Bravo Arranges 'Project Runway' Duplicate, 'Fashion House'

October 28, 2008 09:31:57 GMT

Bravo's new fashion competition series, 'Fashion House', begins to search talents to replace 'Project Runway'.

Bravo Arranges 'Project Runway' Duplicate, 'Fashion House'
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Bravo has prepared for the departure of the network's ex hit fashion design series, "Project Runway" to Lifetime. It has been confirmed that Bravo has created a duplicate of "Runway" which is tentatively titled "Fashion House".

The network has begun to open a recruitment, looking for talented designers to join the new competition series. As stated on Bravo's official website, "We're currently accepting applications from talented designers to take part in a fashion design competition series." The site also announces the show's upcoming tryouts in four cities starting next Sunday, November 2. A live casting call for fashion designers has been set for New York at a hotel in Chelsea next month.

Meanwhile, the competition between NBC, which owns Bravo, and Weinstein Company, the show's producers, will continue to have another meeting in court next month concerning "Runway" legal case.

It was previously reported that Weinstein Co. has sold the program to Lifetime for $150 million last summer. New York State Supreme Court ruled on September 26 that the reality show is still under the right of NBC Universal, prohibiting Lifetime to go on with the airing. Lifetime then moved the case into Federal Court.


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posted by margaret ann on Apr 09, 2010
project is adeep thought of mine maybe even a dream. i think the show will do well whereever you are.
posted by Jean9 on Oct 28, 2008
Oh no, I don't think the show will be as popular on Lifetime as it was on Bravo

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