Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton's Romantic Break in Paris

October 04, 2008 07:25:15 GMT

The lovebirds were photographed getting cozy during a candlelight dinner at a Parisian restaurant and kissing on the street outside the eatery.

Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton
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Photo credit: Solarpix/PR Photos

Having some time off from their work commitments, Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton flew to Paris to have a romantic break for two. They were seen spending the day shopping, dining and kissing.

In the afternoon, Lewis spent his time buying lingerie as present for Nicole. He, as reported by Mail Online, sought the advice of a professional for the perfect gift for his leading lady. After that he took her to a candlelight dinner at a Parisian restaurant to enjoy some French cooking.

Apparently, the lovers enjoyed each other's companion much more than the food as they were seen holding hands across the table and just couldn't avoid starring into one another's eyes. The race car driver also snapped photos of Nicole across the table, leaning over with a smile to show her the results. The romance didn't stop there as Nicole and Lewis then exchanged a moonlit kiss on the street outside the restaurant. Pictures of them during the romantic break are on Mail Online.

Nicole, 30, and Lewis, 23, first met at the MTV Europe Music Awards November last year. Since then they became inseparable. Despite break up rumors, they are reported to be planning to move in together soon.

Speaking about the extent of their relationship, Nicole told the press during this year MTV Video Music Awards, held September 7, "a wedding isn't in the pipeline." What's more, she also has penned a song for him, titled "I Think I'm In Love", which she claimed as "a very personal song ... very in-depth and emotional - a real song that ... is going to connect with people."


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posted by Nicole fever on Jun 17, 2010
Love Nicole she is amazing . Wish her all the best . I believe that 2010 is Nicole's year
posted by hackery on Nov 06, 2009
hi nicole i'm happy that you are happy with lewis hamilton,you know you have a good taste cause your boyfriend was a top gear world champion i love you your my idol since 2003 good luck i hope we'll see each other in the near future i'm in the philippines i know everything about you,your such a winner,i hope you will be having a concert here again, i love your single song baby love and whatever you like i know about it i can sing it to you i love you nicole. .
posted by Meril on Jul 17, 2009
I think they make a perfect couple and i love her music. She deserves all the happiness that is coming her way. cngrats!!!
posted by anais! *Mesa*! on May 27, 2009
Keep hatingin my girl Nicole your just makin her famous! I love her! All you hoes just hating cause she has a sexy ass body! And she don't look like a stripper hagaha! You just hating! And keep doing it cause I'm sure she loves to laugh about how ppl don't even know her but you still hate her! Ahaha!
posted by secret? on May 26, 2009
i'm jealous,but congratulation!!!
posted by love nicole on Mar 17, 2009
ohh shut yallz mouths awl you jealous hoes out there,yall hatin coz she way bera than yalll tramps like duh
posted by ElynZ on Nov 07, 2008
hi nicki im a big fan of ur i wish u r happy to ur lovelife now and luck to ur career....
posted by pft\'s a hater on Nov 05, 2008
stop hating pft
posted by pft on Oct 04, 2008
OH so she looks like a whore all the time? well she is living every strippers dream.

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