Jonas Brothers, the Subject of Sex Contest by Radio Station, the Video

September 27, 2008 03:22:32 GMT

Anyone who is of legal age and can prove she is the first person to have sex with one of the brothers will get a $10,000 prize.

Jonas Brothers
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104.5 WSNX-FM, a radio station in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has launched a sex contest with Jonas Brothers as the subject, offering anyone who can be the first person to have sex with one of the brothers a $10,000 prize. The competition, called "Jump A Jonas", is challenging any females who are legal to have sex to be the first person to sleep with either Kevin Jonas or Joe Jonas. Nick Jonas isn't part of the competition since he has yet reached his age of consent.

"The boys talk a lot about purity and living a lifestyle free of temptation and while that is an excellent way to live your life, we wanted to know if everyone had their level of self-control," the radio station stated on the reason that prompted the contest. "We are offering a $10,000 bounty to the person that can 'jump a Jonas' and prove it. If you are able to legally bed down either of the two Jonas Brothers who are of legal age to do so and are able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did the deed, you can collect the $10,000 bounty."

104.5 WSNX-FM is asking at least two evidence of the sex encounter, one of which is a videotape. The "Jump A Jonas" contest has become talk of the town and several people have posted comments on the radio's official website about what they think about it.


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posted by mitchi jonesfan on Feb 19, 2010
i think this is sick and wrong! even if i had the opertunity to have sex with them i would do becuase i loved them and becuase they likedit! not becuase of a stuipid contest
posted by Lauren B. on Nov 24, 2009
wowwww...can you say these people have no life??? the jonas brothers are amazing for what they believe! in fact i plan on getting a purity ring soon! this radio station needs a good sock(punch) in the face!
posted by jonasbrothers#1Fan on Oct 23, 2009
what the hell!?! those people should respect the jonas brothers, i mean why do they peek on them... they're regular people too you know.this is very disrespectful it makes me mad. LOVE~PEACE~JONAS i<3JB
posted by matt\'s gf on Mar 29, 2009
OMG. That radio station is sick and I gues as a big problem with the Jonas Brothers. I hope no one will do that.The radio station is just jealous of the jo bros.Especially the guys.
posted by Ali on Feb 22, 2009
I cannot even find a word to describe this contest! How can some people make fun of something so serious?? The Jonas Brothers have decided to remain pure until marriage and nobody can judge them for that! It is their choice to do whatever they want with their lives and the least that I can say is that people who make fun of that should really be ashamed of themselves!
posted by Anie - LONDON (: on Feb 21, 2009
Ha. I am not going to post a huge hate message. This competition made me laugh so hard. Just imagine seducing a Jonas Brother while trying to make sure its all videotaped and everything. I mean, really. I bet this is just some sort of scam to get more listeners or whatever else you Radio stations do xD Plus, the rings arent a sign of the fact that they wont have sex, its just something there to remind them of their values and manners and stuff. It doesnt mean they are going to be virgins till marriage entirely. So, its probably possible to "Jump a Jonas" but I dont think they are likely to sleep with a random stranger unless they are having an overdose :L
posted by joe/ \'s jonas fan 9 on Jan 27, 2009
I hope the jonas brothers dont do it cause this is very wrong very very wrong!!! this is disrespectful to the jonas brothers and why do people want to do this i hope no one will do this to the jonas brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Sharliee... on Dec 13, 2008
OMJ thats just disrespectful, the boys arent that stupid to let some random girl have sex with them! Big deal its sex why is it such a big issue about what the boys want to do with there purity? What sick freaks i hope they get sued millions of dollars!! PEACE.LOVE.JONAS
posted by Bella on Dec 13, 2008
That radio station have big issues with purity dont they? Whats wrong with them being virgins till marrage, there very religious and no one should disrespect them and there morals, I HOPE THOSE JERKS GO TO HELL AND THE BOYS BETTER SUE!!!!
posted by Laura on Nov 24, 2008
ok so what if theyve already had sex that has nothing to do with the rest of the world eaven if they think so! all three of them have great personalities and thats the main point right? :)
posted by kishonna on Nov 17, 2008
how idiotic! i mean wtf is there problem???people talk like purity is so bad and all they r is trying 2 crack the jonas brothers and make them seem like they aren't as pure as they "seem".well u know what??they can go SUCK THEMSELVES for being perverted knowing there are millions of girls dat would wanna win this contest but none of them will bcuz i trust dat the jonas brothers have enough class to not have sex like they say they won't until marriage!
posted by Wishin.For.Nick.J on Nov 07, 2008
I have to say that is really repulsive. Just because they are actually good famous stars people want to see this. Why do people so this to them. All they like to do is sing and act and they are very good at both! So if I ever see someone from that radio station I can honestly say they will not like the outcome. It's rude.
posted by Bubbles1437 on Nov 05, 2008
What tha hell This is soooooooooooooo tight you should respect their beliefs not trying to make them break they are amazing they need someone that is going to treat them right
posted by jake44 on Oct 26, 2008
Lol.....this should be a good one,i mean come on making a vow to hold sex is impossible, unless they are.......
posted by nono on Oct 25, 2008
this station is sick and it relly makes me made.
posted by Elora on Oct 24, 2008
This radio station is honestly rude and arrogant. If they or anyone else thinks that ruining a persons life and view in other peoples eyes is funny that is just morally wrong. Many girls may read this and not be a legal age and think its ok to have sex with ppl not only the jonas brothers. When i first heard and learned more about the jonas brothers i feel in love with them and their beliefs. I respect them with all my heart. I now 2 wear a purity ring and i plan to stand by my promise as they have. I believe no one can change their beliefs and hurt them like this radio station is trying to. The jonas brothers have been raised right and have lived in the hectic world of music and hollywood and havent been on any sex scandals like many others have doing what they do. There are not a lot of men out there like nick joe and kevin and there should. Nick is amazing in my eyes, i love him soo much. And joe and kevin are funny and just look like amazing men to get to know. But not to ruin their life by "jumping them" but by loving them and respecting them for who they are and what they do. They are great role models, and the radio station obviously is not.
posted by Marecia13 on Oct 21, 2008
OSSOM!!(awesome) lol totally dude this is soo cool and funny so much to your purity haha inyoface jonas bros jfyi im becks bff really i am im dead serious people sooo not kidding man i mean really you have to believe me shes like right here i can see her like dude this is the total truth like dude ma bff in the whole wide world (beside biggie stephi micheal linda tido and lukas) i know that you dont give a crap so you all can go and die have a nice day!!
posted by Becks on Oct 18, 2008
Oh please! That's just sick! I've never seen/heard something so respectless and immature thing before! Someone should sue this radio station, or Jonas' lawyer should eat the radio-crew for lunch;)
posted by innocent..♥ on Oct 18, 2008
This is a bullshit and abject, infantile, conniring. I'm s.. >:(
posted by superchick13 on Oct 17, 2008
What the heck? Is nothing sacred anymore?!
posted by Rochelle on Oct 11, 2008
Okay first of all Kennii that is really sad that you are thinking about having sex at 14 years old. I myself am 15 and still don't think about that. And secondly that radio station is dumb as hell! There are acuatlly good guys out there are care about other things then having sex. No one will ever see that ten thousand!
posted by Kennii on Oct 11, 2008
posted by Sarah on Oct 10, 2008
This radio station must be out of there mind offering money to someone is pathetic enough to do such a low thing. It is completely disrespectful and inappropriate for a radio station to put up a competition like this!!
posted by Nicole♥\'sJB on Oct 09, 2008
THAT RADION STATION IS CORRUPT. That is actual sick. It is so disrespectful to the Jonas Brothers. I am actual so pissed off now, it is wrong and i am very sure that if they saw this they would be so wrong. They would protect their values and morals AND they would not go and film themselves having sex because they are not like that. This radio station is sick and disrespectful. And i am very sure they wouldnt do that anyway. The Jonas Brothers should definetly sue the radio station because i will definetly be behind Nick, Kevin and Joe one hundred percent.
posted by OMJ_Nick rocks my so on Oct 07, 2008
this is soo stupid u guys r a maniac or something probably sick!I love Nick but still I love Joe n Kevin n its a bad thing u guy thought it would b a great idea like: -Lets do this competition n we will broke their purity hahah! But noo i met them n they r really sweet i dont think they would do that n y would they?they r not U!!! U can go to prison or somethin for that not kiddin!!!Well u deserve it! U BASTERS!!!
posted by joe fan on Oct 07, 2008
i hope joe and kevin dont do this stupid contest becouse they do need to follow their beleifs
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by joe\'s jonas fan 97 on Oct 07, 2008
i think this radio station is sick i want to know why people do this to celebs like the jonas brothers becouse they have beliefs just like us
posted by Annoyed Fan on Oct 06, 2008
This is so demeaning. I hope the Jonas Brothers in the mercy don't sue this ASS FOR EVERTHING HE OWNS. Gosh I think I just had a stroke. How ignorant can people get?
posted by Raqquelle on Oct 03, 2008
So.. did they really slept with a girl??
posted by Bec on Oct 03, 2008
How can people find it funny to mess with their beliefs?! They're NOT the only stars out there with purity rings and most applaude them for being willing and wanting to promise themselves to whomever they marry This competition is horrible and a waste of time and money
posted by rayelle on Oct 02, 2008
posted by Kerry on Oct 01, 2008
okay yeah i know its incredibly disrespectful and I'm sure the jo bros know about it. but seriously, who can read this article and not help but laugh. its hysterical!
posted by elaine<3joe jonas on Sep 30, 2008
Wth this is so sick nd wrong...tha jo bros should sue those ppl!!!
posted by Chelsea on Sep 30, 2008
that is SOO disrespectfull and stupid. they are allowed to stay pure and not going to give in. i think the radio people are jelouse that the jonas brothers have all the attention. they sure got my attention. this really really makes me very mad. :0
posted by im a baller on Sep 30, 2008
this is fuckin hilarious not the actual story but the reaction from all you dumbasses out there. these guys have just as much right to have this contest as the jonas brothers have to be "pure"
posted by tiffany on Sep 30, 2008
I find this horrible! What kind of sane person would do that? But wait! They are insane. Why try to get some guy to break a promise to themselves for money? Wouldn't they have the guilt haunt them for their entire life? these people are sick. And if the radio station hasn't noticed so many girls look up to the purity pledge that the Jonas Brothers and other teen celebrity's took.
posted by Ingried* on Sep 30, 2008
Extremely disrespectful and rude...not to mention a BIG invasion of privacy. Leave the poor kids alone! As if their personal choices are a harm to anyone...These guys totally rock, and as a fan I think they are great role models. So, guys, don't pay attention to this nonsense and keep up the good work! WE LOVE YOU!
posted by cassi3 on Sep 30, 2008
i luv 2 but i dnt think soooo!!!! luv u jobrozzzz (P.SHOP3 U HAV FUN!!)LOL=) LMAO=)
posted by cziana on Sep 30, 2008
posted by cziana on Sep 30, 2008
posted by kaitlyn on Sep 29, 2008
this is sick and wrong
posted by Abby on Sep 29, 2008
Wat the hell is the matter with that radio station? and who came up with that contest? do they have any respect for others? i mean wat if they were the subject of the contest? that is so disgusting. the jobros need to sue or do something about this. This is just rude and disrespectful.
posted by xXCaRm3nXx on Sep 29, 2008
This is just disrepectful and disgusting!if you were a jb fan you would respect their wishes of staying pure! i mean seriously next thing you know whenever you see the jonas brothers you'll have to see a naked girl trying to have sex with one of them! don't you think it would've made sense to have the jonas brothers have some say in this???THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD THINK BEFORE WE SPEAK!!!DIDN'T YOUR MOM EVER TEACH YOU ABOUT RESPECT?! sure you're grown and can do what ever you want but you don't have to act like a complete retard who has no life and has nothing better to do than to give these cute and polite boys a LIVING NIGHTMARE! I DONT THINK IV'E EVER BEEN SO ANGRY WHERE I WRITE THIS PROPER AND IN COMPLETE SENTENCES!
posted by Robbie on Sep 29, 2008
boycott!!!, this is disrespectful, indecent, its disgusting actually. perverted radio hosts, your mother would be ashamed of you, oops she probably already died of embarrassment
posted by ilovejonas11 on Sep 29, 2008
that's so disrespectful. to anyone.
posted by katie on Sep 29, 2008
wow, i can honestly say im ashamed to be from michigan. what a disgrace.
posted by Kaylin on Sep 29, 2008
WHAT KIND OF A CONTEST IS THIS? this is completely disgraceful. you radio people should be ashamed of yourselves. PERVERTS! ya'll should be sued.
posted by lalala on Sep 29, 2008
am I the only one who finds this funny? I guess so! :P
posted by sv08 on Sep 29, 2008
wtf ?!!! this is ludicrouss!
posted by ALYSSA_ireland_JB <3 on Sep 29, 2008
posted by gothgril on Sep 28, 2008
what the fuck is rong with that radio station? the jobros should sue!!!!!
posted by aubry on Sep 28, 2008
wow.. so cruel to disregard their faith and try to get girls to jump em... its so sad, funny! but very sad...
posted by Britney on Sep 28, 2008
This radio station is sick the jonas brothers would never do this! Get a life!!
posted by asma on Sep 28, 2008
that radio station is sick! my god first they dont want kids to have sick and now they are encouraging it! what bull****
posted by LKay on Sep 28, 2008
This is disgusting. These people need to understand that others have values and beliefs. Please respect that. The Jonas Brothers are setting a great example: why is everyone trying to prove them wrong? Not everyone wants to be a slut and a whore. This is low and so disrespectful, and these people should be punished for even suggesting a sick contest like this.
posted by J.K on Sep 28, 2008
This is beyond crossing the line and so uncalled for. I don't undersand why people are so desperate to ruin good role models. Why is it a crime to have standards and beliefs?
posted by JonasRocks on Sep 28, 2008
omg what the hell is this radio station's problem!!!! yeah sue them for all they money they got!!!!!!!!
posted by saywhat on Sep 28, 2008
this is so stupid! how can they encourage it ? first they were like,"too much kids having sex" and now they are asking them to,"jump a jonas"? what the hell is wrong with them ? THEY ARE SO DAMN SICK AND PERVERTED! The JO.BROS should seriously sue the radio station... PURITY is NOT bad, totally right, that's what make them so wonderful and respectful,who ever made this up is very low life and they expect the girls to tape it so to prove it... Which girl who ever thought of really doing it, is really whores.. How can they even air it? why isnt the police doing anything about it huh!!!!! man, i love them but not until that extent!
posted by DesertOasis1988@aol. on Sep 28, 2008
This is the sickest thing I have ever heard of. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about the fact that I used to live in Michigan near Grand Rapids. And even more so that I used to listen to that radio station. People have a right to choose the life's they live. If they want to wait until they are married to have sex then so be it. No one has the right to make them do so before hand. What this radio station is doing is discourteous, to their life still choice. This radio station is making a mockery of their FREEDOM OF CHOICE. Its sickening and wrong in every sense of the word. They should be sued. For attempted whoring. Paying Girls to have sex with guys. Makes those girls whores. Whoever agrees to this ludicrous idea should be tarred, feathered and hung from the flag pole by their underwear. ( >D If only it were Legal). I hope that the Jonas brothers don't believe that all girls are so crude as to go through with such a scandal as this one. I also hope that the Good for nothing pre-mature ejaculating ass holes at the Radio station 104.5 WSNX FM BURN IN HELL!!!!!! For ever starting such a Disrespectful contest which is a Violation of Civil rights. The Freedom of choice. Lots of Love For The Jonas Brothers. (Hugs) XX ~*~Heather. K. from Texas~*~
posted by Julie on Sep 28, 2008
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA OH MY GOODNESS! of course i agree that its stupid and that i know they wouldnt do that. but AHA THAT IS HILARIOUS! BAHAHA i literally laughed out loud... dude, thats pathetically hilarious!
posted by A II Z on Sep 28, 2008
woahh sue the radio station T.T sick and disrepectful gahhhhhh JB's aint gonna break their promises for some crazii contest LOL pure nonsense T.T
posted by outraged on Sep 28, 2008
iv never been more outraged this is just so.....outrageous!
posted by disgusted on Sep 28, 2008
abseloutly repulsive like the jonas brothers are ever gunna break their promise. And the boys are never gonna agree to this. this radio station shudd be definately sued. }:O
posted by Matt on Sep 28, 2008
We all know they're fags anyway. No female's gonna win this contest.
posted by Jenna on Sep 28, 2008
Sue em!! this contest is outrageous. Those ppl have no right to do this. This makes me sick! And I know that Jonas Brother's r not gonna break their promise just bcuz of some contest.
posted by Saywhat?! on Sep 28, 2008
i'm wth everyone that says the JB should sue the radion station. Those ppl r SOOOo... disrespectful. And the person who started this stupid contest is a complete perv.
posted by Elena on Sep 28, 2008
lol cant wait to see whos gonna be the first!
posted by MICKEY on Sep 28, 2008
posted by rianna on Sep 28, 2008
the radio station are dicks why would they even want to do that. the radio station should go to hell for what they're doing. My the way i love the Jonas brothers not in that way their music.
posted by Julietta on Sep 28, 2008
well this is incredibly...brainless. Whatever they're trying to prove or do is humiliating to them!Do they really have nothing better to do than asking a bunch of girls to prostitute themselves? sex for money. sound similar?yes. except this is out in the open ofcourse!! shouldn't this be illegal?! why can't people get over trying to see when the jonas brothers lose their virginity and figure out why they weren't strong enough to keep theirs? with so many diseases out there you don't just having intercourse with that person but whoever they had intercourse with before you!! gross!! be sure to stay pure, so you don't end up, praying for a cure!! think about your future, although it might not seem to matter now it will when as an adult std's arent a truoble for you!
posted by ladye on Sep 28, 2008
the radio station should be sued.because its a sick comp. and its even disrespectful of the radio station to suggest that.and everyone knows that the jonas brothers people and want agree to that if they all ready haven't.
posted by Alexandra Hickox on Sep 28, 2008
Good heavens this very very very bloody stupid thing i ever hear!! jonas brothers is the best when they made a promise to keep their virgin until marriage they make that promise and it made best role model and bands ever. there no way jonas brother ever do this i bet they think this is stupid i hope jonas will sue and keep their virgin until marriage, this radio poeple need to get a life and respect famous and people's feeling and their life. what wrong with you people! LOVE AND SEX AND MARRIAGE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MONEY WHO CARE ABOUT MONEY!. Damn this is really stupid! and Don't u dare to break their promise and ruin their life! Jonas brothers is the best bands ever.
posted by Abbey on Sep 28, 2008
This is sick. The Jonas Brothers would never do something like this, and this radio station shouldnt be encouraging girls to think like this. I'm so upset at this right now, they know the Jonas Brothers are good guys and they're trying to mess them up. Just leave them alone and stop trying to mess them up, because they're not going to do anything wrong like that. They should really sue, this is stupid and so disrespecful.
posted by Amanda on Sep 28, 2008
This is sick. People need to get a freaking life. That is disrespectful and insulting to those boys and their beliefs. Disgusting.
posted by aimee on Sep 28, 2008
if people think saving sex till marrige is bad why not start a "KIDS HAVE SEX" campaigne?
posted by jessica on Sep 28, 2008
agreed, choice of chasity has nothing to do with no one. it is a personal desicion!
posted by Danielle on Sep 28, 2008
this is is disrespectful! it makes me sick to see people in America DO this! The jonas brothers desision of chasity has nothing to do with their music or career, it is a personal thing so why does the media ALWAYS have to get involved?
posted by kishonna on Sep 28, 2008
how idiotic! i mean wtf is there problem???people talk like purity is so bad and all they r is trying 2 crack the jonas brothers and make them seem like they aren't as pure as they "seem".well u know what??they can go SUCK THEMSELVES for being perverted knowing there are millions of girls dat would wanna win this contest but none of them will bcuz i trust dat the jonas brothers have enough class to not have sex like they say they won't until marriage!
posted by rachel on Sep 28, 2008
oh gosh, thats so disrespectful.. how can anyone do that? i wonder what the jonas brothers would have said.. this makes me so mad !! i love the jonas broths <33
posted by Jenna on Sep 28, 2008
wow, that is messed up. aww, the Jonas Brothers are so cute. lol, just thought i'd throw that out there :)
posted by Laura loves JB <3 on Sep 28, 2008
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT RADIO STATION?!?!?!?!?!?!? i totally agree with all the comments saying how distespectful it is ti=o the Jonas Brothers. I mean like Jaimie Lynn Spears got trashed by the media 4 being pregnant, and Miley Cyrus got trashed for taking pictures of herself in a towel, and now the medias trashing the jonas brothers for NOT having sex? and starting a contest to see who can come in with a sex tape and dna proof that they had sex with a jonas??? THAT MAKES ME SICK!!! what kind of a person does that? and fr all those people who are thinking of trying to fake it... GET A LIFE!! JB are amazing and why does everyne have to be so negatice about everything? they get trashed everywhere they go (like the vma's) because of a personal decision tht means something to them and people shuld respect that. Im so sorry to the jonas brothers for all this shit they have to deal with and thumbs up to all those true fans who like all three brothers and would never do something so selfish and rude to hurt the jonas brothers. i think they should sue.
posted by aardvark on Sep 28, 2008
finally something to stop thier music yay!...good job radio station!
posted by jobrosrule on Sep 28, 2008
posted by jessica<3joe. on Sep 28, 2008
man you guys are idiots. i cant wait till you get sued. you ppl jsut wasted your time. obviously your on drugs. no wonder they have big rob, to keep away freaks like you! ehh.
posted by jonasbrosbby:D on Sep 28, 2008
what is wrong with this radio station! i would be so offended if i was jb. you dont put money on love. idiots. especially the jonas brothers. obviously you know nothing about them. goshh. lets see how mnay freaking ppl it takes to jump you you freaking idiots. (in the bad way jump lol)
posted by joeswife(ps dont tel on Sep 28, 2008
This radio station is so wrong! whoever started this competition is sick and preverted.the jobros will keep there promises because they no what is right and are following god. but i no one thing the people who started this contest should be sued and then fired and then hung upside down by thier toes at the jobros next concert!!!!! : )
posted by sparkula20000 on Sep 28, 2008
The Jonas Brothers wouldn't even consider doing that!! This radio station is digusting!!! Who would even think about making a contest like this!!!
posted by Emily on Sep 28, 2008
This is sick. I live in Michigan, and this is an embarassment.
posted by bry on Sep 27, 2008
this is disgusting and wrong. JB should sue! its putting their lives in danger cuz of the crazy ppl now wanting to do it with them. of course, nobody's going to win...
posted by lynnosb20 on Sep 27, 2008
hello why do u think that this contest is right purity is a good thing an by having this contest ur saying is bad please take it down
posted by Cody on Sep 27, 2008
What kind of a sick person would do this? it's horrible! it's rude, and I'm surprised the jonas brothers aren't doing anything about this... i love them and i don't want anything to happen to them (:
posted by jo bro fan on Sep 27, 2008
How dare you u silly man apoligizie to the boys next time you see them the boys made a promise do u honestly think they would break that. u idiot their not stupid but appearantly u are for madeing this stupid competion its rude and degradeing to them just cos they wear ourity rings thank god the jonas,s are gentlemen un like you u pig i hope they giv u an ear full.
posted by jb rocz on Sep 27, 2008
you asses no one is going to sleep with the jonas brothers i dont think any one wants to sleep with the jonas brothers because of their rings you guys are bogus god your probablyoffering 10,000 dollars for any one who wants to sleep with you retards cause no one wants you any way get a life and get real
posted by adorkablecutie on Sep 27, 2008
When I read this I was like what the heck! How can someone even think of this. First, this would be impossible to accomplish, and they would NEVER in a million years agree to do that with anyone. This is crazy and stupid. Yeah this is putting the Jonas Brothers lives in danger because who knows what some crazy fans will do. Someone should put a stop to this contest.
posted by Robin on Sep 27, 2008
I agree that the brothers should sue. This "contest" is not going to do anything but cause crazed stalkers to get even more crazed. This is putting the Jonas Brothers' safety on the line. Everyone should boycott this radio station. And kick the ass of the person who started this contest.
posted by Michael on Sep 27, 2008
There has to be some sort of legal action the Jonas family can take against this radio station. Any lawyers in the house?
posted by Michelle on Sep 27, 2008
that is so wrong, these are their descions. and they are setting a good example, this is rude and disrespectful on so many levels !
posted by Aaron on Sep 27, 2008
The people who created this contest evidently have nothing better to do with their lives. There is nothing wrong with abstinance. It just shows that there are people with values. (I also wear a purity ring!) Also, kudos to Jordin Sparks at the VMAs for totally dissing Russel Brand!
posted by channel on Sep 27, 2008
This is so stupid. If they made a commitment of not having sex until married theyre not going to have sex with any girl who just wants to sleep with them to get money..! Thats being a prostitute..
posted by Kate on Sep 27, 2008
This is ridiculous! The media go on and on about Jamie-Lyn spears getting pregnant, and Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus's nude photos and the fact that these girls are supposed to be role models..and then these boys are being great role models and this stupid radio station is going to reward someone for trying to make them stuff up so that the media can abuse them and call them irresponsible. What sort of a message does this send out to young people..
posted by c on Sep 27, 2008
Dumb contest! good way to get listeners & attention. this will NEVER happen. It is a shame that the only way people can get attention is to try to create garbage stories about good people.
posted by woww. on Sep 27, 2008
posted by Jess on Sep 27, 2008
this is a stupid contest! and you ever came up with it is a real idiot.
posted by Kassandra on Sep 27, 2008
what is so wrong with 3 wonderful guys not wanting to have sex like everyother guy. thats what makes them different. his contest is sick and the radio station is very wrong for doing this. just leave them alone they are the most wondeful and respectful guys that this world will ever know of. they have expectations and people are just being really mean. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! they did nothing to you. its up to them to have sex now this freakin radio station is gonna pay a girl to have sex with them for money. now thats just wrong. and plus no one is gonna get with JB. its just not gonna happen. there to smart for that and they have to stick to there morals. so really this contest needs to stop. AND the jonas brothers dont like sluty girls who are gonna try to get with them. ughhhh it makes me so made and its so disrespectful!!!
posted by jenn on Sep 27, 2008
this is horrible that dj is a jerk. itis so disrespectful. he can't even respect someone's personal decisions. the jonas brothers have set an excellent example. i have chosen to remain pure just like many other girls have. not every girl plans to do it with a guy. this really makes me angry. I know jb will not have sex till marrige no matter what. keep rockin JB
posted by jonas brothers #1 fa on Sep 27, 2008
this is so disgusting thing ive ever seen.thanks to them any girl that needs money would go and call them and the jonas brothers will lose thier career.:@:@
posted by bellafania on Sep 27, 2008
what (ASSES) this is soo stupid!! this radio station is going down!!! this makes me oh!! someone needs to take this down NOW,NOW!!! the jonas brothers did nothing to you so leave them alone!!!( how hard is that)?????? omg.. i have a PURITY RING and i like having one!!! its not a bad thing to have (not one bit)!!! they are such nice and cute boys!!! when they want to have sex they will.. so get over the fact that this contest is not going to work.. so stop wasting your time one it!!! (ASSES)
posted by miley cyrus on Sep 27, 2008
they wouldnt do this, it is pathetic and shameful and very embarassing, i know i wouldnt like it if it happened to me! :@
posted by Abygail on Sep 27, 2008
this contest is so bogus what is wrong with th jb waiting till they are married 2 have sex??? they r christians and wear purity rings they r just like every other person on this earth except they r in the public eye, so would the station do this to a normal guy who no one has heard of? NO so why r they doing this to the jb???? think about it
posted by jbfan on Sep 27, 2008
this is the most disgusting contest ever jb should sue these guys
posted by Mrs.Jonas on Sep 27, 2008
I wanna be first!!!
posted by Cindy on Sep 27, 2008
This is not right. Does Purity Rings not mean anything anymore? What's so wrong with someone wanting to stay pure still marriage anymore? Waiting for that one special person to spend the rest of their life with? That radio station is just disgusting and should not be doing that. Disrespectful to the max.
posted by Mary on Sep 27, 2008
lol hilarious now they'd have to tight more their pants cause the girls are going to get a lot wilder now! xD, poor dudes, they are going to have a hard time trying not to break their values if they hadnt break them already.
posted by giverespecttothejona on Sep 27, 2008
please, with all the problems our world is having right now, you want to make MORE of them? come on, who in their right mind would ever want this for themselves, or the jonas brothers. if they love JB so much, why want to harm them... plus its kinda impossible... does chastity mean anything these days? or respect? jeez, this is disgusting, THANKS to all the people who support the jonas brothers and want them to ignore and not give in to crap like this.
posted by Liz on Sep 27, 2008
Totally disrespectful and rude. Why is it so difficult for some people to let other people's personal choices alone?
posted by theworldiscrazy on Sep 27, 2008
whattt??!?!? how is this even permitted? the jonas brothers are people with moral standards... not just parts of a "contest" thats ridiculously stupid, immoral, wrong,IMPOSSIBLE, and immature. let them have their own beliefs and whomever created this is a psycho. so are the people who will actually try to "win". get lives people... please.
posted by sammyb9190 on Sep 27, 2008
that is a terrible choice it is the jonas brothers' chioce to save themselves for marriage and I think they are doing any honorable thing especially since they are in the public eye. No one should make fun of them for that!! It's their choice, leave them alone! I love JB and everything they stand for.
posted by u r retards on Sep 27, 2008
This is just wrong. The Jonas Brothers r great guys with morals And im so sorry u guys are jealous cuz you dont have any. Purity rings and great things and i feel sorry for the people that have sick minds and sit around and think about this stuff and target innocent people. Sorry but they have morals and u dont. Ur just jealous cuz nobody would sleep with you guys for 10,000. you wish. They have dignity and self control. You should be ashamed!
posted by Maria on Sep 27, 2008
This so sick and disgusting and they have purity rings I dont think they are gonna break that promise for a girl they just met who ever did this contest is so sick.
posted by jbfan1 on Sep 27, 2008
this is SOOOO retarded!! jb totally should sue. people are sick
posted by jbaus on Sep 27, 2008
This is disgusting. They should give a full apology to The Jonas Brothers!
posted by Chelsea on Sep 27, 2008
What the f*** are you thinking why the heck would you do something like that i love the jonas brothers and i hope they sue cause thats just wrong they made a commitment and your having a contest to try and break that commitment
posted by I ♥ JB on Sep 27, 2008
This is wrong and discusting! who would do that to someone! how can this person live with what they are doing? what point are you trying to make? its sick and disrespectful! you can keep your dirty, stupid money because the Jonas Brothers would never do anything like that! what do you have against them? The Jonas Brothers are respected because of their purity and you are just trying to take that respect away from them! Think about how many people you are hurting and now how many people will be against you!
posted by SH_x_This.Is.Me on Sep 27, 2008
this 'competition is stupid, pathetic and degrading. those three amazing guys wear purity rings for a reason. do you really think that they would lower themselves to that level? this just makes me so mad, i actually CANNOT believe that some idiotic radio station would make such a degrading, horrible and sick competition! kevin joe and nick would probably be disgusted with this competition. They are guys with morals and i don't understand why people are yet again making a mock of their purity rings and abstinance. I am personally horrified to hear that there is such a competition. It makes me so mad :[ :[ :[
posted by Amy on Sep 27, 2008
I think The Jonas Brother's are awesome! but this 'competition' is sick and twisted!!! the Jonas Brothers have always been great to fans and now if they met fans they could put their lives in danger It will also lose their trust in fans!! they don't go around doing a 'paris hilton' or anything because THEY ACTUALLY HAVE RESPECT ARE MORALS!!!!. I find them quite gentlemanly which is sometimes hard to find nowadays!! They have a lot of respect for women and self-respect for themselves! Don't let anything stop you and keep rocking out Jonas Brothers!
posted by becky on Sep 27, 2008
i cant believe this. the people at that radio station are sick. the jonas brothers are great role models and shouldnt be made fun of for it.
posted by allie on Sep 27, 2008
really? are you kidding me? how much of a jack-ass do you have to think being pure is a bad thing? you know the world is crap when hollywood PUTS PEOPLE DOWN FOR HAVING FREAKING BELIEFS! take down the contest. rediculous jack-asses.
posted by Chloe on Sep 27, 2008
What a disgrace this radio station is, they are really sick in the head. Of course, they are just jealous of the enormous popularity and respect that the Jonas Brothers enjoy and rightly so too. Get a life you losers at the station. I'm telling everyone now....BOYCOTT THIS RADIO STATION UNTIL THEY STOP THIS OFFENSIVE SELF PUBLICITY STUNT AND APOLOGISE TO THE BOYS.
posted by booboo on Sep 27, 2008
it is a bit odd but its not as if its actually going to happen! the jonas brothers are probably laughing at it and are soo flattered. besides if they say they are going to be virgins until marriage then theres no problem as no one wll even win the contest, so dont get your knickers in a tiwst girlies! just cos you want it to be you, get a life with guys that will actually love you back.
posted by lmmgreen on Sep 27, 2008
wow, what a stupid contest, like anyone would ever win. the first girl to sleep with them will a.) be their wife and b.) not care about the money. they just want to come up with a "cool" contest in which they will never have to give the prize away.
posted by kenz on Sep 27, 2008
THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!! and not the kind of thing that's funny even though it's terrible. this is just sick. what kind of person would want to pay people to sleep with teh jonas brothers. and all that proof? gross.
posted by Shazza on Sep 27, 2008
OMG what absolute losers. I just do not get why no-one can respect that they have the complete right to wear purity rings if they want to. That is just... something that cannot be described with words. Absolute lowlives.
posted by love_jb on Sep 27, 2008
what jurks. leave them alone. your just jealous they have more self worth then you and can control themselves. the world doesnt revolve around sex!!
posted by Someone who cares on Sep 27, 2008
The people running this contest are perverts! And how dare you put the JB's lives and personal happiness in jeopardy! The Jonas brothers should SUE!!! Ya thats right SUE! I hope that you get sent to jail for very long time. And you definitely will get an earful if the JB's lawyers see this. So i suggest that you take this contest down before you get into trouble and you really should publicly apologize to Joe and Kevin for being so disrespectful. PERVERT!!
posted by Catherine on Sep 27, 2008
they need to respect the guys. Kevin doesnt have to worry about it though, I hear he is engaged to an old friend turned lover (well lover minus sex) I think it is admirabe, but poor nick, still has at least 4 years to go (unless he marries at 18 or 19) GO JONAS BROTHERS!
posted by :) on Sep 27, 2008
who ever made the competition is a loser. you would have to be a complete saddo to waste your time thinking of something like that
posted by Emyjoey on Sep 27, 2008
haha this is kinda stupid, but the Jonas Brothers would never do something like this, and most of their fans arn't even legal age! Some arn't even double digits!! wtf this is retarted!
posted by ashley is pretty muc on Sep 27, 2008
yeah. that pretty much pisses me off. who in the hell do thsoe people think they are. jb should sue. not even for money. they should sue that that freaking radio station gets shut down forever, and who ever made up that dumb idea, never get a job again, and force them to become a pirate. FREAKiNG RETARTED. seriously. im going to gouge someone's eyeballs out. ughh.
posted by Sarina on Sep 27, 2008
why is it so wrong that three guys would like to stay virgin's till they are married?? so what if they are making a decision to stay pure to themselvs. it's their life they can do whatever they choose to do with it. and if waiting till they are married to have sex is something they want to do then it's up to them. girls do it all the time why cant guys??
posted by Veronica on Sep 27, 2008
Like, whats your problem!!! They aren't stupid to do that, especially with a camera taping them.Im sure you can find free porn on the internet, you disgusting perv!!!
posted by nicklover_126 on Sep 27, 2008
U GUYZ ARE JERKS !! who ever made this up is very disrespectful and has no life!
posted by Kamama on Sep 27, 2008
That Just Pisses Me Off!!!! They Have No Right To Do That!!!
posted by jen on Sep 27, 2008
they should sue this radio station.
posted by Manal Sohail on Sep 27, 2008
This is Sick and Waaaaayyyyy IMPOSSIBLE
posted by Manal Sohail on Sep 27, 2008
This is SICK And Waaaaaayyyyyy IMPOSSIBLE
posted by cassie on Sep 27, 2008
That is so rude. Whoever thought of that is a complete ass who has absolutely no values
posted by Claire on Sep 27, 2008
this is just a waist of time ! omg so disgusting ! however NO ONE is gonna win this. they're the most polite boys you'll ever see! and PURITY is NOT bad, totally right, that's what make them so wonderful and respectful, and you should take that as an example.. JONAS BROTHERS ROCK. so get a life. and leave them alone.. and keep your stupid money cause that's totally NOT gonna happen >:(
posted by Julia on Sep 27, 2008
posted by marie on Sep 27, 2008
this is ao stupid and this radio station should be sued. i love the jonas brothers and they are a great example to follow. this just makes me very angry.
posted by Lauren on Sep 26, 2008
that radio station is sick and disrespectful. this really makes me mad >:O

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