chase, ill call a motherfuckin slut to her face. You can all kiss mine and shadys big white asses. Go try and not kill yourselfs...second us all a favor
posted by ESKAYNE on Jan 07, 2009
posted by Voice of Reason` on Jan 07, 2009
And i'll look out for dead 50, em and your parents ;). prik
posted by timmy on Jan 07, 2009
you guys are dumb it wont be out for time he doesn't even have a single yet. let him work and his album will be sick guarenteed
posted by Voice of Reason on Jan 07, 2009
Your all fucking gay, look at you all arguing like bitches. Do you think eminem gives a shit about any of you?
posted by slim on Jan 05, 2009
shut the fuck up all you motherfuckers pie holes eminem rules!!!
posted by iceman on Jan 03, 2009
eminem the best ho's
posted by J on Jan 03, 2009
Yo Geb shut the fuck up you know once he drops this shit you'll be all over his cock. So shut the fuck up he makin it perfect. Eminem is def top three rappers alive if not number one.
posted by on Jan 02, 2009
this is bullshit, december 23, now january just put ur shit out already damn the old em could pull a record out of his ass with no swaet now its like the game is too good for him
posted by cc on Dec 31, 2008
if anyone knows when relapse hits uk let me know peace
posted by cluley on Dec 31, 2008
ems the best rapper rip proof tupac biggie and bugz frm d12 peace people's
posted by Eminemlover on Dec 25, 2008
im gonna go fucking insane!!! it better come out in jan or i will die
posted by eminemfan on Dec 23, 2008
damn wen is this shit cumin out...
posted by eminemfan2009 on Dec 18, 2008
i wunder if they mite put him on american idol that wud be alright
posted by xbrandonnnx on Dec 16, 2008
im gonna kill the world if this album doesnt come out soon
posted by yalik on Dec 15, 2008
Looking forward to get my hands on that album... Kind of tired to listening to the old tracks
posted by eminemisthebest on Dec 15, 2008
cant wait till relapse comes out!
posted by semi on Dec 13, 2008
eminem is a legend,lil wayne is shit. hurry up and release the album
posted by D:fuk you all burn i on Dec 13, 2008
all of you mother fuckers are dumb! Eminem is taking over regardless bitche's! "I'm having a relapse".
posted by grrr on Dec 10, 2008
posted by BassAddict on Dec 07, 2008
I have waited a long time for Eminem and Dr. Dre to release another album! It is about f*cking time! Enough of all whiny rap s*it out there. Lil Wayne... I am glad that Eminem is going to take back the #1 spot. Shut the 'souja boy' f*cks up!
posted by bullet4mv92 on Dec 06, 2008
wtf...all but two people here have unbelievably shitty grammar. Either you guys are 6 years old, or you're fully grown and you just dropped out of the 2nd grade.
posted by White power kkk 4 ev on Nov 24, 2008
I dont know I like listenin 2 michael jaksn
posted by A1 on Nov 05, 2008
Are all of you fucking serious ? You are all shit stains from my ass crevis... Ems new shit is gonna shut a lot of people up / fosho
posted by ste 08 on Nov 04, 2008
long time no see 23 december oncoming relapse is supposed to be the best ever album em ever mades boyyakka peace
posted by eminemer on Nov 01, 2008
eminem is the best rapper i cant wait his new albums release
posted by lil ashie on Oct 29, 2008
why did you wanted to rap again
posted by D\'Angelo Bailey on Oct 29, 2008
i see you didnt bother to read it. 'the retailer's site pulls off their announcement' your a fucknuts
posted by pooki on Oct 29, 2008
u guys dont know english. grammar school level.
posted by ANIS on Oct 29, 2008
cant wait for the 23th of decembre :D

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