'Dragonball' Sees an Eight-Foot Monster

'Dragonball' Sees an Eight-Foot Monster

One of the Japanese manga adaptation film's stars, Emmy Rossum, spills interesting tidbits about the movie as well as talks about her experience shooting for the adaptation.

Apart from all its regular characters, Japanese manga live-action adaptation "Dragonball Evolution" is going to have one interesting monster. Talking to MTV News about the forthcoming movie, the film's star Emmy Rossum lays open that the flick will have one very tall monster. "It's actually a very tall man - an 8-foot man," she explained.

Despite uncovering the fact, the starlet insisted that she couldn't discuss further about it saying, "It's based on something else from the..You know, I can't really say anything else." Beside this monster issue, she also slammed down the speculation hinting that the project is in jeopardy of being canceled. "Oh, no. I really doubt that's possible," disclosed Rossum. "That's not going to happen."

Moreover, the Christine Daae of "Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera" also confided about the experience she has when filming for her Bulma role. "In it, [I'm] riding a motorcyle in a leather catsuit, so that's always fun - and I have five guns that spin all around," the 22-year-old confessed. "I had never ridden a motorcycle before. I think I was more concerned about the safety of the people in the crew because sometimes I would lose control and veer randomly off into people."

Explaining on the changes done to her character from the original manga, Rossum noted that the filmmakers want to make it as realistic as it can. "When I signed on to the project, I was a big fan of the anime and knew [Bulma] as the iconic blue, bobbed character and wanted to stay true to that -but we also wanted to make it realistic," she said.

"So in keeping with the director and what the studio really wanted, we adapted her look to be a little more realistic and human, and little bit more believable for contemporary day. She's pretty bad-ass, but still quirky and fun, and kind of ridiculous in the way she is in the anime."

Adapting Akira Toriyama's famous Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball" will follow Goku's journey to fulfill his dying grandfather's wish, which is for him to train with Master Roshi to prepare him to protect the seven mystical dragonballs. It is directed and co-scripted by James Wong. Produced by Stephen Chow, the 20th Century Fox film stars also Justin Chatwin, Chow Yun-Fat, James Marsters and many others. It will come out on April 10, 2009.

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    Nov 25, 2008

    bulma was never badass but she was spoilt, temperamental and hot, so good casting. Chow yun fat as roshi is poor, unless they shave his head. But then you have to consider jackie chun (master roshi's fighting disguise in the tournament), and chow yun fat is perfect for that. I just watched dragonball again in 4 days, addictively awesome.

    Nov 03, 2008

    I'm already so so sorry for this film.

    Nov 01, 2008

    LOL the Special effects I've seen look like something from the power rangers.. Anyway I've got this one already reserved a special place on the crap list "Things that should have been kool in live action", right next to the Dead or Alive movie. =D

    utter poo
    Oct 03, 2008

    bulma isnt badass. Yet another expample of political correctness forced in movies. And noone with half a brain believes anything to do with this shoddy looking live action cartoon is going to be realstic. Crap. This film's doomed. I hope they spent a lot of money on this, so that bombing at the box office will really come back to bite the studio in the ass.

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