Preview of 'House M.D.' 5.05: Lucky Thirteen

October 15, 2008 07:07:24 GMT

Thirteen has a one-night stand with a woman who collapses in her house and has to be taken to the hospital.

Preview of 'House M.D.' 5.05: Lucky Thirteen
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Thirteen is taking the downside fall of her name in the new episode of "House M.D." In "Lucky Thirteen", the young doctor is fired by House due to her negligence and personal life that invades with her professionalism.

Thirteen takes a woman with whom she had a one-night stand with to Princeton-Plainsboro after she collapsed and had a seizure in Thirteen's apartment. House and the team take on her case, with House using the case as an opportunity to explore Thirteen's personal life.

Thirteen finds that the patient has a long medical history and has seen many doctors over the years, eventuating in Thirteen finding out the patient only slept with her to get to House, who had been rejecting the woman as a patient for many years. Meanwhile, Lucas continues to keep on Wilson's trail.

"Lucky Thirteen" will be aired on October 21 on FOX at 8/7c.


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posted by WT on Jun 23, 2009
Muffy> Sounds like you're a homophobe more than anything. Hah...
posted by olivia_wilde_fan on Jun 11, 2009
god,i wish i'm her date....soo hot...
posted by Muffy on Oct 22, 2008
Good grief. I was in love with the first episodes of this season. Truly good. Loved it when Wilson told House he was tired of enabling him - deep and inventive stuff....then the episode revolving around the funeral of his Dad was too hilarious - but also deep and well-written. But then, just like the politics in this country, it all went downhill. Yesterday's episode about Thirteen was enough to make me gag, hurl, puke, throw up, and more. UGH. Poorly written. Overdone. Sickening. I know the writers can do better than that sick fluff. Obviously written by a Lesbian for Lesbians. I pretty much changed over to Dancing with the Stars and Biggest Loser...much better. I usually prefer House, but it has now lost my vote. I'm done. Too disgusted to give it another try.

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