U.K. Trailer of 'Incendiary' Arrives

October 15, 2008 04:48:48 GMT

Take a peek into the Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor-starring drama movie about a young woman trying to cope with the death of her husband and son in a terrorist attack on London.

U.K. Trailer of 'Incendiary' Arrives
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"Incendiary", the drama movie based on Chris Cleave's best selling novel, has got one of its international trailers exposed. Aimed for the U.K. viewers, the sneak peek into the London-based flick brings audience first to the marriage life and affair the lead character is having. Then, it displays how her world suddenly crumbles when terrorist attacks a football stadium where her husband and son are in.

Telling the story of a young mother whose life is forever changed by a terrorist attack, the Aramid Entertainment Fund flick follows this mother as she struggles to overcome her guilt and grief after the brutal death of her husband and son. It stars Michelle Williams, Ewan McGregor, Matthew Macfadyen and many others.

"Incendiary" was shot in various locations in London from the Northampton Square to the Brunswick Estate in Islington, North London. Targeted for 2008 released, the romantic drama is directed and penned by Sharon Maguire.

"Incendiary" Trailer:


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posted by Kyrie on Oct 21, 2008
oh my god i helped with the make up on this film, i met ewan and michelle. i spoke to ewan he is just a star and such a charmer. i can;t wait to see this in full when it comes out love kyrie x
posted by Waiting Patiently on Oct 16, 2008
I've been just waiting on this movie---any idea what's taken them so long to release? According to IMDB, it was released in Jan 08 at Sundance but I have never seen it hit any theatres here yet in the states.
posted by Another Londoner on Oct 15, 2008
You're kidding, right? Michelle's accent is awesome. And she is beautiful!
posted by Londoner on Oct 15, 2008
Michelle has a rubbish accent.
posted by American on Oct 15, 2008
Looks like another stupid sad soppy movie. But here's hoping it's better than their last movie together-"Deception".

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