Clip From '90210' 1.06: Model Behavior

September 27, 2008 04:31:51 GMT

Kelly gets a call from Dylan through Brenda's phone, making her to question her relationship with Ryan.

Clip From '90210' 1.06: Model Behavior
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The CW have just released a clip from "90210" episode 1.06 which is titled "Model Behavior" and will be aired in full on Tuesday, September 30. As previously reported, the episode will unveil more on Dylan, the father of Kelly's baby and Brenda's twin brother Brandon.

In the clip, Kelly, Brenda and Ryan are casually talking on the hallway when suddenly Brenda's phone rings and it turns out to be Dylan. Kelly, although shocked by the fact that Dylan calls to Brenda's phone, takes the call when Brenda said he wants to talk to her. Ryan who has developed an interest in Kelly, finds out for the first time who Dylan is.

It was also hinted that the episode will reveal Brandon's whereabouts.

Clip From "90210" 1.06:

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