Beyonce Knowles Holds Back New Singles

September 25, 2008 03:56:16 GMT

Reportedly taking into consideration that Michelle Williams will release her album on the same day she drops 'If I Were a Boy' and 'Single Ladies', Beyonce Knowles pushes back the two songs.

Beyonce Knowles
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Similar to Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles reportedly decides to push back new songs from her upcoming album. "If I Were a Boy" and "Single Ladies" were planned to hit the airplay on October 7 but it will not come out until October 14.

While Britney reportedly resets her "Womanizer" release schedule due to unfinished material, Beyonce is rumored to decide the delay because her former band mate Michelle Williams (II) is reportedly unhappy to drop her "Unexpected" LP closer to the release date of the two Beyonce's tunes. No statement is available from the two singers concerning the gossip.

Furthermore, Beyonce will launch her third effort, tentatively called "Virtuoso Sasha", on November 18 and has already filmed music videos for the advance singles from the album. Meanwhile, Michelle's also-third effort is expected to hit the stores on October 7.

Elsewhere, Beyonce secures number two in the list of 2008 Forbes' annual best-paid musicians. She has earned $80 millions this year. Meanwhile, lingering at number one is The Police who manage to pocket $115 millions from June 1, 2007 to June 1, 2008, thanks to their one-off comeback tour.

The top 5 best-paid musicians according to Forbes:

  1. The Police with $115 million
  2. Beyonce Knowles with $80 millions
  3. Toby Keith with $48 millions
  4. Justin Timberlake with $44 millions
  5. Madonna with $40 millions


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posted by Frank on Aug 11, 2010
Beyonce,after jay z am your second husband.i love you
posted by bridie on Jun 02, 2010
beyonces an amazing star and deserves everything shes got because she worked so hard for it
posted by Tain Oo Yin on Feb 24, 2010
I like your acting and voice
posted by Joan on Feb 07, 2009
All yall haters.. rihanna is shit, trash anything you name it compared to beyonce.. beyonce is HOTT!! and i love her new album.. get a life all haters...coz we all know u cheap hos have nothin better to do. .. Yall can neva be her!!
posted by bia on Dec 15, 2008
posted by BIA on Dec 15, 2008
posted by b fan! on Oct 07, 2008
i was so stoked for her singles today AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! and michelles album i bout it a midnight last night XD
posted by jakeson06 on Oct 07, 2008
I was super stoked about today and hearing her songs but now i have to wait another week???...u hater need to stop talking ur sh*t...u all just jealous..and have nothing better to do than to hate on HOT, TALENTED ppl..get a life!!!!..BEYONCE #1!!!!
posted by playerboy47256 on Sep 28, 2008
all yall haters dont make no sense what so ever. beyonce needs to just keep doing her thang like she has been for the last 10 years. she dont need all yall haters weighing her down. what she is doing for michelle is nice. but i understand what you are saying. no need to hate on beyonce just because she looks, sings, dances, and acts better than yall. she probably waving to all yall haters. just stop.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
posted by wayne on Sep 28, 2008
You people sicken me. Beyonce has done nothing to deserve this viral attack. What? just because she is not a recovering drug addict or she wasnt adopted or she does have problem with alcohol you guys accuse her of all sorts of thing. Beautiful and talented, rich why dont you all listen to pink or amy whinehouse for al that woe is me type thing. Get off her back. Funnily its always women who have a problem especially black women. Shame shame shame.
posted by pat on Sep 27, 2008
It's funny how ignorance comes in big numbers that how our present president is in office.What a joke just because a lot of people like you, damm sure don't mean you are worthy of it.We need help in this country, and people worried about this tramp dropping a album, priorities where the hell are they!!
posted by chris on Sep 27, 2008
fakeyonce need to go sit down and be a wifey to that camel she married to.Its true the love of money is the root of all evil, she scared somebody gonna make a dime if she sneez.but I guess if I was married to azzie I would probably choose to be on the road too, instead of at home looking at his mug.
posted by silvia on Sep 27, 2008
this chick probably sick of her own self, If she could she would take a vacation from her self, Lord knows we need a break from this mediawhore.
posted by danelle on Sep 27, 2008
this chick probably laughing at all yall that run out and buys this chick nursery=rhyme sounding music,she probly saying as long as there are stupid people that love my stupid music I will never be broke, Thank God for dummies.
posted by shiela on Sep 27, 2008
you know we in a recession when all people got to look forward to is another album from this overated tired of being a pop star.
posted by latania on Sep 27, 2008
they haven't found a cure for this disease called beyoncitus yet, Damm somebody pass a bill so that we can get more schools for our kids to be doctors somebody need to stop this maddness Im not a hater I was vaccinated from this disease called beyoncitus!!!
posted by sheri on Sep 27, 2008
awww ain't that nice,Beyawnce postpones her album, so I dont have to hear this cow trying to outsing everybody, why don't she postpone it indefinitely so my ears can rest from that screeching she makes and then try to call it music.
posted by kerry on Sep 27, 2008
With all thse people loving beyawnnce so much, whats her husband suppose to do. Damm thats his job ain't it.Ill love the hefer when she dies for my sins and walks on water and can give me eternal life, until then I don't have no use for her.
posted by heather on Sep 27, 2008
I meant to say, they will be saying gurl I got to go get my beyawnces toilet paper!
posted by heather on Sep 27, 2008
why dont she write a song called If I had my own long hair! Since shes wearing everybody elses. This broad fifteen minutes is running overtime til we are about to puke. Every thing from that wack ass clothing line to that stupid phone. what's next bday toilet paper there would be a line of fools waiting to get it, I can haer them, Gurl you know I got to go my beyannce toilet paper, It's no wonder we are in this mess we are in today as many idiots that voted for bush also run out and buys this girl trash.
posted by KJ on Sep 27, 2008
Oops I meant talented...
posted by KJ on Sep 27, 2008
Beyonce is a talentented successful woman. Alot of people hate on her for no reason..why?? they have nothing better else to do. Beyonce keep doing your thing! You are a true inspiration. Keep up the good work!!
posted by Dr. Officer on Sep 26, 2008
posted by GO BEE on Sep 25, 2008
I love you Beyonce! You are the ultimate performer and work hard for your money. Your a great role model, you don't run around here showing your privates or being high off you ass. Thank you for doing your job and doing it well!
posted by sting on Sep 25, 2008
I can't stand Beyonce Knowles. She is so overrated. And will somebody please stop giving this girl movie roles. She sucks as an actress.
posted by Keyonce on Sep 25, 2008
That's so nice of Beyonce. Haters should shut up because once her single drops, it would whoop all their asses out.
posted by daniel on Sep 25, 2008
beyonce is trash nest to rihanna
posted by LOL on Sep 25, 2008
posted by eric on Sep 25, 2008
i love her she need to keep on doing good because her fans love her so beyonce let the haters hate
posted by eric on Sep 25, 2008
i love her she need to keep on doing good because her fans love her so beyonce let the haters hate

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