Denied, Miley Cyrus Isn't Quitting 'Hannah Montana' Anytime Soon

September 23, 2008 02:11:54 GMT

Despite rumors to the contrary, Miley Cyrus insisted she isn't seeking to part ways with "Hannah Montana", the show that catapulted her to stardom.

Miley Cyrus
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The circulating reports over the weekend that claimed Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray Cyrus have been acting all divas on the set of "Hannah Montana" in order to get fired from the show have been denied by both the young celebrity herself and Disney. Despite rumors to the contrary, the actress-singer insisted she's fully committed to the show and isn't going to quit it anytime soon.

"I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It's what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people," Miley told People magazine, setting the record straight on the flying rumors that claimed she and father Billy are leaving the series to pursue their music career. "I couldn't do it alone. We have an amazing cast that is so supportive, including my dad who has been there for me every step of the way."

Disney, meanwhile, is having Miley's back. Patti McTeague, a Disney spokeswoman for the "Hannah Montana" show, told Reuters that reports of on-set turmoil were "absolutely not true, pure gossip." Putting the brake on the false report, Patti has verified that the "Hannah Montana" team have been in production for a third season of the show, and that Disney has an option for a fourth season. "We're thrilled with it, and we know everyone's working hard, and Miley herself has said she's committed to the long-term success, as are we," Patti said in a statement.

A source close to Miley also denies the star is leaving the show that catapulted her to stardom, telling People "Miley is really devoted to the show and she's really upset by the gossip." And much contrary to Internet reports, "Miley is never late to work. Every minute of her day is planned out. When she's not shooting the movie or the series, she's recording the [Hannah Montana] soundtrack. She has a lot invested in Hannah Montana. It's not going away any time soon," the source revealed further.

Turning down reports that Miley and co-star Emily Osment were involved in on-set tension, the source insisted "Emily and Miley are like sisters. Occasionally they have disagreements but they make up and they never let it effect their work", adding all the "Hannah Montana" cast are "like a big family."


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posted by your biggest fan on Jan 18, 2011
hi miley they all ar saying like that only i know u will never quit because you ar the best and i know before doing anything you will think about all your fans and ne your ar the role model of many peole including ma
posted by FAKES on Mar 20, 2010
She is quiting. She even admitted it on the Early Show!
posted by df on Mar 17, 2010
dont quit
posted by Chassity on Mar 09, 2010
do you have facbook and do you play farmville?
posted by Miley/Hannah on Mar 09, 2010
this aint my real name i just like u miley/Hannah!!!!!!
posted by Miley/Hannah on Mar 09, 2010
Hey guy's i want to move back Tennesse!!!!!!
posted by !miley! on Mar 07, 2010
miley omg why r you moving to tenessdie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bb on Feb 28, 2010
hope you dont quit!
posted by paiger on Feb 27, 2010
hope u dont quit i luv all your songs so do my bffs your live will change just dont
posted by miley fan #1 on Jan 30, 2010
Miley PLEASE PLEASE Dont quit! We all LOVE you! my room is u!! please dont quit! we will all will miss u!
posted by miles is a dumbass on Jan 18, 2010
um this was in 2008 dumbfucks shes quitting after 4th season she said on the 8th on january 2010
posted by h2o lol on Jan 17, 2010
miely is quitting now no more hannan motana. just miely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by hello on Jan 09, 2010
dont qit u remind me of my poop
posted by i love pooop on Jan 09, 2010
hey hannah do you like poop you should make a song about pooping before you quit
posted by miley campos on Nov 28, 2009
hi My name is miley too keep rocking i love your songs.
posted by sjhd on Oct 11, 2009
dont quit because YOU ROCK
posted by likju on Oct 11, 2009
please dont quit i like you
posted by f on Oct 11, 2009
dont quit
posted by i love you on Oct 11, 2009
i love you so much your the best pop star ever i love you so much please don't quit
posted by lfgr on Oct 11, 2009
hope you dont quit
posted by libby on Oct 11, 2009
we all love you
posted by cloe on Oct 11, 2009
please dont quit your the best pop star ever
posted by susan on Oct 01, 2009
please always stay a good and clean person and a good role model for all the young girls that look up to you.
posted by looooooooooove ya on Oct 01, 2009
OMG you can,t quit if you do I will be sad but its your desion and your life not myn evan if you did quit your still GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by your sexy miley on Oct 01, 2009
sleep with obama
posted by i like mileys hot le on Oct 01, 2009
looooooooooove me
posted by I love you hannh on Oct 01, 2009
Miley pleeeeeeease don,t quit btw I love your song Party in the USA don,t quit!!!!!!!!!
posted by two persons on Oct 01, 2009
miley cyres is a person that loves her fans dont quit
posted by hi on Aug 24, 2009
pleas dont quit u lose everthing
posted by nafisa hussain on Jul 24, 2009
please miley don't quit please miley please,thank,you.
posted by hayley on Jul 21, 2009
posted by yellowwhale on Jul 10, 2009
dear miley, you should not quit being hannah montana me and my siblings love watching your show keep rocking!
posted by a person... on Jun 21, 2009
posted by Nick,Joe,Kevin Jonas on Jun 21, 2009
Miley rocks! Don't quit keep Rokin!
posted by Miley/Hannah on Jun 21, 2009
I love all my fans uy i do not suck u do
posted by u rock hannah on May 11, 2009
i think u should be hannah montana for a long time, and im not saying forever but for a while longer like 5 yrs. we all love u and u rock! if u do quit u would be disapointing so many plp. plz, keep being hannah!!!!
posted by mike on Apr 14, 2009
hope you do quitt Haha
posted by mileyrox on Mar 29, 2009
miley if you are reading this i wanted to say i love you so much and if you quite i will be so sad and i just want you to stay u r my rolemodel i love you
posted by mileyrox on Mar 29, 2009
hi miley i just wanted to let u know that i dont want u to quite but if it is what u want i a but u r so many kids rolemodes and when i grow up i want to be just like u i love to sing and act well love
posted by MileyFan#1 on Mar 15, 2009
I luvvvvvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much I hope u don't quit. LOL!
posted by miley fan 09 on Feb 07, 2009
Miley dont quit pleas!!!!you are like my role moddle.......and i really dont beleive yhat you put thos pics of u on the internet.and to all of you people that says "you suck",and "quit" i think all of you are just jelous of her and how pretty and poular she is so all of you who say that..........GET A FREKIN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by babes on Feb 01, 2009
please dont quite because u are the best but dont post any more naked pics of your self love babes
posted by stupid on Jan 19, 2009
mileys a retard and you're all living in a vacuum. ( I doubt you all know what that means because obviously your're obsessed with an idiot) NO OFFENSE!!
posted by stephanie on Jan 13, 2009
miley you rock!!but why are you putting nacked pictures in the computer?!and i heard you're quitting HM plaese fans they care about and they love you love and so do I you well break you'refans heart and mine!! by the way luv ya!!!
posted by destiny cyrus on Sep 29, 2008
i liked Nick better but he broke up with me
posted by tayl0r6298 on Sep 28, 2008
That's good to know. Really. I LOVE Miley Cyrus.
posted by ♥Miley♥R on Sep 27, 2008
Miley your super cool !! I Love your song " Fly on the wall " it has a great beat !! Your soo awesome way more awesome then Selena Gomez !!
posted by miley\'s#1fan on Sep 27, 2008
i am miley's number one fan i went to all her concerts and i met her you rock miley !!!
posted by Jonasfan18 on Sep 27, 2008
Miley is super awesome you go girl !!!
posted by Mileyfan4eva on Sep 27, 2008
Miley Rox i love your show hannah Montana it's awesome !! You rock Miley !!
posted by farah on Sep 24, 2008
hey dun be rude! she really great person goo miley ^^
posted by uy on Sep 23, 2008
quittt yu suck :-)
posted by hii on Sep 23, 2008
hope you dont quit lol

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