'Fantastic Four 3' Gets Grimmer and Grimmer

September 20, 2008 07:08:41 GMT

The third 'Fantastic Four' film is unlikely to happen, said The Thing actor Michael Chiklis.

'Fantastic Four 3' Gets Grimmer and Grimmer
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Hope for the development of "Fantastic Four 3" has once again being put out. Taking his turn to comment on the possibility of "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" sequel being materialized, Michael Chiklis pointed out even further to MTV News suggesting that the movie project may not see the light after all.

"No one's really given it the kibosh to me, but the silence has been deafening. The fact that no one's mentioned it or asked a question says that, more than likely, that's not going to happen," he noted. "I know that both of them were tremendously successful from a box office standpoint, but we've all moved on into other areas and other films."

Nevertheless, unlike his co-star Chris Evans who insisted earlier that the third film won't be pursued, the actor, who played Ben Grimm in "Fantastic Four" and its sequel, won't call the movie 100% off. "I wouldn't go with Chris and put a port-mortem on it because you just never know," he said. "As long as a company has your signature in place and they have a right of first refusal, that right may be exercised."


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posted by Me :) on Jun 07, 2012
If only the producers would read these...they would know how much we all wanted a third movie!
posted by Fline on Apr 22, 2012
I have love the movie FF4 there should be a third one I have watched it so many times that i have lost count so please please I am begging for FF4 3 Keep the cast just make the story more suspense to make us watch more like the last scene in FF4: rise of the Silver Surfer that is what we need for every fight scene with any villians. So please Make FF4 3
posted by Naomi on May 16, 2010
You HAVE to make a 3rd, especially with an ending like the 2nd. It annoys me when people just don't make another, especially when they leave it open on a clincher. Like with Eragon, they left that open and its been like 5 years. Well annoyed at the producer of it. So anyway MAKE A 3RD FANTASTIC FOUR, it is truly FANTASTIC and CANNOT be stopped!!!
posted by irene on May 03, 2010
ive been dying for a sequel to #2. you cant just end a movie with a supposed dead 'human' opening its eyes...this is just torture to the fans! please make a thrid!
posted by bigfan on Dec 09, 2009
big fan here tell me what you think about this We're not really surprised by Chris Evans' comments to MTV, because 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios are leaning more towards a Silver Surfer spin-off with a script by J. Michael Straczynski than they are moving forward with a third Fantastic Four movie
posted by big fan on Nov 22, 2009
please make a third ff are my favorite marvel super heros of all time i have every flim and the 1 and 2 video game every cast member geart action please don't make your fan sad because im pretty sure they R please please =( =( =( =(
posted by Kristin on Nov 16, 2009
posted by tinyzone on Sep 11, 2009
Please make another ff4 movie because they were fantastic!All of the cast members were great in every last one of them!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Es Ef 4 FF on Sep 01, 2009
I'm not surprised there is not a big rush to produce FF3. FF1 and FF2 were very lackluster with poor casting, mediocre writing, and bad direction. I really love all things Marvel and will hope for the best for a fantastic FF3!
posted by sasa 555 srbija on Aug 27, 2009
hello!.aj nou englis .hvala za ff 1-2 kada ce biti 3 deo ff i kako mogu naci u srbiji .trebami original naziv ako je snimljen 3 ff deo hvala .rafael plz .cao.
posted by Rafael (Brazil) on Apr 29, 2009
I like ff and the movies!
posted by RAFAEL (BRAZIL) on Apr 29, 2009
I love FF and the movies!
posted by RAFAEL (BRAZIL) on Apr 29, 2009
I love FF and the movies!
posted by Toby on Apr 07, 2009
I have high hopes of not seeing 3 but 4 Fantastisa Four movies. I hope to see Dwayne Johnson as Prince Namor, the Submariner in FF3. And then I hope to see the FF go up against the Mole Man and the incredible Hulk.
posted by fantastic 4 fan on Apr 03, 2009
fantastic four 3 will be a bomb i agree andries price will play franklin richards on fantastic four 3 andries price will be good as franklin jessica alba and andries price will be good on fantastic four 3 tell nbc 10 news that jessica alba and andries price on fantastic four 3 that's cool terrnece howard will be the black panther on fantastic four 3 fantastic four 3 starring ioan gruffudd jessica alba andries price micheal chiklis chris evans terrence howard and jullian mcmahon fantastic four 3 release june 2010 don't forget andries price on ironman 3 and the avengres as tony stark jr. ff rules
posted by andries price on Mar 23, 2009
im playing franklin richards on fantastic four 3 milheal chilklis will play the thing again don cheadle will play black panther chris evans is out who play johnny storm let fine out because i play as franklin richards on fantastic four 3 dont forger fine who will play johnny storm i think chris evans.
posted by Scorpio on Mar 22, 2009
The reason why FF2 didn't make enough money is because all the villains were defeated at the same time very quickly. They should have just had them attacking a Silver surfer powered Doctor doom and left Galactus for the third. However they messed up Galactus fans want a huge human like thing the size of a planet.
posted by Doom on Dec 24, 2008
People, seriously. Galactus would be impossible to show. You would have to starve the other half of the world population to at least be able to afford to show a few minutes of him. The film did great on showing somewhat of what he looked like anyways. They would probably screw it up if they did show his real features.
posted by JackNLocke on Dec 23, 2008
Fantastic four 1 and 2 were both great films. Its hard to make them good because the comics are kind of dull but they both turned out to be hits. Please, make a third one and at least have a triligy of three. Maybe have Doom and Skrulls as villains. Always have Doom though.
posted by flow7oo on Dec 15, 2008
FF1 and FF2 are the best Marvel movies to date. Please make another one and please then make another one ... and maybe another one.
posted by avid on Dec 09, 2008
produce fantastic 4: 3 plz
posted by avid on Dec 09, 2008
i love fantastic 4.... plz produce fantastic 4: 3 plz
posted by avid on Dec 09, 2008
i love fantastic 4.... plz produce fantastic 4: 3 plz
posted by Mogul on Dec 03, 2008
Please produce Fan Four 3! Or Revamp the series in a couple of years and bring back Chiklis, Evans, and Gruffud. I love Alba, however the role needs to be recast.
posted by kyle on Dec 03, 2008
when can we expect the fantastic four 3?its been a long time and we are waiting for it...
posted by Isa on Nov 30, 2008
Guys plz make a third movie!!! i luv ur movies!! ive seen them alot of times!!!! plzzzz make another movie!!!
posted by Rafi on Nov 29, 2008
For God's Sake just make a third FF movie!!!!
posted by Analisa on Nov 18, 2008
posted by Vivian on Nov 17, 2008
FF3 Please Flame on!!! where are you guys?we miss you...a love story of Reed,Sue,Jhonny & Ben...
posted by Lamielle on Nov 17, 2008
I really like fantastic four.i have seen it 33 times with myself,friends & with my niece & nephews.hope to see FF3 on a big screen next year.we havent heard from Fantastic Four for a long time that is why i decided to google if there's any news..PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!!
posted by Joseph on Nov 17, 2008
Please bring back FF 3! make it a trilogy at the very least!! It is very enjoyable and my kids simply loved both movies! Or let them have a cross over ! either FF VS X-men or FF VS Avengers! yeah! we now have the tech to pull it through dudes!
posted by Scorpio on Oct 25, 2008
I enjoyed the first film but galactus should have appeared as the purple, planet eating, god we know him as. I say if they do a third bring back silver surfer and galactus but make galactus in his human form! A good idea would be that the family has broken and seperated with reed and sue making a family with there kid and ben grim looking for a cure to his odd look. Galactus should be destroyed in a huge fight not just a few minutes like we saw in FF2! If they do make a third make it the last one! I know it would be call to have Fantastic four 4 but the plot is loosing ideas and needs a more interesting storyline!
posted by Michael on Sep 29, 2008
I would straight up pissed and disappointed if Fox didn't close the FF4 franchise with FF4 3!

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