Lex Luthor Still Superman's Foe in 'Superman: The Man of Steel'

October 04, 2008 03:14:28 GMT

Kevin Spacey has been reported to reprise his role as the Superboy's friend-turned-Superman's forever nemesis, Lex Luthor, in the 'Superman' reboot.

Lex Luthor Still Superman's Foe in 'Superman: The Man of Steel'
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The next "Superman" movie, "Superman: The Man of Steel", apparently will see once again Lex Luthor, the famed Superman villain which has appeared in most of the live-action films. Within an article from The Independent focusing on the interview with Kevin Spacey, it is revealed that the "Superman Returns" actor will reprise his role as the baddie in the reboot movie.

Part of the article read, "...the producers of the follow-up to Superman Returns...will be paying him big bucks to reprise his role as Lex Luthor next year." Mentioning that Spacey will return as Luthor next year in "Man of Steel", the article also ignites speculation that the production of the new "Superman" film may start sometime in 2009. Nevertheless, Warner Bros. Pictures have yet to let out confirmation or denial regarding both reports.

Back in August, Warner Bros. have announced that instead of moving on with a sequel to "Returns", they will start the project right from the scratch once again by doing a reboot on the franchise. "Superman [Returns] didn't quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to," Warner Bros. Pictures Group President Jeff Robinov said. "It didn't position the character the way he needed to be positioned. Had Superman worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009. But now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman without regard to a Batman and Superman movie at all."


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posted by Clark El on Oct 27, 2008
Superman Returns made over 400 million dollars worldwide. DVD sales have put it over 500 million. Part of the quoted 250 million dollars to produce Superman Returns was the ten previous years of starting and stopping and pay or play contracts. That amount has been estimated at 50 million dollars. Brandon Routh has a three picture deal as Superman. Warner Brothers is not going to pay somebody else to play Superman and also pay Mr. Routh. They have learned their lesson with pay or play contracts.It is starting to look more and more as if there is a sequel to Superman Returns being made(Superman Man of Steel) and may already be in the early stages of production.
posted by ragingoutofmymind on Oct 14, 2008
because it cost 250 million dollars to make. That is why it failed.
posted by Matt Damon on Oct 11, 2008
This movie made 200 million dollars, how is it a failure?
posted by singerisunoriginal on Oct 07, 2008
Let me also add that Brandon Routh has no versatility as an actor. I used to like him until I saw his other works in which he didn't act any differently from his performance in SR. He can't act. He was a dork when he was Clarke Kent, and as Superman he was a dork who stalked people. Great new darker side of Superman to show us Singer.
posted by singerisunoriginal on Oct 07, 2008
My major beef with the film, like everyonelse, is the fact that most of the elements presented in the film were originally Donner's. That and the crappy stylish direction of the movie. Superman could be badass, but instead of showing a bad guy what he can do let him just stand and block the bullets of a gatling with his body and walk up to the villain with a smug stupid smile. "Yeah... I'm the man"
posted by nicole on Oct 06, 2008
brandon was good as superman/kal-el/clark kent he did an excellent job i want more action and fighting please i want to see superman hit or punch someone Bring in bizzaro or doomsday that would be so..... sick!!!!
posted by Supes !! on Oct 06, 2008
NO !! NOT ROUTH !! He was ok, But just that... he was Only ok !! I think a continuation from Smallville Season 8 is the way to go !!
posted by Howdy Girl on Oct 05, 2008
If Spacey returns, Routh must too! Screw everything one else.
posted by Ragingoutofmy mind on Oct 05, 2008
The reason why the last Superman film failed so horribly is that Superman fans do not want to see him match wits with a failed real estate tycoon. Singer's vision ignores what the fans were hoping to see, that is Superman battle someone or something. Instead we had 2 and a half hours of "See Superman Lift This Thing!" Utter failure as a movie, and I promise that if there is any truth to this rumor this film will fail as well and I for one will not spend my hard earned dollars to go and see it.
posted by James McDonald on Oct 04, 2008
No, No, No. Not Kevin Spacey again. That was mostly what was wrong with "Superman Returns" was Kevin Spacey as "Lex Luthor". Could not stand it and did not like Kevin Spacey in the role. I couldn't stand Kate Bosworth as an unfeeling "Lois Lane". Bring Gene Hackman back. If they want to do the Mark Millar idea and make 3 "Superman" films in the "Lord of The Rings" trilogy-style each film coming out every year with the storyline darkand dramatic, that would be fine with me.
posted by anuar on Oct 03, 2008
bring back routh too!

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