Previews of 'Prison Break' 4.05: Safe and Sound

September 20, 2008 04:38:03 GMT

Wyatt is coming to kill Michael and Sarah while Agent Self is now involved deeper in the situation.

Previews of 'Prison Break' 4.05: Safe and Sound
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Fox have provided two previews to the new episode of "Prison Break" season 4. The fifth episode called "Safe and Sound" will see Wyatt coming to kill Michael and Sara and also Agent Self getting involved in the action.

Meanwhile, the search for the card continues. This time, Michael and Lincoln are drawn to the Treasury Department when hunting for the next key card holder. The episode will air on Fox on Monday, September 22 at 9:00 P.M.

Recently, Michael Ausiello from EW spilled that the fourth season could be the last for the series. "There's a shelf life to serialized dramas. If this is the last season, we're not mourning that because it's been a great ride and we have a great season (ahead)," executive producer Matt Olmstead said, adding that there will be enough time to "prepare for an appropriate ending."

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posted by Nai on Sep 23, 2008
Lj is not dead.. he and sofia are still in panama city.. at least there was the last place they appeared in episode 1 when Linc got arrested!
posted by Kperks on Sep 22, 2008
I think that this season is a lttle confusing. I think it is good so far. I am upset that LJ is dead or is he??
posted by sonya on Sep 22, 2008
wow! cant wait to watch the next episode! this season is so brilliant!
posted by Daro on Sep 22, 2008
this season is more better than third i think!!
posted by Anna on Sep 20, 2008
Now the show has turned into the Michael and Sara show it's so ruined.They brought back that talentless SWC back for nothing!

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