Megan Fox Denies She's Bisexual Despite Short-Lived Romance with Stripper

September 17, 2008 03:29:47 GMT

She defended her past fling with a female stripper as something all humans can experience as they are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes.

Megan Fox
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Megan Fox insisted not to be called lesbian though she openly admitted to have ever dated a female stripper during her high school years. She told GQ magazine in an interview for its October issue that she fell in love with an exotic dancer named Nikita after being dumped by a high school boyfriend.

Recalling her memory about her former same sex lover, she stated "Well that year my boyfriend broke up with me and I decided --oh man, sorry, mommy! - that I was in love with this girl that worked at the Body Shop. I decided that I was going to get her to love me back, and I went out of my way to create a relationship with this girl, a stripper named Nikita." She went on revealing that Nikita would even do "these beautiful slow dances to Aerosmith ballads." And she in return would bring Nikita small gifts to convince her to get out of the adult industry.

Despite her fling with Nikita, Megan however refused the idea that she's bisexual. Insisting she's straight, the hottie told GQ "Look, I'm not a lesbian. I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes." She went on explaining, "I mean, I could see myself in a relationship with a girl - Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She's mesmerizing. And lately I've been obsessed with Jenna Jameson, but ... oh boy."

Aside from her past love life, Megan currently is engaged to actor Brian Austin Green. She's even quite close to his 6-year-old son, Kassius Lijah, whom he has with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Marcil. Megan's interview with GQ magazine's October issue is an addition to her cover shoot and some raunchy pics inside the publication.


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posted by AshieeSixx on Jul 30, 2013
I'm a lesbian, I have a long term girlfriend at the moment. I believe I was born gay, I didn't choose to be..I didn't just wake up one morning and decide that I love girls. I'm not attracted to men and I can't help that. So fuck you, to all the homophobic people out there!
posted by BabieGirl 098 on Jul 25, 2011
I don't see why the fu*k u ppl give a damn that she's bi,lesbian, or straight it's her damn life I'm bi nd I haven't been discriminated by anybody not even my friends nd u ppl are freaking out that Megan has had a relationship with a girl like really get a damn life she can date who ever the Fu*k she wants she's a human being as well are we and she has the right to choose to be whatever she wants to be and nobody should say a word that's effed up...Megan fox being bi or Les isn't gnna change with the way I see her I love Megan fox and the movies she's in she kicks ass on the big screen and anybody can agree to that so get off her case if ur gnna say anything bad and let ppl be who they wanna be and get a damn life
posted by hamad on Mar 07, 2011
i am waiting
posted by wtfff on Jan 02, 2011
How would you know that you aren't born with it if YOU ARE STRAIGHT? You don't know anything. You don't choose to be gay! You wouldn't know you idiotic bitch.
posted by mhmm on Jan 02, 2011
Nobody chooses to be gay. Just like nobody chooses to be straight. This is to that ignorant girl that said we do. It's not disgusting. It doesn't make you a hoe. You should be ashamed of your homophobic discriminating self.
posted by girl on Sep 27, 2010
all of you people are soo fucking disgusting!!! (well, the ladies) omfg it just disgusts me that you talk about another effin' female the way you nasty hoes do. i'm a girl and i'm totally ashamed of you gay/bi/whatev the hell you are women. you make me sick and i'm so fucking embarrassed to be a female because of all you dykes. and no, actually you choose to be gay, you're not born with it. no, i'm NOT discriminating or whatev but you people --just omg! there are NO words to describe how disgraceful and grody you dyke/gay people are. uggghh
posted by confused on Jun 07, 2010
she is saying shes not a lesbian and shes straight but she had and would date a women thats means shes bi and she denies that shes bi...lmaoo
posted by christina8000 on Feb 19, 2010
i love u megan .i am ur biggest fan
posted by christina8000 on Feb 19, 2010
i like megan fox and im straight u are what u are wether ur gay straight, lesbo , u are what u are .it is not an illness at all. people in the past were gay but the kept it to them selves.
posted by badkido85 on Feb 04, 2010
dat sux... she confused and shit.... *no wonder she hot* O_o y so many girls lesb or bi now a days..??
posted by loveydovey on Feb 03, 2010
shes fuckinnn hottt
posted by Fate on Jan 29, 2010
i am a lesbian and reguardless of the fact that she might not know what sex she likes, she is still fucking gorgeous. her kissing scene in jennifers body was hott. =D amazing legs.
posted by kailey ann, on Jan 21, 2010
megan is right. i do bealive everyone can be attracted to both sexs. It's something we can't help it just happends. & If your bi-sexual doesn't mean your confused on what sex you like. You just like both. I strongly agree with Megan.
posted by anonymos on Jan 07, 2010
I think that everyne has the right to be bi. She said that she isnt a lesbian not bi. I think that everyone should lay off andleave her alone. She can be what she wants to be. You dont see random articles in rhe paper about locals being bi gay or lesbian. I think thatir is crap that everyone is all up the tors and actresses ass about their sexuality. Bush ran for president. That was up to him. He didnt have to but he did. What is so wrong with being bi or gay or lesbian? I just think that people need to lay off.
posted by daniieluu on Nov 13, 2009
that girl is sexy!..and really no body should care if she is bi or bi and megaaaan is the hot dreaaaam of many chicks!! hell yeah!...doesn't she girls? ;)
posted by julian on Sep 22, 2009
what the fuck maryam ahh well i love her to and i dont care if shes lesbo shes still sexy
posted by Zoey on Sep 19, 2009
And I'm sorry to whoever posted this story but I still think she is
posted by Zoey on Sep 19, 2009
Shes so hot, I am glad shes bi, cuz i'm girl...god shes amazing
posted by Spungo on Sep 17, 2009
Sorry rocketchic, but you just pulled that statistic out of your lesbian ass.
posted by Spungo on Sep 17, 2009
She admitted to banging girls in the past and having the urge to bang girls in the present. She is 100% bisexual. And falling in love with a member of the same sex CANNOT "happen to anyone" as some idiot said on here. No straight man will ever "fall in love" with another dude. Give me a fucking break. Woman are so fucking clueless about male sexuality. It's hilarious shit.
posted by wolf\'slover on Aug 31, 2009
my husband and i both think it's hot that she's had a relationship with a chick. i'm bi and we already thought she was hot...but now she's just even hotter.
posted by danny on Aug 17, 2009
I think megan fox is BI. or i knew she had to have been with a girl because she's too fucking hott. im a girl n im bi and i would turn lesbian for that sexy ass chick
posted by biguy on Aug 11, 2009
lol this article makes me laugh. the writer doesnt know the difference ROFL how can you NOT know the difference between bi and lisbean?
posted by Bubblesss on Jul 20, 2009
Trying so hard to be like Angelina that she is using orientation as a fad now. I hate when people do that.
posted by Cyndel on Jul 19, 2009
honestly this is a fucking joke. shes not a lesbian nor is she even bisexual. its called experimenting and it doesnt need to have a freeking lable. the whole thing is a joke and im actually quite offended for the fact that i am a lesbian. all humans have bisexual tendancies aka the ability to want to experiment. you do not choose whether you want to be gay or straight. u just are. its the different hormones in your body making you attracted to the same sex. dont you think if we could choose we would all be straight. Megan Fox and everyone else are just pulling little publicity stunts and need to get over themselves
posted by metalcunt on Jun 29, 2009
hahah say what you want , she can do or be whatever she wants , i mean im a girl and i would fuck her in a second.. girls are hot .so why not.. its not legally to ocassionally fool around with one of your girlfriend lol... it if was id be in some seriously shit lol but yeah i would love to se megan straddling another girl
posted by Some Guy... on Jun 28, 2009
If she denied being a lesbian just drop the friggin' subject then. Bisexual is kind of the same way if she denies it just drop it or if she doesn't deny it, she just wants people to respect her privacy. Personally I think she is straight because... A- She said "I think all humans are born with the ability to love or be attracted to the opposite sex." meaning she made a choice to be straight because she had a BOYFRIEND is highschool. B- Being dumped by someone can have the affect of making you look toward the opposite sex TEMPORARILY, you must once again make the choice to be straight or not. C- She has had many on-an-offs with Brian a.k.a. her fiance D- She may be able to see herself in a realationship with a woman but she also said she would never sleep with a woman in a previous interview. Meaning that the relationship could be a publicity stunt, like Angelina Jolie, or something temporary and not permanent.
posted by Every day girl on Jun 25, 2009
Okay Megan Fox said she wasn't a lesbian right? Well then she is not a lesbian. If she had an encounter with another person of the same sex, then she IS bisexual. But what is the big deal she was head over heals, spir of the moment in love. It could happen to anyone. And as for her being a celebrity who cares? She is a human being. Anyways she's happy with her fiancee so some people should leave her past be.
posted by Tom on Jun 16, 2009
She is bisexual but I would still shag her and have her children because she is drop dead gorgeous!!
posted by Alissa Canimkorbigi on May 29, 2009
im a lesbooo
posted by Maryam Durrani on May 29, 2009
Im a lesbian! i want to be banged
posted by Alissa Canimkorbigi on May 29, 2009
i'm a girl and she's the only girl id ever bang! so would megan
posted by smileyri06 on May 28, 2009
um, hello. she obviously said she is bisexual. she said "Look, I'm not a lesbian. I just think that all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes." she denied being LESBIAN not bisexual. and to the girl who thinks that nikita said anything- brush up on your reading skills, retard.
posted by megan fox is awsome on May 19, 2009
of course she didnt admit to being bi or lesbian, she a celebrity and it would cause to much fuss if she did admit to it!!! i love megan fox and she a very beautiful human being! im a chick and she's the only girl i'd ever bang!!! we should just except her for who she is, bi or lesbian! either way she's in a relationship with someone she loves, who gives a fuck if its male or female aslong as she fuckin HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by na on May 13, 2009
she gay
posted by Olaf on May 13, 2009
She's really an American, so all bets are off. The last American to be a lesbian or bisexual was actually only a citizen, so that doesn't count.
posted by Jessica on Mar 04, 2009
Uh look , she didn't deny being bisexual, she denied being a LESBIAN there is a difference.
posted by Bicurious rockerchic on Jan 21, 2009
I agre with nikita. Her dening that she is bisexual is like Kevin Rudolph denying that he's wite! Sure she's ingaged to a dude but she sure has STRONG feelings for women, she is more than bicurious to me, she already experimented and she still loves girls, so she's BISEXUAL! and she said ALL humans have the ability to love or be attracted to both sexes! Which is the definition of bisexuality. It's been proven that 95% of the world is filled with bisexual people and that only 5% of people are just for one sex.
posted by Melanie on Sep 29, 2008
Ameriskank Hater - fitting you have the word hater in your name - of all the war, death, disease, poverty and other tragedies that happen in the world you hating on people for finding love with someone of their own gender shows you poor priorities.
posted by Ameriskank Hater on Sep 27, 2008
posted by nikita on Sep 26, 2008
Being a lesbian and being bisexual isn't the same thing. She denied being a lesbian, not being bisexual. Plus she stated that she could see herself in a relationship with a girl. Yet the title of this article says she denies being bisexual. Apparently someone doesn't know the difference between being bisexual and being a lesbian.

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