Eminem's 'Relapse' Gets Release Date

October 28, 2008 08:20:23 GMT

Eminem's sixth studio effort titled 'Relapse' is expected to be released on December 23, according to Amazon.

Eminem's 'Relapse' Gets Release Date
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Though Interscope Records haven't given any release date for Eminem's sixth major studio album, "Relapse", Amazon has announced the release date for the record. Produced by DJ Premier teaming up with Dr. Dre, the album will be available for purchase on December 23.

"I'm always working, I'm always in the studio. It feels good right now, the energy of the label. I was going through some personal things with 50," Eminem confirmed the coming of his next installment. "We had some court dates, some drug problems and so on. But we are both coming out of those personal things, it feels good."

While concrete details about the album are still kept as top secrets, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and T.I. are reported to be among the stars who will work with the Detroit rapper for the album.


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posted by poopy on Dec 22, 2009
lick my butt :D
posted by eminem on Mar 07, 2009
when is it going to come out???
posted by Steegle on Mar 04, 2009
Hey TheKing!!!, I looove Eminem, but hate most other rap. This isn't a racial thing, it's just because I like HIM as a person, and the music he does. If someone else rapped "like" him, I wouldn't buy it, I like the stories he has, and the personality he maintains.
posted by The King!!! on Mar 03, 2009
Eminem is great, but i cant stand people who just listen 2 him & hate hip hop music!! i know there's a lot of BS out there, but what about people like: Crooked I, Tech n9ne, Chino XL, Canibus, Aesop rock....if EM' was black would u feel the same?!! (Only the people who hate hip hop but love Eminem)
posted by KidShady on Feb 23, 2009
when is this album coming out? eminem is the best rapper alive I need Relapse bumpin in my car
posted by swan on Feb 21, 2009
mother r you there , i love you, i never ment to hit you over the head with that shuvel,will somebody please explain to my brain that i just severed a main vain with a chainsaw n im in pain <<<<<<Madness thats wat makes him so fukin good , Eminem all da way
posted by Sleepyashell on Feb 16, 2009
Well, all i have to say is that im not the biggest fan of rap. But i will agree the Eminem is the best out there, he's a very good lyrical rapper and takes you into another world with his critical thoughts and really brings you into his mind. Now days rap doesn't necessary need much talent for a song to be aired wich is why my bond towards rap has dried up. Also if you don't think Eminem isn't good well thats okey, because only shows your lack of knowledge and understandment of music, Shows you would rather listen to retarded slow rap, or discreet gangster music wich has no sense what so ever. Rap has died and it's due to all you people who made real rappers disappear and brought rappers like "Soulja Boy & Young Jeezy rappers wich have real rhetorical ideas in my opinion, therefore Marshall your the only reason i still listen to rap, a genre that has been made a joke of in the couple of years that it has left. =( So people consider thinking some of it threw and dont let stupid monkey music get you your head. peez lol....
posted by EMINEMnumber1fan on Feb 12, 2009
If you don't think EMINEM is the best, just shut up and don't write such offencive comments. When you will achieve as much as EMINEM did you can talk against him. If you don't support him just be quiet and don't post comments, you freaks. EMINEM 4EVER
posted by SHADYFAN 538 on Feb 12, 2009
all u pussys who r against the king of rap can get fucked and listen to all that miley cyrus disney bullshit. EMINEM IS THE KING OF RAP. U ROCK EM!!!!!!!!!
posted by EM IS DA BEST ANY1 W on Feb 12, 2009
anyone who thinks eminems shit, u r like fuckin screwed up somehow and ur a serious pussy. fuck all u muthafuckas who r hating on em COZ SHADY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by fuckrap on Feb 11, 2009
read my name modern rap is gay. listen to good rap
posted by 03295093245u4839 on Feb 11, 2009
i dnt know y everyone loves eminem, i heard his lyrics and i thinks hes shit...=(
posted by Poney boy on Feb 05, 2009
I no eh eminem is the best rapper there is he always was and he is a insperation
posted by a smelly penis on Feb 03, 2009
eminem is undoubtedly one of the best rappers of all time, for anyone whos coming in here with their shitty insults look at the facts
posted by stanyour#1fan on Feb 03, 2009
listen em,if you dont get me something to listen to that's new quick I'm a start listening to lil waynes shit I'll start wearing breads ,shave my legs,and start walking in the gay parades,you got me crazy lately ever since I went off that bridge. cast these whack rappers off the block I thought you were the kid,now lil wayne's makes me sick when you going to make him look stupid like cash money records did!!!!
posted by chabooty on Feb 03, 2009
man, his new album will be diff,like everyone he has done,but I like that! I like the old slim shady ken shit. hopefully he's got one or two like those in there
posted by KillaKrak on Feb 01, 2009
SIEED your a fucking idiot. You contradicted yourself. I don't think I will listen to mob music, because I think I will become like you. I don't want to be a brain dead mental midget who gives himself strangers...crack a bottle in your ass bitch.
posted by Shady4Life on Jan 30, 2009
fuck all you haters
posted by wigz on Jan 28, 2009
dirty harry, you are retarded sir. Its funny how one will criticize people for constructing a sentence poorly while using a billion periods after every thought. Learn propper punctuation you biggot child molester.
posted by damien on Jan 23, 2009
I do pop pills I keep my toob socks filled/ pop the same shit that got 2pac killed that boy raw
posted by dirtyharry on Jan 22, 2009
eminem is a dirty rapper...this album will be good but not as good as the rest probably...buddy who's talking about mob music, half that shit is lies anyway. Just some niggers trying to make names for themselves...and another thing most of you people on here STAY IN SCHOOL you dumb motherfuckers. You can't even put sentences together let alone spell shit correctly...god damn
posted by shady_lady ,tasha mf on Jan 17, 2009
yo run rabbit run is so fuckin great and if u dont like eminem what the fuck r u doin here?hell yeah, and who tells that u kno a shit about rap music? you??hahaha.. ok ,u can tell me that, and for eminem i will fuckin kill u,and im not kiddin ,im fed up ... just like shady said: IMA TELL U WHO I BE,IMA MAKE U HATE ME CUZ U AINT ME...and yeah,he did it,u hate him cuz ur not he...SHADY 4 LIFE!!!!!
posted by DODO on Jan 17, 2009
posted by DODO on Jan 17, 2009
posted by JORDAN on Jan 15, 2009
posted by mrs.em on Jan 12, 2009
can't get enough of crack a bottle. iv missed eminem n relapse is gonna be sick. obviously people are gonna hate... eminems at the top n whoever doesnt love him is madd jelous of him
posted by eminemking on Jan 09, 2009
all that people that thinks eminem is shit these motherfuckers dont know nothing about music!!!! eminem is the best and his kicks everyone s ass in the rap-buissnes!!!!!! EMINEM IS THE BEST FUCK THE REST!!!
posted by LtPowell on Jan 08, 2009
Eminem is a GOD!! The only white boy rappin' and he's outsinging everyone. To say in the words of Bret Hart: He's the best there is, the best there was and the best there'll ever be.!
posted by Stan on Jan 07, 2009
I Will haunt 2009
posted by Outlaw on Jan 05, 2009
Yeah its on the hmv website that its released on the 2nd or 3rd of March 09' but thats for the UK and Ireland, probably be released in the States sooner. And to Reggi....Why would he want to come to Croatia??????
posted by m&m on Jan 05, 2009
also confirmed as 2nd march on amazon
posted by m&m on Jan 05, 2009
news all you been waitin for eminems relapse release date is on HMV website. its 2nd march
posted by kieewiee on Jan 03, 2009
does anyone have the album ?
posted by shady lady ,his tash on Jan 02, 2009
guess whos back ,back again,shadys back,tell a friend ;-)
posted by Reggi on Dec 28, 2008
Eminem is the best rapper in the whole world he is may fevourit person. i am from croatia.when is he come in croatia
posted by beckii on Dec 28, 2008
and any1 who takes piss outa the number 1 lyrical genius firstly u have a go and c how far u get and i can assure u ul get nowhere
posted by beckii on Dec 28, 2008
does any1 no wen it really cumin out n stop fuckin hackin in and gettin songs or it never will b
posted by daaa on Dec 25, 2008
eminem is a talented rapper but i guess he will be losing himself, the higher the building the harder it falls
posted by EMINEM_FOREVER_AND_E on Dec 24, 2008
Where I can download his album(relaspe)plz told me
posted by the real slim shady on Dec 23, 2008
this album isnt due out until january or febuary, this release date is unnacurate
posted by honey on Dec 22, 2008
yeah man, cant wait...!
posted by The Marshall Mathers on Dec 22, 2008
Interscope has yet to release a date for this album so this info provided from Amazon is quite innacurate. Do not expect this album until the new year. If it were to be released by the 23rd we would have heard some singles on the radio or at least seen some commercials via HMV & CDWarehouse etc. Also Dre's Detox is set for release along with The Blueprint 3. According to VIBE Magazine the three artists are attempting to queue the albums so that they are all released within 2 weeks from each other. Cheers! The Marshall Mathers Projex
posted by em1234 on Dec 21, 2008
whoever "loleminem" is need's to shut the fuck up. you obviously dont know anything about music period. why dont you stick with posting your comments on your gay porn page and leave the real music enthusiest to this one. Fuck yourself you little bitch. You dont know shit. Eminem is the best!
posted by eminemluva on Dec 21, 2008
omg! i love eminem! his cd better come out on the 23rd! im so excited!!!!! :D<3
posted by shadyltd on Dec 21, 2008
eminem is amazin' hes always been so successfull from rapping to producing and now makin a comeback, it should be a very good album, luck forward to the date its released
posted by eminem4life on Dec 20, 2008
U RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Eminemlover18 on Dec 18, 2008
i love Marshall more than any of you ppl here so ha.. oh and cant wait for the CD! it better be out the 23rd or i'll die... hmm well i'll see saturday hopfully it will be posted at target thingy
posted by butthole on Dec 17, 2008
slim shady trips me out man specially when im high oooooo hurry up and release it mang
posted by SstarR on Dec 16, 2008
i thought it was called: King Matters!?!?!?!
posted by Kieewiee on Dec 16, 2008
If it doesn't come out on the 23rd I'm gonna hurt somebody lol. =P
posted by Gman on Dec 12, 2008
hit dat shit hard bro
posted by HeLLz YeaH on Dec 12, 2008
nice timing n just b4 christmas lol pump up the volume
posted by emikid on Dec 12, 2008
im kill someone if his cd doesnt come out on dec 23
posted by dont touch me there on Dec 12, 2008
i have a feeling this is gonn a be a dope album hes probobly bin like writing lyrics for a whil e now but if he goes mainstream im going to shit in his left eye.
posted by The Kid Dynasty on Dec 10, 2008
wats up em? I liked all ur records from Slim Shady lp to the re-up got a feeling this album is the shit check my shit out I feal your an I feal my shit so you ll feal my shit N.4.E
posted by encore anyone? on Dec 10, 2008
lets hope he redeems himself after that last was a huge letdown.
posted by bowdowntobob on Dec 10, 2008
eminem is the shit all the haters out there can shut the fuck up
posted by D.K.Def on Dec 09, 2008
Wow You ppl are stupid Eminems I could Rapper but you should fight over him other wise you sound like those faggot Juffs of ICP
posted by triple t on Dec 08, 2008
eminem is a LEGEND!!!!!
posted by sacor07 on Dec 08, 2008
luv eminem but y the fuk he rappin wit t.i now hes gonna go mainstream
posted by Romine88 on Dec 07, 2008
Eminem is a lyrical genius.
posted by EMINEM on Dec 07, 2008
if the relapse album doesnt come out before 2009 i will be so fucking pissed of
posted by eminemfanNO.1 on Dec 07, 2008
fuck off any1 who hates him !!!
posted by eminems the best eve on Dec 07, 2008
eminem is fucking brilliant fuck off anyone who hates him
posted by thewayiam on Dec 07, 2008
eminem has been out of the game for two years i really hope this album doesn't let me down but i have a feeling eminem with not let any of us down!! cant wait for the album
posted by emim3m on Dec 06, 2008
shady go..... mc keith with the aftermath
posted by anuj on Dec 06, 2008
this album must b d deepest frm any abum released ever
posted by Toxic ( Kosov ) on Dec 06, 2008
Shady, We' Re Back Eminem KING
posted by eminem619316 on Dec 05, 2008
eminem is the shit i like all of the music
posted by eminem619316 on Dec 05, 2008
eminem is the shit i like all of the your music
posted by eminem619316 on Dec 05, 2008
i am the bag eminem fan
posted by DEC 23 on Dec 03, 2008
posted by KMathers on Dec 03, 2008
Relapse babe! in the mean time lets listen to Akon's new album:Freedom
posted by eminem fillion on Dec 02, 2008
lets go eminem 50 cent dr dre
posted by sebastien on Dec 02, 2008
yes eminem relap yes
posted by dj on Dec 02, 2008
yo this relapse shits gunna be fuckin dope. cant wait to hear this shit RELAPSP BABY
posted by dr. dre on Dec 01, 2008
2009 the year of aftermath!!!
posted by lanaa on Nov 29, 2008
this album is gunna be rank! (: i'm so happy.
posted by parka on Nov 27, 2008
brapppppppppp emiems murkal
posted by eminmen 46 on Nov 27, 2008
fucc that the cd is gunna be the shitt
posted by ??? on Nov 26, 2008
that was weak
posted by ya mum on Nov 26, 2008
yh it iz called relapse!
posted by shaDz- on Nov 20, 2008
ur GAY!!!
posted by dRaKe on Oct 30, 2008
your music is ausome cant wait till this album comes out
posted by shady on Oct 29, 2008
wat u saying that the album isnt called relapse , he confirmed it himself
posted by shady45 on Oct 29, 2008
the name is relapse buddy
posted by folk 60y rainwater on Oct 28, 2008
eminem you da shit i love all your music
posted by EminEm on Oct 28, 2008
i fus like to say that all this shit is true except the name of the record but i cant say that right now know what im saying?...

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