Daniel Craig Possibly Passes His Third Bond Role

Daniel Craig Possibly Passes His Third Bond Role

The two-time depicter of the superspy agent fesses up about his uncertainty of returning to the third installment, hinting that his return depends on the success of 'Quantum of Solace'.

Having been portraying James Bond in the last two installments of the iconic spy agent, Daniel Craig may not come back as the 007 agent for the third time. Noting the fact that he has signed contract for four Bond films, the 40-year-old actor hints that his return still depends on the outcome of "Quantum of Solace".

Sharing the matter to Playboy magazine, he explained, "I did sign on for four so a piece of paper says there are two more to do. But let's see how this one goes. In the film business, everything doesn't always go according to plan." The star of upcoming war drama "Defiance" further added, "We'll wait and see. If it goes wrong, we'll have to rethink things."

On his role in the highly anticipated "Quantum", the actor who plays Bond for the first time in "Casino Royale" reveals that he gets inspiration for the depressed Bond from Ian Fleming's books. "I got most of my inspiration from Ian Fleming's books. I reread them. In the books, Bond is suave and sophisticated, yes...but there is also a flawed aspect of Bond," he gushed. "In the novels he is quite a depressive character. When he is not working, he is at his worst. I can relate."

Picking up an hour after the end of "Royale", "Solace" resolves around the new adventures of the super spy in a manipulative and dangerous mission of uncovering the truth behind the organization which blackmailed his former lover Vesper Lynd. Fighting the urge to avenge his broken heart, he plunges into the mission that brings him almost around the world and finds out that the organization is more complex and dangerous as his enemy is seeking to dominate one of the world's most important natural resources.

Produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli and directed by Marc Forster, the movie is supported by a slew of other actors, including Olga Kurylenko, Mathieu Amalric, Gemma Arterton, Jesper Christensen and Judi Dench. It will get its world premiere in London on October 29 which is said to be attended by Prince William and Prince Harry.

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    Chris Fawkes
    Oct 21, 2008

    Casino Royal was the best Bond ever made by a long shot. I have high hopes for Quantum of Solace. I did want to see Statham as Bond when the announced the were not brining Brosnan back but having seen Craig i think he is perfect.

    Oct 21, 2008

    imagine if jack nicholson played bond back in the day

    Oct 19, 2008

    i wish they'd let jason statham have a go at playing bond, might as well!!!

    Oct 18, 2008

    also Quantum of Solace is a bit pretentious as a name.... all it really means is A measure of peace... which would have been a better title...

    Oct 18, 2008

    title is misleading, he never said he would pass, he just stated that if the film bombs there's no certainty that he would be in the next movie, which is pretty much what happened with peirce... That said maybe he's seen the final print and thinks it sucks lol

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