Rapper T.I. Lost Virginity at 11

October 29, 2008 03:26:30 GMT

Appearing on "The Tyra Banks Show," T.I. revealed he lost his virginity when he was still 11 years old.

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Keeping his interview with "The Tyra Banks Show" real and honest, T.I. came clean about his personal life and most of all, sex life, claiming he lost his virginity when he was merely 11 years old. He, moreover, also opened up about his arrest for gun-possession charges and upcoming years-long jail sentence for pleading guilty to the case.

About losing his virginity at such a very young age, the rapper told talk show host Tyra Banks, "I'm embarrassed." He went on saying, "I'm sorry ... If it makes it any better we had two kids together later on."

After that addressing his arrest which occurred on October 13 last year, few hours before he was slated to perform at BET's Hip-Hop Awards, T.I. confessed that he actually bought guns in a bid to protect his family and loved ones. "The conditions of my life that I had endured had presented a certain sense of paranoia, which made me feel like I needed extra security for myself," so he claimed. "My best friend [Philant Johnson] had just gotten killed the year before that ... he died right in my arms ... he was killed right in front me ... I was trying to prevent that from ever happening again."

He continued telling Tyra, "It was a tremendous amount of pain and a tremendous amount of blame put on myself ... Everyone who leaves Atlanta with me is my responsibility and if they don't make it back home to their families then I'm responsible, and he didn't make it back."

T.I., meanwhile, is experiencing chart success with his sixth major studio album "Paper Trail", which has been released since September 30 in the U.S. and peaked at number one on Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart.


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posted by Essy sams on Oct 13, 2010
T.i u'l alwyz rock.ur da u
posted by tasiapooh on Sep 29, 2010
i luv tip nd i hpe i can b on a song wit u nd i hpe u da best nd im sorry 4 yo lst u jst got god deal wit it
posted by lilcutie on May 14, 2010
hey if u dont know wat dis is about dont put a fucken frtarted comment okay...
posted by lover on Apr 20, 2010
i love you when i see you we go fuck
posted by cece on Apr 20, 2010
~dis riite here is my swag all the bois are on bad
posted by wtf on Apr 20, 2010
~smh~ i felt srry [
posted by james on Feb 19, 2010
he is the damn fuckin best
posted by jack on Feb 19, 2010
he is the bestest rapper that ever lived his song dead and gone was the greatest song i ever heard i am sorry you lost your best friend
posted by miss sunshine (A.C.M on Aug 22, 2009
u can say all e bad things u want abt TI bt he is stil e best. He rocks the world and dat wil neva change.
posted by florida,southside on Apr 23, 2009
thats kinda sad and i uderstand how u feel. i still like th act that u can keep goin on wit ur life and do what you do best! i love you ad keep you in mi prayerz!
posted by Angel on Apr 21, 2009
Fuck all the people who are talkin bout t.i. Its his business and he could do wat eva he wants, and hell if i was that chick i would have neva let his fine ass go cause he is just fuckin sexy
posted by lele on Apr 15, 2009
whaeva yall need tew stop trippin ova dat
posted by tifan#1 on Apr 02, 2009
the people writing those comments about ti are nasty dang...cant yall be some real females and men...ti is the best gonna miss the music when he gone....stay up!!
posted by Miss thang on Mar 24, 2009
If i could get my hands on t.i. i would show him how to do some good fuckin he should be a pro by now
posted by miss thang on Mar 24, 2009
I lost my virginty at 9
posted by anonymous on Mar 20, 2009
shit i would fuck him at dat age too with his fine yellow ass
posted by fuker on Mar 17, 2009
i'd fuck him at 11 2
posted by Babiijoker13 on Feb 16, 2009
damn shit yal r sum perverted mutha fuccers..buh 0hh well he waz a young person beside at least he aint fake..he a true nigga..n he knos waz best..he da best rapper alive..fucc lil wayne n his fake ass!! (--&&~BLU3~&&--)
posted by tricia on Jan 22, 2009
wow thats kinda sexiii
posted by x con on Jan 18, 2009
its kinder cool wish it wa mi
posted by MZ.BAD AZZ on Dec 17, 2008
posted by dd on Dec 16, 2008
hey im dd the boy from up under mz.bad azz and im gay
posted by MZ.BAD AZZ on Dec 16, 2008
posted by MAYDA on Dec 16, 2008
posted by dd on Nov 11, 2008
i think he is ace i agree wid levanah id tap tht and it dnt matter what age he lost it at the longer you leave it the more sceard you get lol love yah t.i u sexi fukker
posted by levanah on Nov 11, 2008
i would tap that i dnt kear he is well fit nd ma m8 thinks he is two fair play t.i u are sooo sexii
posted by glamouriz on Nov 03, 2008
loll .. thats crazy ! but aww, he was just a younginggg
posted by umm this is jewish? on Oct 30, 2008
lol not really it counts if u lose ur virginity b/c if he stuck it up in her it counts
posted by umm this is jewish? on Oct 30, 2008
lol not really it counts if u lose ur virginity b/c if he stuck it up in her it counts
posted by simplicist on Oct 30, 2008
How old was the girl? 5, 8 ??? What ??? This doesn't count as losing your virginity...they was just kids playing around...
posted by umm this is jewish? on Oct 29, 2008
wtf is this about?

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