'The Dark Knight' Sequel Possibly Gets 2009 Start

October 01, 2008 03:48:17 GMT

Rumor has it the pre-production of 'Batman 3' is scheduled to kick off sometime around February 2009.

'The Dark Knight' Sequel Possibly Gets 2009 Start
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While many are still busy speculating on the return of Christopher Nolan to the sequel installment of "The Dark Knight" and on the possible villains, recent words from "Batman 3" suggested that the next Batman film may be heading into its pre-production in early 2009. According to Batman on Film, an inside source has mentioned that the filming is slated to begin in summer 2009 in Chicago.

Batman on Film further revealed the possible pre-production date, putting it in February 2009 slate. Quoting a behind the scenes source on the rumor, the fansite also wrote down the insider's revelation, "[What I'm hearing from crew members out of Chicago] is that 'BATMAN 3' goes into pre-production in February to shoot next summer."

Following the massive success of "Dark Knight" on collecting as much as $524.6 million nationwide and $984.6 million worldwide, buzzes around a new sequel have surfaced. "Batman 3" is said to be tentatively titled "The Caped Crusade" and it may see the baddies from The Riddler to Catwoman. Though actors like Johnny Depp, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Cher and Angelina Jolie have been linked to the villains part, none is really confirmed for the roles so far. In fact, director Christopher Nolan himself is yet to be signed for the follow-up movie.


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posted by the joker on Nov 30, 2009
what about the joker? and they should make cat woman Megan Fox. Damn that would be sick..
posted by fan on Oct 22, 2009
i think that johnny depp should play the riddler he's great in any role and they should bring the joker back who is better to play the joker than daniel day lewis who admired heath ledger performance in brokeback mountain and dedicated his BAFTA Screen Actors Guild for his performance in there will be blood to heath ledger daniel day lewis would be perfect for the role because he is a method actor he would get in to the role so deep that it would probably be the closes performance to heath ledger IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE THE JOKER BACK ON SCREEN!! or johnny depp could play the joker because he has a dark side in him like in sweeney todd one of the best performance i ever seen! and philip seymour hoffman would be awesome as the penguin he like daniel day lewis or johnny depp can get in to the role he is one of the best actors out there! i also read that seymour hoffman doesnt want to play the penguin but he should reconsider! they should make him a good deal so he would take that role if he still doesnt take the role than i think ray winstone should be the penguin because he his the tough guy look and his performance in king arthur, proposition and departed is some of his best actoring he would be a perfect penguin if the next batman cast has these actors in it who wouldnt want to see it! and with those actors including of couse christian bale still as batman also the director chris nolan this movie would have ocars written all over it!!!!
posted by SO SAY WE ALL on Oct 09, 2009
The Dark Knight Strikes Again sounds good to me...and there should be an appearance by Superman similar to the DK2 comic series. Superman should come in to hunt down the Batman. Rights might get in the way of this, but they're both DC Comics and there is a helluva lot of money to be made. While the Republican Superman is wasting his time hunting Batman, Bane or Deadshot or another less known villain should be making his way behind the scenes until the two (Batty and Super) realize they need to team up. SO SAY WE ALL
posted by harvey dent on Aug 12, 2009
posted by johnnydiaz008 on Aug 03, 2009
it will be nice to have a johnny deep in the film wil be amazing to have a nice actor in batman 3,,,,,
posted by Rj on Jul 24, 2009
I am really voting for Johnny Depp to do MadHatter or Riddler...he has that odd, funny, sick ablility to get into strange rolls like that!
posted by nobody on Jul 23, 2009
'Knightfall' is a brilliant name.. and the proposed story looks good either.. great thinking!!
posted by Christopher Nolan on Jul 20, 2009
btw, Nicholas Cage as the Riddler would be terrible.
posted by Christopher Nolan on Jul 20, 2009
"The Dark Knight Returns" - With the mob decimated following the events of the dark knight and hope sprung anew in Gotham, Batman has been forced into hiding/ early retirement by the GPD and has decided to try his hand at a normal life. But a new wave of crime, terror and evil is brought forth by the Criminal mastermind of the Riddler, who knows a secret so deadly, it threatens to bring everything down. Possible appearance by Bane, setting up the next movie: Knightfall
posted by Rick on Jul 12, 2009
If they make a 3rd movie, and I'm sure they probably will, the Riddler would be the obvious choice for the main villain. I imagine that Wayne Manor will be rebuilt, as mentioned in the end of Batman Begins, and the Batcave will be all dialed in better than before. Probably a new batmobile as well, and possibly some other new stuff too. Bruce Wayne would also have to have a new love interest. I think that should be Selina Kyle (hopefully not played by Angelina Jolie), and that they set it up so that in the end the audience will realize that she will be the Catwoman in a 4th movie (if they get that far). Definitely the Riddler as the main villain, and possibly the Catwoman as the side villain. I think that a good choice for the Riddler would be Nicholis Cage. I think that Johnny Depp could do a really good job, but he could also ruin it too (charlie and the chocolate factory, Edward scissorhands, etc...).
posted by Stan Lee on Jun 28, 2009
How about Spider-Man VS. Batman. Just like Jason vs. Freddie or Predator vs. Alien,..Mcain vs. Obama??
posted by who on Jun 21, 2009
Alfred kicks ass
posted by who on Jun 21, 2009
If they are going to use the joker again, and I'm not saying they are, I think they need to find someone as sadistic and nerve racking as Heath who's doctor doesn't make any misdiagnoses
posted by aliensun on Jun 19, 2009
"Gotham city" The scarecrow returns with a friend, the riddler. The leagh of shadows and ras daugter, to take down batman and gotham city. With the citices and criminals, like a arms dealer, code named the pengwin and a theaf named catwoman. In the middle, they must chose want they must do?
posted by Mr. Peanut on Jun 10, 2009
I think ultimately the best story would go as follows: Bruce Wayne (now played by Chuck Norris), is having a strong internal conflict about his new role as "The Dark Knight," and goes to see a therapist. We soon find out that his therapist (played by Hanah Montana) is actually the feared villam known as "Gothom's Frothy Badger!" The fiersome frothy badger proceeds to overcharge wayne for the therapy and he gets really stressed out and stops receiving treatment. The movie fades out as Alfred tries to angrily send back soup at a deli. The End.
posted by ralph on Jun 10, 2009
posted by ben on Jun 05, 2009
The Caped Crusade? Give me a fucking break. Who wrote this crap? Where did you get your info, some IMDB forum from a 13 year old rumor starter?
posted by Green Arrow on Jun 04, 2009
I think that the Riddler should be the main Villian. But bring in some not well known guys like the Madhatter and Deadshot they deserve some time on the big screen
posted by batboy on Jun 03, 2009
make the great khali as bane in the darkknight3 ha ha ha.
posted by tdk on Jun 03, 2009
the villian of tdk3 is riddler but the side villian should be bane
posted by rat man on May 27, 2009
i think the joker should be a part of the new batman. the joker should be played by a thin jauquin pheonix(however you spell it)
posted by False Face on May 18, 2009
Here's a good story line: Jean Paul Valley (Azrael) is one of the Batman impersonators. But he is a stand out and recruited by BW or BM as a help or comes to his aid when Bane incapacitates him (at the behest of The Penguin or whomever, who is using him as muscle). Follow the Azrael arc as a person more violent than BM but using the Batman guise. Wayne recovers, takes over the mantle again (and the heat of being seen in the public eye as a vigilante with no limits)..and Azrael, instead of having been influenced by the the "Sacred Order of St. Dumas" is actually an experiment of the League of Shadows, meets Ras-al Ghul, finds out who he really is and must decide whether or not to help TDK with Bane showdown! Yowza!!
posted by iBelieveInHarveyDent on May 17, 2009
It would be awesome to introduce Harley Quinn and she kinda helps the Joker escape Arkham or something to that relation. Aside from her the other villains I would love to see are Riddler and the Ventriloquist.
posted by kdv3 on May 17, 2009
who ever turns out to b the villain plezzzz leave the joker out of it ... No one can ever replace heath so dont ruin all his gd wrk
posted by Jason Todd, The Red on May 15, 2009
Christian Bale told an interviewer that he will quit the franchise if Robin is introduced...also, Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer said they have no interest of re-introducing Catwoman either, so, even though it IS true that Angelina Jolie is interested in the role, it's never gonna happen because the writers are NOT.
posted by batman jonerik on Apr 26, 2009
the movies should be the joker and the riddler also the batman will introduce new gadgets such as the bat boat and the batjet amd thenew batmobile
posted by batman jonerik on Apr 26, 2009
posted by batman jonerik on Apr 26, 2009
posted by Mitch on Mar 28, 2009
I hope they dont do a Spiderman 3 and throw a lot of baddies and make a mess of it and dont do what they did with the old batman movies where they changed every thing around in the 3rd movie and change it more for the kiddies and then make the crappier sequel Batman and Robin
posted by David on Feb 26, 2009
Daniel Day Lewis would be perfect as the Riddler!
posted by 972 on Jan 20, 2009
You can blame Michael Caine (Alfred) for the 'casting rumors'. He's the one who let it spill they were looking at Depp and Hoffman, but Hoffman has since stated he's got no interest. They must be looking for a taller Pengiun, because Vincent D'nofiro's name was rumored recently too, but he's being looked at for Jerry Garcia in that bio-pic, so who knows? I hope Jolie is false.
posted by Dennis Mondt on Jan 10, 2009
Nolan has to use Riddler, Catwoman, or Penguin because the average Joe Blow knows the 4 main villians of Batman, the Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin. One of the reasons that the Dark knight was so successful is because anyone that knows even the slightest little bitabout Batman knows that the Joker is one of Batman's enemies, and I think the same can be said for Riddler, Catwoman, and Penguin. Ledger's death only increased it even more. The Nicholson Batman was a smash because everyone knows the villian. The rest of those films were horrible because of the writing and storylines and I don't think that will be a problem for Nolan. Even with bad writing and storyline, the riddler was awesome in the third, of course, it did help to have a great actor play the part as well...I personally want to see the Riddler as the main villian and the Catwoman as a side villian, or what the heck, bring back Two Face as a side villian but I think the Riddler for the Main villian..
posted by scarredsideofthecoin on Jan 05, 2009
they already made a cartoon movie with killer croc called gotham knight, and they launched it right before dark knight.
posted by BatFan on Dec 29, 2008
I say "Gotham Knight" sounds cool, kind of coincides and seems natural. I don't know I think it works.
posted by Lil Red on Dec 15, 2008
i just read an interview with Gary oldman (Gordon)who said for batman 3 nolan does not want to have catwoman or penguin in his movie which means this article has to be false!!!
posted by Lil Red on Dec 15, 2008
angelina jolie or cher as catwoman?? bad idea angelina wouldnt do it justice and cher is way to old!!!
posted by Lucky on Dec 04, 2008
If this article would be 100% false, then explain the fact that Gary Oldman, Michael Caine & Christian Bale have signed for 3 movies. What if Nolan contract were for 3 as well?
posted by miniL on Oct 12, 2008
better fix the same producer, and head characters. Batman Begins & The Dark Knight are awesome compared to the old batman movies ^^
posted by tdkfanatic on Oct 04, 2008
@harvey dent: LOL.... i so agree with u
posted by mik on Oct 01, 2008
Please tell me Angelina Jolie is not going to be in such a great movie. She is over exposed and will just mess up something beautiful. Jolie, if your reading this stay home with your kids instead. Tell Brad to stay away also. Fans are really sick of you two.
posted by Dent on Oct 01, 2008
This article is 100% false. Warner studios already stated they will not make any moves until Nolan says what his intentions are. Same with all the casting rumors and film titles - pure fan fantasy.
posted by Harvey Dent on Oct 01, 2008
"Batman 3" is said to be tentatively titled "The Caped Crusade"...that is the gayest title ever. Nolan has much better sense than that. Seeesssh!

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