Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas Spotted Dining Together

September 23, 2008 01:41:23 GMT

The rumored lovers keep adding fuel to the dating rumors as they were seen dining together at Osteria La Buca, a fancy Italian eatery right near Paramount Studios on Sunday, September 21.

Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas Spotted Dining Together
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Previously denying that they are lovers, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas keep adding fuel to the persistent dating rumors as they were seen dining together on Sunday night, September 21. The teen sensations were spotted enjoying a private dinner at Osteria La Buca, a fancy Italian eatery right near Paramount Studios.

Selena and Nick, as reported by E! News, "sat in the secluded upstairs section that only holds about four tables." It was assumed that they had the dinner to celebrate the release of her straight-to-DVD movie "Another Cinderella Story."

Selena and Nick were all alone during the night out and did nothing more than enjoying their dinner. There was no public display of affection or wine.

Earlier in the day, Selena was seen getting mani-pedis at Full Moon Nail Spa in Los Angeles. She was accompanied by her mother, Mandy. During the nail treatment, the Disney star was seen reading the latest issue of US Weekly which featured Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin on the cover.

Both Selena and Nick have been playing it coy with their rumored romance. Neither of them has ever admitted that they are dating though they've been seen together at several occasions. They last were seen together dining with Nick's famous brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas also with country music singer Taylor Swift.


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posted by Hawk on Jan 09, 2011
I am 45 years of age and I would have sex with either of the skanks, Miley or Selena. Better yet, both of them at the same time. :)
posted by mais shalabi on Oct 06, 2010
you know gays my best singers are : selena gomes jonas brothers and so on.your bigest fan mais shalabi 6A
posted by love nick on Oct 04, 2010
i just love to be salena to be with nick and with kissing to and miley will be down your bigest fan mais
posted by anabel on Apr 26, 2010
ke bonito eres nick eres bello
posted by Julixo on Mar 15, 2010
uhhm Notbothered I totally agree with you! It really is entertaining to see all of these people obsess over this haha!
posted by Selena Gomez on Mar 13, 2010
Hey guys! thiz is selena. and for those of you who think me and nick our going out let me be the first to say that our friendship will always come first. nick is like my best bud! I know he will always be there for me thick and thin! What is between us will stay between us always. The media can say alot of things. But that dosen't mean it's true. And i appreciate all the support guys! but everybody has different opinions. i just want nick to be happy. that's all. Miley and Nick are friends and will always be. Thank you so much everyone! for everything,i coouldn't have done it without you all1 Love you alot! bye! Selena <3
posted by ruby on Mar 08, 2010
nick dont mind anybody follow your heart .
posted by MILEYRox1 on Feb 08, 2010
fuck off selena!!
posted by on Jan 19, 2010
Selena looks gorgeous. I find nothing crazy in between Selena and Nick. They are just looking like fucking old school friends.
posted by jamielee on Oct 28, 2009
slena rocks so dose miley slena was good with nick mily was not good for him nick loves slena gomens good pals with mily so dont get togither with mily go with slena love ya both
posted by NotBothered on Oct 27, 2009
I find all this amusing. Maybe they did date maybe they didnt but its so funny but pathetic how so many people obsess over 2 people that probably dont even hang out. But all you people keep making a fool of yourselfs it entertainment to me.
posted by selina hunnie on Sep 27, 2009
fuck u all selena gomez is the best and the only disney actress that can actually act so u can shut ur gobs coz im from the uk and im selena gomez biggest fan !!!!!!
posted by Miley sucs on Aug 29, 2009
Dont hate on selena because she a better role model than miley oh yeah at least selena doesnt has naked photos
posted by Natalia on Jul 28, 2009
jeste&#347;cie na max'a pojebani co niektórzy pisz&#261;c takie komentarze ;/ to jest zalosne i wgl ,;/
posted by 9675 on May 05, 2009
miley cyrus sucks ass!!selena is awsome!!oh and nick is sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!
posted by 1345 on May 05, 2009
f*** miley cyrus SELENA ROCKZ!!!!!!!!!
posted by HELLO PPZ on May 01, 2009
selena rocks miley sucks like hell and she cant even sing!!!!
posted by interview on Apr 23, 2009
i watched Selena Gomez's interview ahe is datin' with someone but he/she is not in Jonas Brohers
posted by i love nick on Apr 05, 2009
selena sucks
posted by cali-ohio8472 on Mar 24, 2009
I'M NOT SAYING THEY DIDN'T DATE.... BUT THIS ALL IS TRUE::: Nick Jonas is officially SINGLE , and he's not looking for a gf, he is focusing on his music AS OF NOW, and if he is to date, it wouldn't be another disney star, him and Selena might of had a thing. But if that thing, it is no more. I'm not obligated to give out too much info other than Nick IS single and he is good friends with ALL of the disney girls, Miley, Selena, Demi. They're all friends. Hope that cleared things up.
posted by :) on Mar 16, 2009
Nick should be with miley, they were with eachother for a really long time that means something cause i have been with someone for that long. Selena just wants to be like miley, it will never happen, miley is a lot bettet
posted by Whatevs on Mar 15, 2009
I HATE MILEY!!!!!!!!!!SELENA ROCKZ!!!!!!!H8TERS!!!!!
posted by emachines on Mar 10, 2009
Selena is a big Fuck ass bitch
posted by Sarah on Feb 09, 2009
OH plz yall just hate selena cause she's wif nick is she wasn't i bet ya u'de luv her!!
posted by NickJonasBaby on Feb 09, 2009
I think Selena Gomez is a slut ass sank and a hoe and selena and nick should not be go out but miley and nick so nick give miley another change please your fan whitney and yes my father is the one Who ask for yall to Play you have the number so please call and do not brack a girls dream of meeting y'all please call ow And nick please choose smiley not Selena for ones in your life make somthing right and pick smiley ray cryus so that if yall get married you can name the kid Riley Ray jonas ok nick so please please please with sprinkels on top and when I see you in concert I will so make it up to I promise Ok so please pick miley not selena Your fan whitney Conkrite
posted by Jonas Brothers you c on Feb 04, 2009
If you guys think I am a boy I am not I am a girl Keivn joe and Nick you are very cute Selena very beautiful and Demi Very Beautiful and Miley Very Beauitful girls beauitful voices Jonas Exelllent Voices too.From Your guys Fan Bailey
posted by nelena 4eva on Jan 30, 2009
do not judge nelena they r kute it nick choice he date who he what 2 date selena a young,beatiful, girl miley is a slut/bitch so fu*k off girls/miley ' cheater ' cyrus miley dumped nick she say 'i hate nick' in front of millons ppl she text i still hat u after singing 7 things in paris so back off nelena r meant 2 b 2ogther i hate u miley 'bitch' cyrus
posted by niley42 on Jan 28, 2009
Someone plz get milez and nick back together selena stinks!
posted by M.BILAL on Jan 28, 2009
posted by AMNA IQBAL on Jan 28, 2009
posted by Janice8518 on Jan 28, 2009
Guys Why are you here if you hate Selena?!! Go spend ur freakin life at somewhere else and if you have nothing nice to say then don't say it. Selena and Miley rock!!
posted by Leah1996 on Jan 24, 2009
well it is not selena's fault that she likes nick. And that there "now" dateing and it is there privicy what they want to do. Just because miley and nick broke up does not meen that she needs to start a fued with selena. But it was imitted that miley and mandy said srry bout everything they said. but selena has a way better chance with nick tha miley will ever have. SELENA + NICK = LOVE 4eva
posted by mary on Jan 22, 2009
selena is a big loser
posted by mary on Jan 22, 2009
miley cyrus rocks selena is a bitsh
posted by smileymiley on Jan 22, 2009
hate slutlena whoremez!!! luuuv miley cyrus!!!
posted by Marissa on Jan 13, 2009
I think NARISSA is wayyyy better, haha x) Nicks tooo cute :P
posted by hdugf on Jan 05, 2009
Selena is Awesome; Better then Miley Xs million baby!
posted by amanda on Jan 02, 2009
miley rocks she's the best i loooove her alooooot
posted by stephani on Jan 02, 2009
selena sucks i hate her she's a slut better never show her face ever again
posted by **** on Dec 27, 2008
people they already broke up on late october and nick told E that he hwas single and selena told a rpoter saying shes single
posted by maggie on Nov 23, 2008
ahahaha "there was no wine" -- OBVIOUSLY, THEY'RE 16 YEARS OLD!!!
posted by sexy on Nov 19, 2008
hi selena she is the bomp and nick.she and demi are my favorite. not miley she is so old that i dont care i like selena and deni they do not stuck miley stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye
posted by lisa on Nov 10, 2008
i love u nick
posted by Lisa on Nov 10, 2008
selena why don't you and nick stop playing games with each other. get the picture girl he's yours.get your man mily i am sorry but you belongs with someone esle.
posted by lisa on Nov 10, 2008
selena go for it!beat mily to the game ok she had her chance but she act like a big loser.
posted by Miss Leah on Oct 31, 2008
Selena and nick look awesome 2gether
posted by any body fineee!!! on Oct 30, 2008
i hate selena gomez, i hate miley, i hate this suck gurls i love nick jonas 4ever n' ever!!! better w/ me then w/ them!!! go jonas! suck selena n' mileys luv nick jonas 4 ever
posted by dark queen on Oct 26, 2008
shut up cant u see that miley took her chance and blew it dosent mean selena can come in straight after yh shes going out with nick but she can shut her trap cause it aint up too her its up too nick that wont last people r saying she was eyeing mileys new boyfreind
posted by dark queen on Oct 26, 2008
shut up cant u see that miley took her chance and blew it dosent mean selena can come in straight after yh shes going out with nick but she can shut her trap cause it aint up too her its up too nick that wont last people r saying she was eyeing mileys new boyfreind
posted by dark queen on Oct 26, 2008
shut up cant u see that miley took her chance and blew it dosent mean selena can come in straight after yh shes going out with nick but she can shut her trap cause it aint up too her its up too nick that wont last people r saying she was eyeing mileys new boyfreind
posted by michelle on Oct 25, 2008
it dose not matter who u like everyone it is up to nick to choose his life and he's what if nick fanys selena or miley what do u care just care of your own life not a stars life.xxxremeberxxxx
posted by larissa. on Oct 24, 2008
haha, pure assembly and assembly still poorly made, Selena primo never got the nickname, so the demi and Miley, so Selena is jealous of demi and Miley.
posted by brenbren18 :) on Oct 21, 2008
nick jonas is sooo cute!!
posted by brenbren18 :) on Oct 21, 2008
omg!!! i just wanna say congratz 2 nick and selena!!!hey if they dont wanna say anything about their relationship thats cool. they need their privacy just like us! u all make a great couple. i love u nick jonas!!!
posted by MrDude on Oct 18, 2008
posted by lindz on Oct 15, 2008
where are pics i mean if you spot them dont you take pics
posted by the gurl tht support on Oct 14, 2008
WOWO U GUYZ ARE PUTHETIC!!!! if u really care bout nick u should just b happy thtnick iz happy<3 and support him not just go WOW I HATE SELENA NOW !!ok thts gay so just b happy 4 him!!! WELL I SAY I SUPPORT NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS AND SELENA MARIE GOMEZ AND U SHOULD 2<3!!!!! ILY NICK
posted by IzzyBella on Oct 13, 2008
selena isn't trash like Miley. MIley thinks she's SOOOO good just because she has her own TV show and is a hollywood star. miley is a DISGRACE to disney and hollywood. she can't act and she's not pretty at all. Selena is GORGEOUS, good actress, and has WAYYY more talent than the tennessee piece of crap who is a slut and should get a freaking life. MILEY SUX ASS. SELENA ROCKS! <3 oh and nick is pretty cute as well ;)
posted by sjc on Oct 11, 2008
good luck nick
posted by nicks girl!!!!!!!!!! on Oct 11, 2008
nick is mine not selenas not mileys only mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love you nick
posted by james on Oct 11, 2008
i think selena is hot she should so b mine no offence but mileys kinda ugly thats wut me n my friends think at least i am so jealous of u nick u got the hottest gurl in da world
posted by Vicky on Oct 10, 2008
I think selena nd miley suck to be honest
posted by Lucy-lOu..x on Oct 06, 2008
I love selena Hate miley she is soooooooo cheesy she thinks shes all kool and dont be jelous coz selena is goin out wif nick im happy for them :P
posted by selenandnickhooray! on Oct 04, 2008
finally nick chooses a good girl, not a rebelious brittany (miley cyrus)! they rly match nd im hapy 4 dem! GOMEZ ND JONAS 4EVR
posted by Maděssön07 on Oct 04, 2008
Ugh! Totally hate thöse 2 gurlz! specially gomez! She thinks dat she can get over nick! She's a slut! She said she likes david henrie! But she's with nick! She'll jst break nick's heart! But over all, i think i dönt reälly care..
posted by nelena hater on Oct 02, 2008
oh get a life selena its sick 2 steal nick from miley
posted by JonasLovexoxoxo on Sep 29, 2008
omg i love nick jonas, him and selena are soo cute together, i wish they would go out, i luv u nick
posted by jasmine on Sep 29, 2008
nick miley is the right one for you so go for her.
posted by salfkjasdf on Sep 28, 2008
I support MMcru no one cares about the UK !
posted by silkmint on Sep 27, 2008
its nick choice we dont chosse for him...howd u like it in someone tells u to go back with a girl if u dont like her anymore...or if u just wanted to move on whatever the thing is we shouldnt be saying things like "miley should be with nick" or nick sholud have never left miley" mabye he just wants to move on
posted by I support MMcru on Sep 27, 2008
OMG, i wish nick and miley could get back together i soo dislike selena gomez nobody really likes her in the UK well none of the people i know
posted by marie sidney on Sep 26, 2008
who care about their puppy love leaves the kids alone and nick you need to make up your mind boy.
posted by a person who cares on Sep 25, 2008
nobody should say anything 2 these innocent ppl..they're juz trying 2 have a life like us..demi,selena,miley & jonas brothers..u keep rocking on!
posted by fuck yall whoes on Sep 25, 2008
miley and slenea yup thats right you guys are skanky whores that are such wanna bes although miley is more a of a skank but still you gys are so effen lame ah and miley your music sucks!!!!!fuck nick you so suck you should do better girlz than slena and miley be smart and try girls out of your leage oh and your hair cut did you good although you sort of sing like a girl hell i could sing like you only better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) fuckazzzzzzzzzzzzz(:
posted by lucas on Sep 25, 2008
selena gomez sucks and so does miley cyrus the are skanky hoes
posted by Mani on Sep 24, 2008
MotherFucker Miley EveryBody Hates Her She Has No Talent I hate Her Songz She Iz Really Rude People If You knoe that i mean She and her dad were trying to get them fired from Hannah Montana Emily Osment and the Whole Cast Were Fed Up With them She only Try to be nice But shez not She iz Really Rude Thats Why nick Dumbed her. She Trys To Be Sexy And All that This is All Shit Try To Understand People She Has Such a Lousy Voice She is So Ugly I hate Her Shez A Bitch And Selena Is much Better Person Than Miley And Selena Doesn't Do any Stuff Like Miley Selena You Rock...!!!!
posted by hannah01 on Sep 24, 2008
ew selena is so ugly and yur right she is a slut
posted by selena sux on Sep 24, 2008
she is a slut and nick is a player selena gomez cant act or sing :S miley has way more talent and mileys situation tll me u never took pics?
posted by diieg0 on Sep 24, 2008
ii l0ve selena g0mez.... 2 d0wn bby
posted by selena lover on Sep 24, 2008
hey selena iis the most prettiest giirl there iis man niick y0u suk miley iis lame too slena you the best...
posted by Unnamed on Sep 24, 2008
How about delena?i love delena than nelena...(david & selena)n i like niley than nelena(miley & nick)i can dream can i...?
posted by SELENAGAY!!!! on Sep 24, 2008
yeah riight nick can do waaaaaaay better MILEY IS DA BOMB!!
posted by Pro-Nelena on Sep 24, 2008
DO NOT EEEEVEN TRY TO SAY THAT SELENA IS A SLUT!!!!!! not sure exactly what youve been hearing, but besides in a bathing suit, i dont think ive ever even seen Selenas clevage! ok?!?! Selena is a beautiful young girl with beautiful morals and a beautiful soul! And how is Nick a player?? cause hes had a few girlfriends??? um, last time i checked, he has NEVER cheated on a girl or done anything to hurt one! he is a gentleman! you anti Nelena people, you are so stupid your just jealous because you cant have Nick to youself which would never happen anyway! so just GET OVER YOURSELF!!!!
posted by thicker on Sep 24, 2008
Miley is slag who stuck up her self. At least Salena dont try so hard.I think salena is like any other teenage but Miley just wants to have sex. GET A LIFE PEOPLE SO WHAT IF NICK AND SALENA ARE TOGETHER. FUCK MILEY.
posted by ghj on Sep 24, 2008
get a life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop trashing other peoples
posted by lifanda on Sep 24, 2008
miley n nick were cute..selena is a total looser. she is a miley wanna bee
posted by Miley Fan101 on Sep 24, 2008
Hey Selena, I just want u to know that Nick is Miley so leave him alone!!!U would't want someone else to date ur ex? So leave him alone!!!! Miley and Nick need some time ok!!! So back off!! and ur movie Sucks!!! so beat it loser, Miss Wannabe who just cares aboutherelf and Forgeting thatshe is someone cause of us the fans!! Miley will always b the best and she rocks!!! Anyway Nick is so into her u know Miley : )Miley love u girl!!! Selena ur.... um let me think a loser!!!
posted by Miley Fan101 on Sep 24, 2008
Hey Selena, I just want u to know that Nick is Miley so leave him alone!!!U would't want someone else to date ur ex? So leave him alone!!!! Miley and Nick need some time ok!!! So back off!! and ur movie Sucks!!! so beat it loser, Miss Wannabe who just cares aboutherelf and Forgeting thatshe is someone cause of us the fans!! Miley will always b the best and she rocks!!! Anyway Nick is so into her u know Miley : )Miley love u girl!!! Selena ur.... um let me think a loser!!!
posted by titti on Sep 24, 2008
x favore scrivete in italiano le notizie grz
posted by LuvSelena G. on Sep 24, 2008
I think selena is awsome and miley is cool,even if she makes mistakes and I think people shouldn't be talking down to her the way they r.People are acting like Miley's this completely terrible person,so what if your not a fan of hers,i'm not either'but at least i don't try and distory her name.Lots of kids LUV Miley.Personally I LUV SELENA.DEMI.and THE JONAS BROTHERS they ROCK!!!!!Oh Yeah and miley,demi,selena,the jonas brothers R all teens and we all make mistakes & 2 tell me you havent.:)
posted by hi on Sep 24, 2008
She tries too hard to be goodytooshoes disney star. At least Miley is REAL about who she is. So she is comfortable in her body and takes pictures with swimsuits. Big deal!
posted by mcisvip12 on Sep 23, 2008
they are so cute :)
posted by 87 on Sep 23, 2008
I'd rather see him with Selena than miley. Miley's wayyyyy too full of herself.
posted by selena nick on Sep 23, 2008
i think that is cool it'z kinda obvious they are going out. im happy 4 them. as long as their both happy
posted by MEluvme on Sep 23, 2008
And should go back with Miley cyrus........... NILEY sounds better...
posted by buddyme~~ on Sep 23, 2008
They so dont match each other and BTW its NILENA
posted by me on Sep 23, 2008
i hate selena gomez she is a stupid girl!!!!!
posted by Alicat on Sep 23, 2008
Can we never, ever, ever, refer to teenagers as LOVERS again? EVER.
posted by Kennii on Sep 23, 2008
fuck gomez anybody but her personally i think shes evil
posted by Marky on Sep 23, 2008
shes gorgous i hate this situation ahhh.
posted by Becca on Sep 23, 2008
posted by Nelena4ever on Sep 23, 2008
If they are happy, I'm happy. I think they look cute together! :)
posted by lmoore on Sep 23, 2008
i think that if being together makes them happy than they should be together, and if you were an unselfish fan you would think so too.
posted by ilovenick! on Sep 23, 2008
fuck selena!!!!!!!!!!she is a good on wizerds of waverly place.but he should go back with miley!!!!!!!!!
posted by joejonasislove on Sep 23, 2008
Omj. Yay! Im soooo glad she's not datin' Joe! :DDDDDD
posted by nickj\'sgirl on Sep 23, 2008
posted by cherryhead on Sep 23, 2008
what do you get when you put their names together...s-ick!!!haha
posted by 999 on Sep 23, 2008
posted by ilovejoe on Sep 23, 2008
fuck miley cyrus!! she had her chance with him and she didn't take it!!! nelena rocks!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Lucy123 on Sep 22, 2008
Well idk if that's true but if that is the cool! Nelena forever! <3

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