Coldplay Listing Jay-Z for 'Lost!' Remix

Coldplay Listing Jay-Z for 'Lost!' Remix

The rapper will have his vocal added to the revamped version of the song which will be re-released.

Jay-Z is returning Coldplay the favor by appearing in one of the band's remixed songs. Posted on Coldplay's official site is the announcement that the rapper will assist in the remix of "Lost!" which will be released in a few weeks to come.

"In the spirit of trying to do things a bit differently and keep everything fresh, we are going to do a few musical moves that we have not previously attempted," the statement read. "Firstly, in a few weeks we are going to release a version of Lost! which has a guest appearance on it in the form of Jay-Z."

The band had also announced previously that they will release "Lost!" EP that contains only four songs on November 10. No track listing has been unveiled yet.

Jay-Z previously tapped Coldplay to appear on his song "Beach Chair" that was included in the 2006 album "Kingdom Come".



    Oct 17, 2008

    shut up!

    Oct 06, 2008

    Stop with Jay-z!

    Oct 06, 2008

    Coldplay risk pissing there own fans off by including this twerp in one of their songs.

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