Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston's Third Date, the Video

September 18, 2008 04:14:56 GMT

The rumored lovers were seen together again, visiting Universal CityWalk in Hollywood, L.A. on Wednesday, September 17 and were joined by her mother and sister.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Despite her representative and friend's denial, Miley Cyrus keeps adding fuel to the rumors that she's dating underwear model Justin Gaston. After two previous dates, the twosome were spotted together again, going on their alleged third date on Wednesday, September 17, visiting Universal CityWalk in Hollywood, L.A.

Miley and Justin weren't all alone. They were joined by her mother Leticia Cyrus, sister Brandi and her boyfriend. Happily posing for the cameras with some of her fans, Miley looked relax and seemed to be enjoying her time very much.

Miley even introduced her companion to a photographer who asked her whom she was with during the outing. She jokingly said, "That is my sister and my sister's husband!" prompting Brandi to quickly clarify that she was with her boyfriend.

"Everybody wants to know who is the white shirt guy?" the photographer went on asking her about Justin who wore a white tee. "[He's actually] my mom's boyfriend. Hey dad, I really hate to break it to you..." Miley stated.

Miley and Justin's alleged third date is videotaped in the footage below.


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posted by somya on Jul 14, 2009
hi miley u r spetacular and sexy too ur booms r sexy u look better when u r nude
posted by girlzone04 on May 07, 2009
i hate u miley u have no heart and u r a b****.u r so horrible in hannah montana but i love emily osment.selena gomez is more beautiful than u and she will have more success than u...ya
posted by michelle gray on May 04, 2009
i hate justin i think miley and nick should be togetherand i am not a fan of justin gaston i am a nick jonas fan so miley go back to nick you two are awsome together that is my opioni love you miley and i look up to you your hannah fan michelle
posted by Jade on Apr 29, 2009
I think yous are a good couple. Miley your the best ever. your my role model!
posted by jake123justina on Apr 26, 2009
hey miley who would u think is the best guy 4 u nick or justin if u have feelings 4 nick get back with him but if you dont have feelings 4 nick than dont get back with him u and justin is so cute together but when its was u and nick u 2 were happy together so pick nick or justin
posted by jake123justina on Apr 26, 2009
hey miley if u want to get back with nick u got 2 choose either nick or justin
posted by Olivia ♥ on Apr 14, 2009
hey you guys are GORGEOUS together lol but serisouly u make a perfect match dispite what tabloids and evryone else says. the age difference doesnt matter all that matters is that he makes you happy becuz ur happiness comes first and he clearly does so i wish you guys the best :D
posted by MJ on Apr 05, 2009
miley there the same problem with me 2 if u loved the man u would stay with him
posted by me lol! on Mar 31, 2009
i luv ye miley, ur great, you are someone I can relate to with ma problems, great role model. Lv ya'll!!!!
posted by me lol! on Mar 31, 2009
I tink that they r great together and ppl shud just leave them alone! Ya great miley, a great role model and with and osome dude! They relly love each other so paparatzee leave them alone for at least one second! luv ya miley you rock!!!!!!
posted by fifi on Mar 25, 2009
i love miley idc what the hell she does shes mad hott and no i aint a lezz or bisex i just love her and she can and has been getting away with stupid stuff b/c shes a star so all you losers just back off
posted by San diego on Mar 10, 2009
She is my gf WTF she should be with me what a hoe
posted by gabby on Feb 18, 2009
i like mac and cheese :)
posted by youknow on Feb 07, 2009
i dont understand why she's becoming like so sickening to see them together...she is such a retard and so is he
posted by jadoo on Jan 27, 2009
Miley cyrus is cute man! she should be left alone but should of kept nick luv u Miley l8r
posted by jadoo on Jan 27, 2009
Miley cyrus is cute man! she should be left alone but should of kept nick luv u Miley l8r
posted by #13 on Jan 10, 2009
hey miley you are stupied to let nick go he was awesome and a hotty
posted by steph on Jan 06, 2009
omg!!! the little girl casi is just a huge fan of miley back off and leave her alone
posted by miley fuker on Jan 05, 2009
miley, dude have a brain, dump that justine cunt and come wit me, we can fuk all night long baby
posted by justin_gaston on Jan 03, 2009
Justin gaston is so beyond hot and i don't know why he would ever date miley cyrus!I would so date him but i'm not a slut like miley
posted by Emo angel on Dec 29, 2008
heya, dont you just hate wat the media say about you? I'm a big fan I buy neali all af your stuff but my parents arnt good fans of you bcoz of wat they readabwt u in da mags, try bhave and listen to ur parents coz the older age are startn to dis like you alot miley!!!!! have a good day
posted by BILAL on Dec 26, 2008
posted by dickweed on Nov 22, 2008
posted by dont worry bout it on Nov 03, 2008
all of u guys r lamn azz hell & casi before u get back on here learn ho 2 spell bitch
posted by :@ on Oct 22, 2008
aww bless leave wee casi alone. shes obviously only a wee lassie. and like many, worship disney stars. its harmless. anyways, justin gaston is MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. :)
posted by PeaceV on Oct 04, 2008
omg if it is her new bf good for her and why was the camera man like following her every move he filmed them all the way to the car
posted by holl on Sep 22, 2008
ok this is getting a little weird i know she's big "star" and whatever but they need to just LEAVE HER ALONE. and it's not like i'm i big miley fan either...
posted by me on Sep 21, 2008
This Casi kid needs to get offline. Some people need to pay attention to what their kids are doing.
posted by aldix on Sep 21, 2008
wow u guys are sooo freakin lame this isnt considered a date!!! who goes on a date with there mom there??
posted by casi get off on Sep 21, 2008
omg casi u r being retarted miley would never wqrite to u. u sound wayyyyy obsessed
posted by casi on Sep 20, 2008
we can have a sleep over if you whan to come we have 2 puppies and my mom has som 4 sale if you whant on just write me and i"ll give you my number and you can give me yours and we could call each other most the time i went to your concert and you rock the stage i had a backstage pass but we had a family emergy so i had to miss it but you rocked this boy next door thinks he is going to mary you but he will get over not marrying you but write me back please if you get a chance luv ya!!!!......=]
posted by casi on Sep 20, 2008
you are so cool and my sister she whant to know if you like dogs?and do you like roiiacosters that go upside down and we whant to meet you in real life we could have a girls night outit will be fun if you come write me back if you get a chance we luv ya.
posted by casi on Sep 20, 2008
miley me and my sister is a big fanplease write me back
posted by BILAL on Sep 18, 2008
posted by lilpopstar on Sep 18, 2008
ya i think there awsome together! so be quiet ppl! just give her a break, i mean this is all she needs now ppl hatin her! she really likes him! so back off! i luv ya miley!!!!!!! your my romodel!!!!! yay

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