Rapper Webbie Arrested After a Dangerous High-Speed Police Chase

September 16, 2008 09:56:53 GMT

He was arrested after being involved in dangerous chase with the police in Mississippi on Sunday, September 14 and charged with one count of felony eluding.

Rapper Webbie Arrested After a Dangerous High-Speed Police Chase
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Webbie has a run-in with the law yet again. He was arrested in Mississippi on Sunday, September 14 after involving in a dangerous high-speed chase through Hattiesburg.

According to various reports, officers tried to stop the car he was driving, a 2009 Dodge Challenger, for a routine traffic stop on I-59 North at 3:30 P.M. Sunday, but he ignored the officers' flashing lights and continued driving erratically, forcing the authorities to chase him. The rapper kept moving on until exiting the interstate. It was during the chase that his vehicle crashed into a black 1999 Mercury Cougar.

Despite the collision, Webbie kept going on. Police, on the other hand, stopped to assist the injured passengers of the other vehicle and unfortunately lost sight of his car. Later that day, police found the Challenger abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Witnesses claimed to have seen Webbie exited from the car and got into another vehicle, a 1993 Ford Crown Victoria.

Quickly tracking down the car, police at last found it with Webbie and two other men inside. Webbie was thus arrested and charged with one count of felony eluding, one count of driving under the influence, one misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana, which was found in his Challenger, and one felony charge of aggravated assault with a motor vehicle. His two passengers were not charged.

The arrest was not Webbie's only legal issue. He, in the meantime, is also facing millions of dollars lawsuits, amidst claims that he took money from several promoters, but failed to show up to perform at concerts.


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posted by ShaMoniica aka Mrs.S on Apr 26, 2012
In webbie i Love you to kum to Dallas to fuk with me I got a fahion shoot kumin up so i hope to see you soon Mii otha Love MAWHhhhhh Mrs.Shae beezzzz.....
posted by Mrs.Shae Beezzz on Apr 26, 2012
Free Mii one iin only Love boosie bad ass fa real still hldn you dwn will miss you hope you touch dwn soon MAWhhhhhhh Ur love Mrs.shae beezzzz......
posted by nit@@ms savage on Jun 03, 2011
I luv webbie.Don't hate long as no1 was hurt dats wt matas do u webbie n swerve on em lol
posted by DallasTx214Dreamer on Mar 31, 2011
Damn he got caught slpping!! thoe thats not good it aint his fault too that everybody knows about him. WEBBIE!! [you a trip]
posted by DallasTx214Dreamer on Mar 31, 2011
damn he giot slipping thoe thats not good it aint his fault too that everybody knows about him. WEBBIE!! [you a trip]
posted by DalllasTx214Dreaming on Mar 31, 2011
wassup this my nigga webbie maine fuck the laws they dont know none of this shit that goes on. And fuck the people that snitch on my nigga neva let hoe ass niggas ride cause they die. haha already this nigga is a G with it Nawf Dinoz NSDX3
posted by Yung memphis on Mar 16, 2011
He did wat he did dont nobody care wat yall think for real and (fuck niggaz) im nt gon talk about yo race just u cause im real I bet you just say shit cause ya face nt seen free boosie bad azz
posted by dede on Mar 02, 2011
dats fucked up my nigga gone in da pin
posted by Carson ca on Oct 16, 2010
man yall is bull shittin man come to carson ca im white from carson we got all races mexican philipino vietnamese white samoan tongan black aint no race riots either but there do be hoods and he must had a 9 or somthing cause we stay strapped and i know he is too what the fuck he ran cause of a 8th of or more of some trees then never ditched it tho? lol yall burnt
posted by braindead on Aug 07, 2010
dam i aint think he was gon do some shit like that!
posted by Yunq Savaqe on Jul 15, 2010
Let a nigga free
posted by real talk on Jun 05, 2010
outher than that if u reade this shit at all webbie, keep making that real street shit for the real g's cause i respect the music u make u got that real shit that the rap game need right now u and boosie and unlike alot of these outher muthafuckas i got you real albums all the way from boosie for my thugs to ur newest shit savage life 2 ghetto stores and all and its the real cd not no bootleg ass shit so make good music and stop doin dum shit like that. P.S. R.I.P Pimp C and wuz up Bun B Texas best....
posted by real talk on Jun 05, 2010
just like any outher nigga i got love for webbie and say fuck tha police. but that nigga is a dumb muthafucka and so is all u other dumb asses who support this stupid shit. he got plenty money to beat any case why put outher people life in danger cause he got some weed or what ever. picture this what if it was your child or mother in the car that he hit and they died burning up in the car. would u still think this shit is cool. just cause its webbie.
posted by dont worry about my on May 26, 2010
webbie on tha gansta shit fuck the 50
posted by fuck niggers on May 17, 2010
first off he definately had something else to hide besides a lil weed or he wouldnt have ran he had coke or a gun or something else that was worth running for how u dumb ass black people gonna say white people are holding him back he broke the law and faces the consequences the law doesnt see color dumb motherfuckers
posted by rudy on Feb 17, 2010
man webbie the shit fuck the police i wish i coulda been there wit my nigga ...tht nigga a savage
posted by trill cuzn on Jan 06, 2010
Fuck dat shit nigga..if I was him I would've bucked 2 fucked da police...dem niggas got money shiit have fun wit...den do a couple shows dat lil change cum rite back
posted by yung savage on Dec 11, 2009
webbies the shit, this old news i know u seen him in the better believe it video shittin on yall haters, G SHIT
posted by gutta on Nov 25, 2009
yea my bae ran from dem boys in blue ,they had to catch em a real nigga aint gn stp
posted by dub on Aug 14, 2009
that nigga still gangster louisiana people on fire we hot
posted by webbie JR on Aug 03, 2009
that my motherfuckin dogg fuck da police
posted by boss man on Mar 26, 2009
damn nigga you cant out run police in a 09 charger? I would leave em in my ol school thats 4 sho
posted by get some sense , peo on Jan 13, 2009
Free my man. He got bond money. No one was hurt. let my baby go. Did you not read the article? People were hurt in the crash. He put people at risk, but didn't care. Grow up!
posted by ENT on Jan 12, 2009
dat was stupid folks but ah u kept dat shiit hood dow but u slippen with dos promoters dogg payed them and keep getting money
posted by 100%REAL on Sep 25, 2008
datz aight webbie boosie gon hold it dwn 4 u dawg stay up
posted by puggz on Sep 18, 2008
damn webbie u cnt b doin dat bruh! if u gon try 2 get away.... get away!!!!
posted by hoodnigga on Sep 18, 2008
bra u most defintely slippin dawg
posted by lafferio08 on Sep 18, 2008
Damn bra u slippin man why u go pull some shit like dat niggaz waiting for another cd to drop... damn bra your hustle game fuck or something u pulled a fuck nigga move with the promoters bra i thought u was better than dat...
posted by Msshan on Sep 16, 2008
Free my man. He got bond money. No one was hurt. let my baby go.

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