Billy Ray Cyrus Approves Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend Justin Gaston

October 08, 2008 04:29:14 GMT

Giving the model a seal of approval to date his daughter Miley, Billy praised him as as a man who "got a great heart and soul, and a lot of determination".

Billy Ray Cyrus
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While neither Miley Cyrus nor Justin Gaston has publicly revealed they are dating, her singer father Billy Ray Cyrus has given him a seal of approval to date his famous daughter, praising him as a good guy. "He actually reminds me a lot of myself when I was 20 years old and I was living and searching for the dream," Access Hollywood cited Billy as saying.

Above all, Billy considers the male model as a man who "got a great heart and soul, and a lot of determination" adding "I think that's the true measure of a man, is when you measure his heart." Recalling the day when he met Justin for the first time, the country music singer revealed, "Justin's a good friend. A good friend of the family. I met Justin as I was hosting Nashville Star and I introduced the two of them. He's a good kid. Great heart. Lives for the light and he's very talented" and continued saying Miley and Justin's love relationship is "a good thing".

Justin joined Miley on Sunday, October 5 for her early 16th birthday celebration. Avoiding the purple carpet rush on the so-called "Sweet 16 - Share the Celebration" held at California's Disneyland, he joined Billy on stage on a rendition of "Achy Breaky Heart." He and Miley were spotted cuddling later that evening while watching fireworks.

Miley and Justin were spotted stepping out together for the first time in September 2008, walking hand-in-hand, heading for Sunday service at a church in Pasadena, California. Despite a denial from her representative, the rumored lovers continued adding fuel to romance talk as they were photographed together on some occasions.


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posted by Chowder on Jun 30, 2010
U guys should leave miley alone lyk u hve neva dated a older boy let her live her life its hers not yours
posted by jacky on Mar 18, 2010
People..why cant miley be happy and do what she wants? why is she treated bad by so many people? you people need to stop it and get a life! her boyfriend is not a CHILD MOLESTOR!! stop saying things out of your mind! and leave her not a big fan of miley myself..but i am happy for her that she has a boyfriend and is happy..why wouldnt i? and people need to stop getting in her personal business..would you like it is people where on yours?
posted by mad@myfriendmiley on Jan 18, 2010
i dont like him because he is an underwear model but i kinda do if he breaks my friends heat i m gonna beat him up because i like miley alot n i hate to see miley crush she does not make good song wen she is sad like 7 thing nick fly on the wall Liam Hemsworth see sad sad sad but i kinda like fly on da wall so dont u dear break her heart or me n her r gonna pay u a visit
posted by kayle on Oct 22, 2009
age doesn't matter but miley u can have a boyfwend but don't try 2 be pregnant there's so many things u can do in ur life w/o a child for example u go out with ur friends
posted by allen aka countryboy on Jul 23, 2009
hey i want to say a few more short things i read in a magazine that miley has she said people that says bad things is actually haterz and she also said dont say something to get people to talk about it and also got her movie BOLT plus the sound track love both and also got her friends movie aka emily osment movie dadnapped great movie so is the movie hatchin pete and also got her dads movie called Bait Shop and got her sister's movie called Moslty Ghostly great movie ive watched it a few times and noah cyrus is in that 1 and if any of u all dont have these dvds check them out and i do got the shows of hannah montaana and the concert best of both worlds and a friend of mine told me that miley cyrus will be here in kentucky november not sure wat date though also got interviews and also i got a invterview from before she was born and until she was older and its pretty cool ive watched it a few times peace out
posted by allen aka countryboy on Jul 23, 2009
i read some of u alls comments and i dont prove of wat u all said about miley and if she wants to date older men then let her and let her live her dream and i have been a fan since i was 21 and now im 22 and i got cds and dvds and pictures and magazines and sticker book and licnese plate and other things not girl things of course lol but if any 1 reads this and u are a miley fan sure love to talk to ya and u can IM me on the id called kycountryboy2006 and if miley read this hehehe be nice if i could talk to her inside joke and the music interview ive listen to she said i want to inspire girls n guys with my music and if u have a dream go for it cuz i believe u can do it that is wat miley said and her dad believe she had the destiny to bring hope to the world
posted by simgross78 on Jul 07, 2009
If these were black people, that child molesting man, and maybe the father, would be locked up. Miley is a whore. Her boyfriend a child molester, and her dad a shame. What respectable man let's his child date grown men? NONE. Isn't that illegal? Where are the laws that protect children? Mileys 16 and a worn out hooker. Imagine her list when she hits 25. Its already too long for a 16 year old girl. Y'all get mad if you want, its all true.
posted by Darkstar on Apr 13, 2009
Why in the world would he go out with a 16 year old girl? That is rather disgusting considering he is 20(or older?). I think it is pretty obvious he just wants the attention from everyone because I am more than positive he could have a woman who is more suitable for his age and still good looking. Oh yea... and the whole argument "they really like each other so why does it matter?" really doesn't fly.
posted by hayfa on Mar 27, 2009
hi again miley great really don't listen to the others but advice her about the boys. love
posted by hayfa on Mar 27, 2009
hi billy you great and miley too but she have a boyfriend list (10 and more).
posted by stars go blue! on Mar 26, 2009
I think most of you call Miley a whore becouse you fell bad about yourself and all you can do is put down another human just so you can fill good about yourself and if all you can say is bad thaings about her than I think you should not put a comment up at all.
posted by Girls rock! on Mar 26, 2009
I have to say that 4 years is not that bad as long as you love each other. My grandmother and grandfather had 8 years betwen them and thay love eachother more then most cuples do.
posted by hhnfvhf on Jan 24, 2009
posted by noelle hall on Jan 18, 2009
hey im tracy's BFF that just typed to u so im very hot go out with me miley
posted by tracy springer on Jan 18, 2009
Well my parents wont let me have a BF so lucky you miley
posted by yemina on Jan 15, 2009
the age difference does matter in one's life...n why miley's dad is quite... he should do somethin for no one else but her own daughter....... its so stupid activity... even if justin is handsome..miley will fine an onother handsome boy... only justin is not handsome.dere r more people...
posted by tumeca on Jan 15, 2009
i m now just doubting on miley cyrus.... she is a big slut...... is she alright ......justin is 8 year older than miley......oh gosh. this can lead to anyting... plzz miley's fans don't try to copy it...
posted by Carry on Jan 12, 2009
Now, I dont see 4 yrs age difference a big deal. But the fact that the guys a full adult, and miley is still in highschool is just weird for me to think about. As long as she gets over the tattoo phase, i see the relationship clean and a good start. If theyre having sexual relationships, theres a red flag. Shes a little young and I think its illegal. Im not saying they are, but why else would miley want a tattoo? Lets hope shes careful, and lets see if she can makeup for the immature sexual/seductive internet pics..
posted by honey on Jan 11, 2009
i think she should go out with him he is so hot
posted by shayliz on Dec 25, 2008
age does matter! any 20 year old man wanting a 16 year old "CHILD" is a desperate child malesting pervert!!!!miley needs 2 stay ina childs place and leave the perverted old men alone
posted by fuck on Dec 24, 2008
posted by brcfan on Dec 24, 2008
you rock so does miley, mandy,tracie and trish
posted by brcfan on Dec 24, 2008
you rock so does miley, mandy,tracie and trish
posted by monkey on Dec 23, 2008
Miley you need medical help!My uncle is a doctor. Maybe I can hook you two up!
posted by monkey on Dec 23, 2008
Miley you need medical help!My uncle is a doctor. Maybe I can hook you two up!
posted by supbby on Dec 15, 2008
come onn, you would all say yes if that gorgeous beast asked you out. but she is a whore. and he just wants ass.
posted by DIVA13 on Dec 08, 2008
posted by ladiesman on Nov 18, 2008
gaytard, she is such a whore
posted by mileykissedmeonmylip on Nov 15, 2008
that is not right that miley dates a guy a lot older than her. y doesnt she just look for a guy she goes to skool with or something
posted by bvasie on Nov 15, 2008
i think miley you should go out with him he's so hot ,and he's so older than you,but anyway age don,t matter and you guys are perfect for each other
posted by kristina12345 on Nov 10, 2008
oh please, leave the girl alone! if she likes this guy and he likes her then there is no reason they should not date. yeah - there is a big age gap but he is apparently a good guy so why not go for it? STOP JUDGING AND LET MILEY LIVE HER LIFE. if he makes her happy then that's great:]
posted by poopy pants on Nov 10, 2008
i agree miley is a slut i mean come on she doesnt need to be dting a 22 yr old
posted by on Nov 03, 2008
posted by outofclebslives on Oct 28, 2008
i normaly stay out of subjects like this... BUT this is really rediculus. NO girls father should have enough common sence to let this happen... and no gy should be stupid enough to date a gurl under 18 when he is over.
posted by miley on Oct 23, 2008
love my sister she the beast
posted by zacefronjonasbrother on Oct 12, 2008
miley is a slut she dosen't have a great voice i feel so sorry for nick jonas she is out of control she dated a 22 year old who next
posted by capnjackrox on Oct 09, 2008
fifth-teen? really? six-teen? there's no dash in between those words!
posted by tiffany on Oct 09, 2008
doubt if miley will get pregnant she wears a purity ring
posted by antisecretadmirer on Oct 09, 2008
what are you, seven? so not all of miley's choices have been right, and yeah, the age difference is a big deal to a teenager. but seriously, you talk like you're in elementary school. can you really not spell fifteen? and who are you to judge anyway? what a stupid post, "secretadmireer".
posted by secretadmireer on Oct 09, 2008
Miley is out of control she dated a twenty-two year old the little girl is only fifth-teen by the time she's six-teen she's gonna be pregnant.

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