Sneak Peek to 'Prison Break' 4.06: Blow Out

September 23, 2008 05:04:31 GMT

Michael and his team will be drawn to a racetrack to find the next key card holder in the September 29 episode of Prison Break.

Sneak Peek to 'Prison Break' 4.06: Blow Out
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A sneak peek to the episode 4.06 of "Prison Break" is out. After visiting the Treasury Department in the last episode, Michael and his entourage will be drawn to a racetrack when pursuing the other key card holder in the episode called "Blow Out".

Meanwhile, Mahone gets caught with something priceless and Agent Self continues in pursue of Wyatt. T-Bag on his own accord, starts to figure out Whistler's code. "Blow Out" will be aired on FOX on September 29 at 9:00 P.M.

In the mean time, a scoop on Michael's condition has been suggested after he was seen having a nosebleed in the beginning of the fourth season. According to some sources, the nosebleed is not intended to kill Micheal but rather will be part of the show's biggest mystery this season. It has something to do with his mother's history, which reportedly will be unveiled on episode 7 aka next two weeks (October 6).

Prison Break 4.06 Preview:

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posted by johny on Oct 01, 2008
posted by i love PB on Sep 29, 2008
prisonbreaker .....you are the man
posted by prisonbreaker on Sep 24, 2008
FFUUCCKK all people complaining about PB4 its a great and different show, change the channel and watch some stupid MTV, let us fas enjoy the show, and its not wasting air time cause its been a success, for that reason we will have a 5 season period.
posted by babbs on Sep 23, 2008
Another boring episode FOX is wasting air time with this crappy show.
posted by babbssux on Sep 23, 2008
What do you know?
posted by you suck on Sep 23, 2008
you are friggin retarded babbs

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