Jenna Jameson Pregnant with Twins

September 22, 2008 08:21:56 GMT

A friend of Jenna told Perez Hilton that the beauty and her boyfriend Tito Ortiz are "having twins" and "beyond thrilled" with the news.

Jenna Jameson, Tito Ortiz
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Report on Jenna Jameson's pregnancy has been outed since a while ago and new claim has just emerged that she's pregnant with twins. Gossip blogger Perez Hilton confirmed in a post on its site that the retired porn star and her mixed martial artist boyfriend Tito Ortiz are expecting twins.

Perez Hilton cited a friend of Jenna as saying, she and Tito are "having twins." "Jenna and Tito just found out. They are beyond thrilled!" the friend revealed further. Adding fuel to the twins report, Jenna and Tito reportedly have just purchased a new, much bigger home in the beach near Los Angeles.

The New York Post's Page Six gossip column was the first to break the report of Jenna's pregnancy in early June this year. It was claimed at that time that Jenna actually "had a bunch of meetings and things planned for Fashion Week, including meetings for her own line, but she's postponed everything" due to her pregnancy. A source said, "she's completely thrilled, this is something she's wanted for a very long time."

Remaining mum about her much reported pregnancy, Jenna finally confirmed in late August that she is carrying Tito's baby. "It's still early, so I'm being cautious. I'm resting as much as possible," she confirmed. "I'm so happy! I'm just saying super healthy, I've moved down to the beach with Tito - I love being by the beach."

Making no secret of her willingness to have baby, Jenna has previously expressed her desperation to become a mother. She was quoted as saying in May that she hoped to get pregnant "in the next couple of months." She miscarried during her marriage to former husband Jay Grdina, whom she divorced in 2006 and once failed with in-vitro as well.

There have yet official words from either Jenna or Tito about report on her pregnant with twins.


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posted by kkkkkk on Mar 16, 2010
now we got two sons of a bitch!
posted by Luciuos on Jun 02, 2009
Everyone is a whore in a way so shh!! No defending her cause that is so embarrasing for the kids but oh well...TITO IS HOT THOU LOL!!
posted by porn star on May 26, 2009
i popped here cherry
posted by cunt on May 26, 2009
no she cant dumbass but she cant look after my dick
posted by Sabah on May 15, 2009
I love you jenna but are you sure that you can take care about them.
posted by porn on May 02, 2009
im the real dad
posted by jameson on Apr 05, 2009
i fucked dis girl
posted by u sket on Apr 04, 2009
probley got aids
posted by h.t on Apr 04, 2009
lovely pussy
posted by hgyuujj on Apr 04, 2009
let me like u out u slag
posted by wichesterxgirl on Apr 03, 2009
you guys are so horrible. i hope all of your children grow up to be porn stars. you're all a bunch of judgmental assholes.
posted by twistedfairie2001 on Mar 30, 2009
I think Jenna is freakin hot..... Tito not so much.... congrats on the twins
posted by holla34 on Mar 25, 2009
correction....two guys inside her. Now the joke is ruined.
posted by holla34 on Mar 25, 2009
reporters overheard Jenna say how easy the delivery was since she was so used to having to guys inside her.
posted by HUDNUT on Feb 16, 2009
posted by Annie M on Feb 04, 2009
To me it shows that people should be careful what they do because they may have to explain it to their kids later. I saw an interview with Suzanne Somers once where she was clearly on the verge of tears; wishing she had never posed for Playboy because "my son has seen those pictures". A lot of people have a strong desire for kids; very very strong. Instead of saying people should deny this desire, let them not do public things that will haunt and define their public persona for the rest of their lives....
posted by lily on Jan 29, 2009
I dont think she is going to be a good mommy. She was a legal whore for crying outloud and those poor kids are going to be teased sooooooo bad.
posted by chopthese on Jan 24, 2009
Y'all bitches wish u can get half the men that she gets congrats on the twins
posted by JennaTrelva on Dec 28, 2008
yeah ugly whore, but sexy man :D and she said they werent trying to have babies, but i believe they had invetro
posted by iwasteourtime on Dec 18, 2008
Eleven months*, sorry.
posted by iwasteourtime on Dec 18, 2008
There is no way they could have reported that Jameson was pregnant in June and have it be correct. Women are only pregnant for nine months. Jenna herself has said the baby is due April 2009. She would not have been pregnant for elevent months.
posted by on Dec 11, 2008
u guys rock!!!!!!!!!
posted by Getreal on Dec 10, 2008
Stop hating. Jealousy is the worst of sins....
posted by Ebba on Dec 09, 2008
I love you Jenna! Go girl!
posted by BellaKitty on Nov 14, 2008
Cheers to Jenna! Too easy for people to judge someone. Jealousy is ugly-you haters need to grow up!
posted by Jenna rocks on Nov 14, 2008
So ridiculous that all the jealous haters judge her. Are you all perfect? She deserves to be happy, just like anyone else. Congrats to Jenna & Tito!
posted by cop2be on Nov 11, 2008
Poor kids. they are going to grow up so messed up. Can you imagine seeing your mom in a gangbang on video? Its a shame this whore can have a baby or two when my cousin and his wife married ten years and good people with good jobs can't get pregnant.
posted by Frodosmurf on Oct 25, 2008
jenna how could you want kids when you are a porn star your kids will grow and get bullied at school
posted by sarah882008 on Oct 25, 2008
my boyfreind really loves you but you are so ugly
posted by TheFox53325332@aol.c on Oct 11, 2008
Don't hate. So unbecoming. Good for them!!!
posted by partyhardy on Sep 22, 2008
she figured out the father without a DNA test? its a miracle
posted by yulenakatina on Sep 22, 2008
ugly whore. but beautiful man. ;)

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