Jonas Brothers Stop By 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' for Akers Family, the Video

October 06, 2008 03:15:26 GMT

They made a visit to the Akers family in San Fransico, having a meet-and-greet session with the kids and giving them a free chance to attend one of their concerts.

Jonas Brothers
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Having a number of work commitments to fulfill, Jonas Brothers stop by ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to show some love, support and help for the Akers family, whose oldest child Christian has Chrohn's Disease and two daughters, Brooke and Faith, are suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy that left them confined to their beds. Besides having meet-and-greet session with the young children, the brothers also sang them a song.

Traveling to West Chester, Ohio to tell the Akers family they will have their home being renovated in only seven days, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" filmed Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, and Kevin Jonas meeting the family in San Francisco where they've been sent on vacation while their house is being remodeled. They shook hands with the kids who consider them as their idols and Brooke even had the chance to kiss one of the famous siblings.

During their visit, Jonas Brothers also sang a song for the Akers family which led "the boy, Christian to become very emotional!" Reality TV Magazine reports. Greater than the meet-and-greet session, Christian, Brooke and Faith are also given the chance to watch their idols' performance in a concert.

And while "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" episode title of "Akers Family" airs on Sunday, October 5 from 8 P.M. to 9 P.M. ET on ABC, some pictures from the show, including one with the Jonas Brothers in it, can be seen on Reality TV Magazine.

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posted by my name is ai know on Jul 12, 2010
the jonas brothes isa my fan is woonderfowl ho my good lines vines and tring times han nisikiera c lo q estoy diciendo jajajajja
posted by JONAS JONAS JONAS on Oct 11, 2009
omg jonas brothers are the best people in the whole world!!!
posted by ANGELA JONAS on Jun 28, 2009
posted by TheFutureMrs.Jonas on Jun 18, 2009
Omg i would love to meet the jonas brothers!!! It is one of my life goals:)That was so amaxing of them to do that! they are so lucky cause they got a new house and got to meet the jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!! Nick your the best!!!
posted by JonasBrother rox on May 19, 2009
Aww.... yu guys are awesome! That was the sweetest thing .... and i rlly love yu guys alot and i buy everything with ur faces on it and i have a pillow with nicks face on it and i kiss it everynight and i want yu guys to come to our school cause alot of ppl love yu here in whitby ontario btw my school is Bellwood and thats in whitby if yu guys could come i would cry and cry and cry and jump on the stage with yu and jump on all of yu <33
posted by nick lover on Apr 03, 2009
you guys rock love you
posted by google on Apr 03, 2009
posted by joes girl on Jan 23, 2009
that so sweet they are very nice
posted by thais on Nov 13, 2008
i love u joe so muchhh thank u call me 561-305-9145
posted by sara on Oct 15, 2008
I love you joe
posted by adriannajonas on Oct 11, 2008
man those people are lucky id be making out with all of them at the same time!!!
posted by Andie_In_VENEZUELA on Oct 10, 2008
OMG! The JB are the coolest guys in the world! they are soooooo SWEEEET!! i went to that concert.. i went to san francisco (I love in Venezuela) and it was the best day of my life!
posted by Jamalat from Hondura on Oct 07, 2008
Awwww....thats so sweet of you guys...thats why we all love you specially me !! JK well thank you so much for helping others and keep on the god job! -Jamalat from HONDURAS come and visit us SOON..PLEASE!:D
posted by Jamalat from Hondura on Oct 07, 2008
Awwww....thats so sweet of you guys...that why we all love you specially me !! JK well tank you so muhc for helping others and keep on the god job! -Jamalat
posted by jonasbrotherslove on Oct 07, 2008
awww! thats so sweet! my prayers go out to the aker family! hope they like their new house! JB did an amazing thing, i hope they continue to be able to use their fame to help people as theyve been doing. :']
posted by DeJa Vue on Oct 06, 2008
Sorry that thankyou was to Paul, Joe and Nick. Slip of the finger!!!HaHaHa Love.
posted by DeJa Vue on Oct 06, 2008
wow. I allway cry when this show is on...It was so nice to see The Jonas Brother make time and give back. Sometimes it those little moment that will last and mean soooooo much. Thankyou Paul,Joe and Nicel!!!!!
posted by Jonas lover xx on Oct 06, 2008
I was in total aww over what they did it was so incredible to make time for them you jonas,s give so much but ask for so little your amazing nick ur awsome
posted by holabootsilu on Oct 06, 2008
God bless you all
posted by JonasGrl:) on Oct 06, 2008
WOW! i am a HUGE jonas brothers fan my room is FULL of posters. They are just the nicest boys. Wat a sweet thing to do. If they did that for me i would bawl! I always cry during this show and those girls were adorable! Much Love!!
posted by Cassie on Oct 06, 2008
posted by constanca on Oct 06, 2008
I like the jonas brother and joe jonas i love you you are beautiful.
posted by chillenwithpals on Oct 06, 2008
WOWWW that is the most amazing moment ever. i watched that episode, and it brought me to tears. it was so brethtaking how the whole family is so thankful for what they have, even when they dont have alot. they are truely a great example to all!
posted by sarabear333 on Oct 06, 2008
that is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so incredibly sweet of them! i love them, so much <33
posted by Jonaslover161920 on Oct 05, 2008
THank you to everybody who helped the akers family. i dont know them at all but i am so happy alot of people have great hearts. thank you jonas bros for letting them meet you .

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