Tina Fey as Sarah Palin Again on SNL's VP Debate

Tina Fey

The comedienne impersonated the Republican candidate again on the sketch show, spoofing on Palin's idea of same-sex rights.

Third time's a charm, Tina Fey has returned as Sarah Palin again on "Saturday Night Live" October 4 episode that sent the show's rating sky-rocketing. The comedienne spoofed Palin's Vice President Debate with her Democratic rival Joe Bidden last week at Washington University in St. Louis, Letterman.

Playing Bidden was "SNL" cast member Jason Sudekis while serving the moderator seat as Gwen Ifill was Queen Latifah. As Ifill, Latifah read out some rules of the debate including when she said, "Due to the historically low expectations for Gov. Palin, were she simply to do an adequate job tonight, at no point cry, faint, run out of the building or vomit, you should consider the debate a tie."

When asked about how her administration will deal with the current financial crisis, Fey as Palin said, "Well first of all, let me say how nice it is to meet Joe Biden. And may I say, up close your hair plugs don't look nearly as bad as everyone says. You know, John McCain and I, we're a couple of mavericks. And gosh darnit, we're gonna take that maverick energy right to Washington and we're gonna use it to fix this financial crisis and everything else that's plaguin' this great country of ours."

Fey also made fun of Palin's homophobia, saying "Absolutely not," when asked whether she supports gay-marriage or not. "But I do think they should be allowed to visit one another in the hospital and in a lot of ways, that's just as good, if not better."

The real Palin-Bidden debate touched the issue of same-sex rights and the spoof also had Fey as Palin saying, "You know I would be afraid of where that would lead. I believe marriage is meant to be a sacred institution between two unwilling teenagers. But don't think I don't tolerate gay people. Because I do. I tolerate them with all my heart. And I know quite a few too. Not personally. But I know of them. I've seen 'Ellen.' Oh, and there was this one girl on my college basketball team. She wasn't officially 'a gay,' but, you know, we were pretty sure."

Vice President Debate Spoof on "SNL":

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    Oct 06, 2008

    ...the "absolutely not" comment came from Senator Biden in the skit. The entire point of that was to point out the blatant hypocrisy in claiming to make "no distinction" between homosexual and heterosexual couples, only to turn around and say 'no' to gay marriage.

    Oct 06, 2008

    You can question the "homosexual lifestyle" all you want, but if your questioning is stupid and bigoted, then we're gonna cal you a homophobe. Quit whining about it like a fag.

    Joe in Ohio
    Oct 06, 2008

    "Fey also made fun of Palin's homophobia" (1) What homophobia? (2) Gays are considerably more likely to be the victims of childhood molestation (if you don't believe me check articles on google advanced scholar) and are far more likely than individuals from other groups (even rednecks) to take meth-a drug which makes people aggresive and horny-so I'm not sure why gays should be viewed exactly the same as straights. (3) It doesn't matter what legitimate arguments I, or anyone else bring up, the meme of our times is that any questioning of the homosexual lifestyle is homophobia, so everyone can be led about by political correctness like brainless lemmings.

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