Preview of 'Ugly Betty' 3.05: Granny Pants

Preview of 'Ugly Betty' 3.05: Granny Pants

Betty's old rival Kimmie works at Mode, starts invading Betty's space and Betty eventually calls for a revenge.

After dealing with Gio's unexpected return to Mode, Betty will have to face one more nightmare, Kimmie. In the 3.05 episode of "Ugly Betty", Lindsay Lohan returns as Kimmie who was introduced at the end of season 2 as Betty's high school pal who often bullied her.

Kimmie asks for Betty's help in finding a job, and she will eventually land one at Mode. But Betty's world is soon taken over and she decides that this could be an opportunity for her to get a revenge. Meanwhile, Daniel tries a matchmaking service with surprising results in his "perfect" match, and Justin tries out for a Broadway musical.

The episode will be called "Granny Pants" after the kind of pants that Betty wears while in high school. It will be broadcast on October 23 on ABC.

Along with the preview, comes the fourth webisode of "Mode After Hours". Focusing on two eccentric Mode staff, Marc and Amanda, the video shows the duo spending a quality time together and having a slumber party where secrets are spilled out.

Some recent scoops from EW revealed that at one point, not-so-much-friends Betty and Amanda will become roommates and that Mode will explore the online world.

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  • Mode After Hours No. 4




    Oct 18, 2008

    I guess it was a nightmare from Betty's perspective having Gio hate her. But I loved Gio!!! What a hoot! And how heartbreaking was his outburst when he was arguing with Betty? :( Ugly Betty is like ten times better with Gio around. Hope to see more of him this season! I'm not really hyped about Lindsay being on the show...But I'm curious about how Betty survives having Amanda as a roommate , I imagine it's going to be hilarious! :D But most of all I wanna see more of GIO!!!

    Oct 17, 2008

    I'm really starting to hate this show. And why was Gio a nightmare? Explain yourself, please.

    Oct 17, 2008

    "After dealing with Gio's unexpected return to Mode, Betty will have to face one more nightmare" Ok, I really hope I misunderstood that but it sound like you're saying Gio was a nightmare. If so I really disagree. He was really great in the last episode. And I think he add every right to be angry with Betty (eventhough he might have exaggerated by banning her from his deli, but well, it's Ugly Betty)

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