'Hannah Montana: The Movie' Shifted Release Date Confirmed

September 23, 2008 03:47:21 GMT

The movie version of the popular Disney TV series have been moved up three weeks from its May 1, 2009 schedule.

'Hannah Montana: The Movie' Shifted Release Date Confirmed
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"Hannah Montana: The Movie" is coming out earlier than expected. Previously scheduled to be hitting the theaters on May 1, 2009, the comedy movie from Walt Disney Pictures has been officially pushed forward to April 10, 2009 date. The mouse house have let out a press release on the matter on Monday, September 22, according to MTV News.

In April 10 slot, "Hannah Montana" will be competing for the box office spot against Japanese anime adaptation from director James Wong "Dragonball" and Warner Bros. Pictures comedy starring Seth Rogen and Anna Faris, "Observe and Report". If it sticks with its old date, the teen-flick has to go head to head with "X-Men" spin-off, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".

Bringing the story of "Hannah Montana" series to the next level, the Peter Chelsom-directed film will put its attention more to Miley Stewart when she deals with her overwhelming success as pop superstar Hannah Montana and tries to find once again what is really important in life by going back to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee. It stars Miley Cyrus as the titular character and is supported by Billy Ray Cyrus, Jason Earles, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Vanessa Williams and many others.


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posted by selena on Oct 01, 2009
gr8 movie
posted by selena on Aug 23, 2009
an awesome movie with awesome story
posted by A TRUE FAN on Jul 28, 2009
@ nnn.. the confirmed movie release date in India is 15th August... so chillax celebrate the independence day... ENJOY!!
posted by purl on Jul 21, 2009
ilove the movie so muchhhhhhhhhhhh
posted by lozzy on Jun 24, 2009
the movie is fantastic! when is it out on DVD in the uk? Xxx
posted by tay on Jun 23, 2009
I would relly like to know when the movie is coming out on dvd i can`t wait to buy it.
posted by ~~Mrs. Lucas William on Jun 02, 2009
AMAZING!!!! They totally need to make a second one. That was FANTASTIC!!!! Lucas had an amazing part and is VERY
posted by I WANNA FUK HER on May 26, 2009
posted by Angel Abbieee!x on May 05, 2009
Hannah Motanna the movie is is great but i think it ended on a weird place! I really want to get it on copy but its illegal:( lol!x
posted by saif on Apr 16, 2009
i watched it very gud
posted by SugaPuss2 on Apr 15, 2009
Ok Peeps This Is Me On The Scene now when is this movie out!!! as it isnt out and its wayyyy pas April 10th biatches !
posted by BIG_fan on Apr 13, 2009
shes the best singer i v ever heard i wanna meet her and when is hm the moovie gonna release!!!!!! tell me
posted by RosiePosie:0) on Apr 09, 2009
However i do love her songs, programmes and films she makes. Loveyah really miles.
posted by RosiePosie:0) on Apr 09, 2009
I hate Miley Cyrus she is a racist cow,However the reason why i hate her is because she judges her fans just because the way they look.
posted by Hannah montanna Hate on Apr 09, 2009
I hate hannah montanna because she is racsist and she has got a career but could she lose her job as hannah montanna?
posted by Kungfu cat on Apr 09, 2009
I like Hannah montanna(aka) miley cyrus she is racisit and so is joe jonas. And yet they take the mick out their fans that look up to them. That's slack.
posted by Hannah Wannabe! on Apr 06, 2009
You don't make sence girl-friend!! ... mmmmm! Tn. girls do it best !! Bahm!
posted by misswow09 on Mar 30, 2009
she sings so vry well....i really luv her singin!!!...n i m damn desperate 4 the movie
posted by Miley_Lover on Mar 26, 2009
I love Miley! She is so cool and talented.
posted by nnn on Mar 25, 2009
can anybody temme when is hanna montana-movie gonna release in india.?
posted by mariana on Feb 03, 2009
adoro-ta hannah
posted by mollyrulescool on Jan 23, 2009
i can't belive hannah montana : the movie is coming too the big screens .hannah montana"miley cyrus" is my idol and i have always dreamed of HANNAH MONTANA :THE MOVIE is coming out!!!! OMG THIS IS SUCH A SHOCKER!!!!!!
posted by joey on Dec 15, 2008
Miley Cyrus is the best ever!!
posted by Rd2bna on Nov 08, 2008
I live in Nashville Tn and I am in the Hannah Montana as well.
posted by jh on Oct 24, 2008
I was in this movie! In the scenes filmed in TN. It was a blast!
posted by lob on Oct 18, 2008
cool pic
posted by gossip girl 2 on Sep 30, 2008
Hannah Montana is so amazingly talented and beautiful add that 2 when I met it was like this is the real Hannah Montana star that I have heard so much about

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