Video Premiere: Papa Roach's 'Hollywood Whore'

October 29, 2008 04:23:43 GMT

Papa Roach struggle to wake a drunken woman up with their out-loud performance on 'Hollywood Whore' music video.

Video Premiere: Papa Roach's 'Hollywood Whore'
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Four-piece band Papa Roach have premiered a music video for their single "Hollywood Whore". The video opens up with a scene where a woman lies on the floor, seemingly to be drunk. Then, the whole band take over with their out-loud performance as if they want to wake her up and make her sober.

"Hollywood Whore" is a song telling a story of Hollywood socialite who worships cash, fame, and fans. The new single will be among new tracks on the band's fifth studio album "Metamorphosis". Slated to come out in March 2009, the album, originally titled "Days of War, Nights of Love", is produced by Jay Baumgardner.

During an on-air interview with The Pulse of Radio, frontman Jacoby Shaddix says that it's a bit disappointing that the record is not released in 2008 but they just "want to set it up right." He explains, "You know, and this record's just a monster. When we got done with it, we sat back and listened to all the cuts and we were just baffled that we wrote this record, you know. And I think what makes it great to us is that it was a challenge."

Papa Roach's "Hollywood Whore" music video:

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posted by ?? on May 22, 2009
it was awesome, but y is every1 sayin fuck? use better desciptions...
posted by lunch box on Jan 18, 2009
you rock roach i saw you live and you you rock
posted by DriZZle on Jan 18, 2009
dat song sucked. papa roach is a dicrase to rock music.
posted by brandylovesproach on Dec 30, 2008
yup but that explanation wasnt even right, if you listen to the lyrics it says "i wanna kick your teeth in" so im pretty sure they dont wanna wake her up and "make her sober" xD
posted by Tripplikeido on Dec 23, 2008
u lil ppl dont understand wut Papa Roach use to be..this is a mainstream Bullshit Crap now...get Home and then tell me wut u think of good Roach
posted by sockmonkey2222 on Nov 16, 2008
This song kicks ass i love all the blood hell yeah keep it comeing
posted by Anti on Nov 15, 2008
Either this band has problems to hate Paris Hilton that much...or they wrote it because of the recession...now that's some saavy marketing strategy.
posted by PapaRoachFun on Nov 10, 2008
posted by broken souls on Nov 01, 2008
if this song is tis fuck good i wonder what the whole albums like
posted by toni101 on Oct 31, 2008
i fuckin loved it
posted by JacobyShaddix1fan on Oct 31, 2008
posted by Hacky on Oct 31, 2008
This video is so fucking hardcore.
posted by susanr214 on Oct 30, 2008
We saw you live in Tulsa, OKlahoma and you FUCKIN" rock.
posted by DMANNNNN on Oct 30, 2008
Rod you need to school yourself on hipper music by listening to XM SQUIZZ...
posted by DMANNNNN on Oct 30, 2008
ROACH FUCKIN ROCKS......And this is for you THERESA 8=======D ....

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