New York City Premiere of 'Synecdoche, New York'

October 16, 2008 07:30:40 GMT

The Cinema Society and Mulberry has hosted a special screening event for Charlie Kaufman's comedy drama which is starred by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Michelle Williams among others.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Bringing the movie back to the city where the movie takes its title, the Cinema Society and Mulberry has presented the New York City premiere of "Synecdoche, New York". Held on Wednesday, October 15, the special event took place at the Loews 19th Street Theatre, New York City.

Though missing the signature red carpet, the premiere still saw the attendance of many Hollywood stars, including those starring in the movie. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Williams, Hope Davis, Catherine Keener and Tom Noonan were the members of cast ensemble who made time to join director/producer/writer Charlie Kaufman on the special evening.

Beside the cast and crew, other celebrity guests included actresses, Heather Matarazzo, Erika Christensen, Rachel Dratch and Alexie Gilmore, mucisians Adam Duritz and Michael Stipe, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" director Julian Schnabel, and actor Stephen Rea.

"New York" is a drama film from Sony Pictures Classics that follows Caden Cotard, a theater director in Schenectady, New York, whose life seems to be dreary. Struggling with the women in his life and his mysterious condition which shuts down each of his autonomic functions, he buries himself in a new project, striving to create a theatrical masterpiece inside an enormous abandoned warehouse. The flick will hit limited theaters on October 24.


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posted by Angie on Jun 03, 2011
Do the world a favor Michelle Williams and get lost.
posted by Anti-Tony on Oct 17, 2008
well obviously critics disagree with you...all her latest films where she leads have been praised. so fug off. so i guess that makes u an ignorant hater and fool.
posted by Tony on Oct 16, 2008
Michelle is the most untalented actress around. She is only given exposure because of the whole Heath Ledger connection. Her daughter, Matilda Ledger, is more famous than her, and probably has more talent too.
posted by Anti-Tony on Oct 16, 2008
fu..k off. go watch katie on broadway flashing off her ass every second. tool. michelle is far too talented for your brainless mind.
posted by Tony on Oct 16, 2008
I would have gone to see this film but I just hate Michelle Williams and her pretentious uppity ways far too much to do her that favour.

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